Top places to visit in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, an enchanting place in the world with the touch of modernization is one of the best places to visit in USA holidays. This irregular shaped land mass divided by the mountains is on of the major cities in the United States. This place is both hilly and flat. The hilly part covers the entire Santa Monica Mountains from Downtown till Pacific Ocean. The major river which adds an extra essence to this place is the Los Angeles River. The country experiences a Mediterranean Climate. The climate mostly favors during the summers as heavier cloths are not needed much and one can experience a perfect California day during this part of the year. People who do not like the warm of the days can also visit in winter but rain is common in this season as California experiences a wet winter.

A perfect entertainment destination Los Angeles also known as City of Angels attracts tourists with different articles like restaurants, nightlife and off course sightseeing. This country is famous for the World’s entertainment industry. It’s a place for all types of people who are in search of entertainment in their holidays.

With the name Los Angeles, Hollywood crops in our mind. A place which every body dreamt of and if lucky one can also get glimpse of some celebs. A must see place in the Los Angeles tour which have some most beautiful museums and film sets which attracts lots of tourists every year starting from Grauman’s Chinese theater and continues through Madame Tussuads, Hollywood wax museum and so on. Olvera Street, the birth place of Los Angeles is a small and colorful village containing some historical buildings. This place consists of some Mexican cuisines, shops and plaza. One can also move their feet with Mexican music and dancing in this place. Beverly Hills in the west of Los Angeles must be added in the list for its enchanting location on hill top. For an excellent dinning one can also visit the Chinatown Los Angeles an exclusive place for Chinese cuisines. To know the countries history, Fort MacArthur Museum must be queued in the list of Los Angeles tour. Another place outside the modernization of city a place with scenic beauty and robust culture also gives some knowledge about the countries past is Santa Catalina Islands. To experience nature visiting the Los Angeles Zoo is must. There California Science Centre and Natural History Museum must be visited to go through the science and history of the place. The picturesque beaches at Santa Monica can also create a memorable spot in ones mind in the USA holidays. The city gives a unique view of California beaches. This place is also famous for its night life including bars, discos, live music, etc.

In short we can say Los Angeles tour is one of the best entertainment destinations in the USA holidays.

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