Things to do in London

London attracts a total number of more than 20 million tourists each and every year around. Among the international visits London has been the world’s most visited places. The Tourist Board of London is called as the Visit London. Some of the things that the people visiting London are most likely to do are being discussed here in the article.

Churchill War Rooms: This is said to be the most interactive and innovative Churchill Museum in the world. This is the world’s first museum that has been dedicated to the life of the greatest Briton. This is also the secret underground headquarters which belonged as the nerve center of the war efforts conducted by the Britain.

Kew Bridge Steam Museum: This museum was built in the 19th century for the purpose of water supply for the city of London. This museum is considered as the most important site which supplies water for the water supply industry in London. This museum is said to have the largest collection of working steam engines in the world. This museum is ought to be included in almost all the London tours.

Camden Passage: The Camden Passage market is the place where we can find and shop a very large and diverse range of silverwares, antiques and jewellery. The main focus of the market is on the Islington’s thriving antiques community. The Mall Antiques Arcade which is a tram station of the old age is also located in this market place.

Borough Market: This is an award winning market. This is also renowned as one of the largest food markets in the city of London and an important part of London sightseeing. This is a wonderful place that offers the top quality products from all over the country and even the continent.

Chapel Market: This is one of the most popular streets in London that sells a wide range of products like clothes, household items, fruits and vegetables etc. Items are available at cheaper cost and this makes the place more famous among the tourists coming to London.

Belgo Centraal: This is a very famous location for dining that is located in the area of Convent Garden. The funky chrome interior and the long tables that are set inside are all really attractive. There is a Mimi Belgo menu that allows children at the age of 12 or below to eat for free of cost. Things to do in London become more attractive with such places.

Imli: This is a famous Indian Style dining place in the city of London. Imli will be a great dining experience for families. The cost is affordable and there is specially made light spicy food for children. The vacation season offers kids dining for only half the cost.

Museum in Docklands: This is one of the newest museums in London city. This museum unlocks the vast expanding history of the London’s river, port and the related people during the 19th century. This port houses the imports of spices, rum and also cotton.

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