Top Adventure travel places around the world

There are many people who plan for an adventure tour during the vacation. The challenge that many travel places posses is the reason why many places become the favorite of many people. Some people take the risk of diving into shark filled water or climbing high mountain peaks or a trekking experience through the thick dense forest. These all bump the travelers fond of adventure travel to life. Some of the most popular and tourist loving adventure places are being discussed here.

1.Nepal Mountain Trekking: Nepal has the highest mountain peak in the world. Because of this Nepal is considered as the playground for most of the people who love trekking and pushing themselves to limit. A number of trekking routes are available in Nepal to invade the Himalayas. The Annapurna Base Camp Trail is the most popular of all. People return with great satisfaction after trekking through the route.

2.Ecuador Amazon Jungle: The travelers of the modern times can feel and enjoy the taste of real jungle life by taking a hiking journey through the Amazon jungle. Such type of raw adventure is only offered by few places in the world. A walk through the thick and dense foliage of the Ecuador jungle and that too in the heat of the burning sun is really a tiresome and adventurous thing. A jungle trek that takes many days to complete can definitely make us more close to nature.

3.New Zealand White water Rafting: New Zealand is always the stomping ground of most of travelers loving adventure. Qweenstone is a place that is filled up with a number of heart liking and enthusiastic activities. This place offers the best opportunity for white water rafting in the world. Holidays spending in New Zealand will sure make you feel the most excited and the days will be really alive. Rafters start from the Kawarau River to the Shot over river which is suitable for the experts of rafting.

4.Skydiving, Florida: The most adventurous among all the activities seems to be jumping off the plane. This happens from an elevation of more than 1500 feet. Most of the tourists are of the opinion that among the thousands of available skydiving spots in the world, skydiving in Florida is the most scenic one. The drop zone of the point is located towards the east coast area of Florida. Any tourist willing to take chance can do it. There are no limitations or fitness requirements.

5.Scuba Diving: This is an adventure point in Australia. This is in the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland. This is the biggest coral reef in the world. His coral reef has the highest diversity of marine organisms in it. They include big barracudas, schools of reef sharks, and the world famous green crocodiles. Many Scuba travelers who are adventurous keep this place on the top of their list of adventure spots to spent their adventurous holidays.

6.Sand boarding of South Africa: The majestic Atlantis Dunes is just 40 minutes away from the Cape Town of South Africa. This attracts professionals and amateurs all over the world. The pure white colored dunes are very much popular because of the perfect sand boarding conditions and the beautiful view of the city and its surrounding.

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