Excellent Family Holiday Destinations Around the World

1.Rajasthan, India: Rajasthan the desert region in India is really a dry and arid region. But that doesn’t mean that the place is not entertaining or colorful. Here we can visit Jaisalmer which is the labyrinthine old city, the pink city Jaipur and the blue painted city Jodhpur and the palaces of the old times that have immense gold decoration. Different and unusual modes of transportation including the camels and elephants and the different sounds and smell that greets the children are real attractions of the city.

2.Santa and 1001 rein deer in Lapland: Finnish Lapland is the best place to visit during the Christmas season. Christmas is not complete without snow. Santa and a dozen rein deer is also the great memory related to Christmas. This is a place that is just above the Arctic Circle and it comes complete with the sleigh rides, pine trees, ice hotels, light effects and Santa’s official home.

3.Go Lego, Denmark: This region comes in the Copenhagen region of Denmark. The capital city of Denmark is a fine family destination suitable for a vacation break. The Trivoli Gardens in Go Lego has a huge ground that has enormous entertaining rides that has been delighting children from the year 1843. Here we can start the trip from the statue of Andersen’s little Mermaid and head on towards the Trivoli Gardens.

4.Oman Oases: The clear coastal water of Oman makes the place an interesting tourist place that everyone wishes to see. Spending a vacation in Oman with the child friendly resorts, desert dunes and the subtropical climate will give you an unforgettable experience. Desert camel trekking with the family and camping to have an experience of the Bedouin style of life are the favorites of the tourists planning for family vacations in Oman.

5.Bright light city, Tokyo: Children of all ages wish to go for a vacation to the high tech city in order to enjoy the most advanced high tech rides that are available in Tokyo. Hello kitty brand of items are the most wanted ones by the little ones where as other visitors are greatly interested in Dragon ball. Make sure to visit the Tokyo Tower’s Special Observatory Centre to get a clear view of the sky and see the way to Mt.Fuji.

6.Fuji, the Land of Child-friendly: The people who wish to get maximum relaxation and rejuvenation can no longer make a family holidays plan without including Fuji in the list. The stay in Fiji Islands Resort will surely be unforgettable. On arrival all children are given the help and support of a dedicated nanny and the parents can relax making their batteries fully charged to continue the journey.

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