Travelling abroad – A list of things to pack for travel

Thinking about an upcoming trip fills our heart with happiness. But then we shudder to think about all the packing that needs to be done .And if it is a trip aboard, there is still so much more to be done. But what better way to tackle a problem then to meet it head-on. So here is a list of things which need to be taken care while packing:

1. Make copies of your important document: Safety is of utmost important when travelling. Make a copy of all the travel related documents -passport, visa, tickets and keep a copy in each of your travelling bags. You can even scan each of the documents and attach them to your email account. This way you can access the details of your important documents in case of theft or loss of luggage. Also you can make a list of emergency contact numbers and mail them to yourself and person accompanying you. Sticking your address and contact to your luggage can come in handy in case your luggage is lost during travel.

2. Check for travelling restrictions: Contact your airline or your travel agency to get restricted items list before you start packing. Also check for luggage size restrictions and luggage limit of the airline.

3. Prepare Checklist: Make a checklist of all the things that you need to pack for your comfortable travel like clothes, toiletries, cameras etc. You can tick them off the list one by one as you pack along.

4. Toiletries: Toiletries can occupy lots of space, so instead of packing a family size bottle it is always better to buy travel size containers for your toiletries. In case you are packing something fragile, try to pad it in between your clothes to avoid breakage. Also if you are carrying something liquid and which can leak, always wrap it in a plastic wrap tightly to avoid any kind of leakage.

5. Taking care of valuables: Try to split up your cash and other valuables and keep them in different pockets and in different bags. Also do not keep all the money you are carrying with you in your purse. Split it between your pockets and purse.

6. Packing clothes: It is so difficult to decide on what to pack while travelling, but it is very important not to overload you bags. So plan according to the place and number of days you are travelling. You can see if you can wear an outfit in multiple occasions or time to avoid extra packing. It is a good idea to split up clothes in different bags as this way you and your family will still have something to wear in case your luggage gets misplaced by airplane staff.

7. Medicins and safety kit: If you are taking some prescription medicine, do not forget to take them. Also carry a copy of your prescription from the doctor with you. Take all mandatory permission for travelling in case you have some health issues. Also pack in all the general medicine and first aid kit along with it.

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