Tourist destinations in San Francisco

The San Francisco Bay Area has the region of San Francisco as it’s cultural, financial and transportation center. Officially the city is called as the City and County of San Francisco. This is the only consolidated region in the whole county of California. San Francisco is the fourth most populous city in California and the 13th most populous city in US. In the year 1848 there was a California Gold Rush which propelled the country to great and rapid growth rate. Today San Francisco is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The chilly summer fog, the mix of Victorian and modern architecture and also the world famous landmarks attract a lot of tourists to the place each and every year.

Cable Car: The cable cars are usually called as the moving landmarks of San Francisco. This is a unique, iconic and fun filled experience. This is more over a thrilling experience as the cable cars clatter up and down through the hills along with ringing bells. This ride is sure to be a treat to all the visitors of USA tour and they hesitate to go home until they are completely done with it.

China Town: San Francisco’s china town can be considered as one of the largest outside the region of China. Most of the people visiting China mainly stroll along any of the two major streets buying a few souvenirs, gawking, eating and taking mind blowing photographs. It is a very crowded area and the visitors should shuffle down many streets to get into there.

Lombard Street: Lombard is actually on oddity of San Francisco and a number of people enjoy the sights, take photographs and leave home. This is a very beautiful location that is included in almost all holiday packages across USA. Driving down the Lombard Street is an unforgettable experience, but it is a one way track and need to walk up. There is an option to take the cable car.

Golden Gate Park: The Japanese Tea Garden is one of the most famous attractions in this park. There is something for everyone who visits the park. This park is situated at a far distance from other major tourist places and this is considered as a drawback. This is a place which can be accessed only by suitable automobile transportation.

Golden Gate Bridge: From any part of the town a beautiful panorama of this wonderful bridge can be obtained. Some people love stalking it while others drive across the bridge. Taking photographs from this bride is really super and many tour packages include them for these reasons which greatly attract tourists to the place. This is a must to see place during the journey across USA.

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