Top places to visit in Denver

Denver, which is famous place in Colorado, is associated with snow. This is really a full mile above sea level and it is located in the eastern side of Rocky Mountains. Some of the important tourist destinations of Denver are listed here.

1.Denver Arts Complex: Apart from the Lincoln Center in New York City, Denver Arts Complex is the largest performing arts center in the whole of the country. This complex that covers nearly 12 acres of area has many famous buildings in USA. Some of them are the Colorado Ballet, Opera Colorado and the Colorado Symphony.

2.Red Rocks: This is located 15 miles away from Denver. This is a parallel combination of a park that covers nearly 868 acre and an amphitheatre. This is most often selected as the best venue to watch a stage show or concert. This is a world famous concert venue. This was once listed among the Seven Wonders of the World because of the large red sandstone boulders that can challenge gravitational force.

3.Denver Zoo: This is one of the most popular zoos in the whole region of America. There are nearly 4000 different animals in the zoo that come from 700 species. This zoo is located in an area of nearly 80 acres of land in the city park. This has started functioning in the year 1896 and it is open for visitors on all the days of the week. Free admission is also offered at times depending on the season of Denver tour.

4.US Mint: The Denver Mint is the world’s largest manufacturers of coin. The first coin was released in the year 1906. Regular coin production is being continued in the mint since that period of time. Denver Mint offers free tours to all the visitors. The tourists of USA tour can not only witness how valueless ore becomes coins that are high valued and the progression of how the process of minting has evolved and developed over years.

5.Denver Art Museum: The Denver Art Museum is also called simply as DAM. DAM has been a part of the Civic Center which is in the down streams of Denver town. This is famous worldwide for the huge collection of American Indian Art that it hosts.

6.Rapids Invesco Field: Denver is also included in the 13 cities of US that represents greatly in the sports league of northern part of America. The NFL Broncos play at the Invesco Field that is at the Mild High.

7.City Park: This covers a total area of 330 acre and is multifunctional. This contains the famous lakes like Ferril and Duck Lakes, public golf course Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

8.Paramount Theatre: This is an 1870 seated theatre that is renowned as the best concert venue in the world. Rock shows, comic shows, movies and recitals are all hosted here. Since 1980 this has been registered in the national Register of Historic places.

9.Elitch Gardens Park: Elitch Garden has celebrated its 120th anniversary on May 1, 2010. This is one of the top destinations in Denver that has a wide variety of entertainment with many thrill rides, ballrooms and animation theatres.

10.16th Street Mall: This is located on the 16th Street in the down streams of Denver. This has the best restaurants of Denver and is more than a mile lengthy.

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