Day Trip to Leeds castle, Canterbury, Greenwich

Leaving the busy city life of London try taking a tour to the most highlighted areas of the Kent region. Here we can get a wonderful panoramic view of the Leeds Castle. This is considered as one of the loveliest castle in the world. While moving towards the Leeds Castle, we travel through the Greenwich. This is the home center of the world famous Cutty Sark tea clipper. There is also a Royal Observatory. We shall also pass through the Greenwich Meridian. Lord Conway gave this castle the description as the loveliest castle in the world. This castle is built in a natural setting found in the middle of a lake. The area is beautifully covered with parkland and gardens which greatly extends to an area of more than 500 acres.

The surrounding atmosphere is really great and lovely and the experience is also magical. There is a good photographic view that most of the tourists to Leeds castle intend for. We can also find the Lady Baillie Garden. Here by exploring the castle grounds we can get great views of the lake, a birdcage and the maze. Most of the guided tour guides try taking you to the Leeds castle before it is open for the general public. This also greatly helps you to get more intimate view of the castle and surroundings. We can also explore the beauty of the chapel, courtyards, galleries and the banqueting hall. Then we can lead to enjoy the wonderful landscape and large variety of wildlife and bird species. Even some of the rarely found animal and bird groups are also found here. For enjoying the tasty and exotic lunch available exclusively for the tourists we can take a beautiful scenic drive along the old and historically important coastal road. The lunch is arranged in the historic Lighthouse Inn. From here we get a beautiful panoramic view of the White Cliffs of Dover.

In the season from November to march there will be no stop in the White cliffs of Dover. During this season lunch is arranged in the Canterbury region. The lunch served includes traditional British items like the fish and chips, bread and butter pudding etc. Canterbury is a world famous center for Christian worship that has been existing for more than 1700 years. Canterbury Cathedral was one of the most famous pilgrimage centers in Europe. This is an important site of the medieval time. The entrance to the cathedral is free and a chance is also obtained to explore the old town. Greenwich is also important location of visit during the Leeds tour. There are also many parks, architecture and gardens with which Greenwich have strong connections with the sea, time and science.

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