A city tour of London

Within the bigger region of Greater London in England, the city of London is a comparatively smaller area. Despite of the time gap it is the history of the place that has greatly helped in holding up the city status. There happened no changes to the city boundary since the medieval period and it’s a small part of the huge metropolitan city as a whole. Even then the city boundary is a notable region in the central part of London. This part is often referred to as city on the maps of London and it is also called as Square Mile since the area covered comes just above one square mile.

There is also a large variety of sightseeing options that can be covered up in a city tour. The only thing that is to be taken attention on is the selection of the route for the city tour. The selection of the route must be done in such a way that a maximum of places shall be covered in a single journey. Some of the major tourist attractions of the London city tour are described below.

London Eye: This is the biggest of the available ferry wheels in London and it’s called the London Eye since the whole of the London city shall be seen by taking a ride on this. The London Eye attracts a million number of tourists from different parts of the world. There are a total number of 32 capsules that are securely closed and also air conditioned. The capsule modeling is done as the London’s Boroughs.

Madame Tussauds: This is a world famous wax museum that contains the wax models of almost all the famous celebrities from different parts of the world. They includes the replicas of actors, politicians, musicians, sports figures etc. Feel cozy with your favorite stars and the visitors can take lively photographs together with the favorite celebrities.

Tower Bridge: No visitor to the place can miss this wonderful view of the Tower Bridge from the two walkways. We can also enjoy the dazzling beauty of the wonderful morning when the sun shines at its full splendor over the London City. There is a beautiful foot path for pedestrians constructed above the River Thames. This is yet another beautiful place from where to enjoy the breath taking panorama of the London city and the Thames River.

Buckingham Palace: This is the authorized residence of the British Empire. National ceremonies and royal hospitality occurs here in the Buckingham Palace. The initial purpose of building the palace was as a town house for the stay of the Duke of Buckingham region.

London Zoo: This is the oldest zoo of its type in the whole of the world. The intention of opening this zoo in the year 1828 was to use it as a scientific study center. The official opening of the zoo for the public was in the year 1847. Over 755 species of birds and 15,104 species of animals can be seen in this zoo.

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