A visit to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Bath from London

There are many famous and historic attractions in London even the ones which exist from the early ancient periods. There is no chance of getting bored with the sights and views of the amazing city of London. The best places to hang out with your family are found enormously in London. Among them Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor Castle are only some of them. The importance and the main features of these places are discussed here. We get marveled with the pre historic monument, ancient Roman Baths and also the world famous Windsor Castle.

Stonehenge: This is a prehistoric monument which is located in the Wiltshire region, north of Salisbury in London. This is one of the most famous heritage sites in the world. The entire place is captivated with a number of unique and wonderful rock structures that are more than 5000 years old. Stonehenge is composed of enormous earthworks that are surrounded by means of large standing stone that are circular in shape. This represents the Bronze and the Neolithic ages of the historic period. There are also many burial mounds present here in the Stonehenge. UNESCO has added the particular site to the list of World Heritage Sites. This is a Scheduled Ancient Monument that is protected legally. The owner of the Stonehenge is the Crown while it is managed by the English Heritage. But the surrounding area is owned by the National Trust of London City.

Windsor Castle: This is one of the oldest castles in London which exists from the medieval period. This is also a royal residence which is located in Windsor which comes under the boundary of the English county of Berkshire. This is castle is a world famous one because of its long lasting relation with the royal family and also its beautiful architecture. The Norman invader William is the designer and the person behind the construction. This is also renowned as the longest occupied castle in the history of Europe. This has been the residence of a number of monarchs from the time since the reign of Henry I. The design was to establish the dominance of the Norman Empire in and around the region of London and the purpose was also to oversee an important part of River Thames which is strategically needed.

Bath: Bath is a city which is located in the ceremonial region of the Somerset county of England. The place was given the city status by Queen Elizabeth I in the year 1590 as a part of the Royal Charter. The first and the primary most establishment of the city was as a spa ad it was naked in Latinas Aquae Sulis by the Roman people early in AD 43. This was developed as a World Heritage Site in the year 1987. There are a wide variety of theatres, museums and also a number of other entertainment venues in this beautiful city of London.

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