Mount Titlis day tour from Zurich

Mount Titlis is a snow capped mountain range which is having a beautiful landscape. The beauty of this breath taking landscape attracts a large number of tourists to the place each and every year around. There is a good option to take a guided coach tour to Mt. Titlis from the Zurich area. The view of the Alps and its surrounding area seems to be unmatchable. This view can be greatly enjoyed from a revolving type of cable car which can be started from Engelberg proceeding towards the Mount Titlis. Along with the cable car ride to the destination, a ride on the ice flyer and also a free time in Lucerne shall also be included.

Travelling upwards to a height of nearly 3000 meters we get a wonderful view of the huge ice boulders and also the glaciers in the vicinity of the Titlis mountain range. At this highest point in the central region of Switzerland we get to enjoy a number of fun filled rides and games over the snow. The beauty of the snowcapped mountains that merge greatly with the clear blue skyline and the stunning scenery from the Alps is a great and pleasure giving sight for our eyes.

Ice Grotto is another option for visiting during the tour. Ice Flyer is a type of chair lift which expands the glacier crevasses of the Titlis Mountain. We can also slide down a distance of 150 meters on a snow tube which is called as Fun Lift. Covering the quaint city of Lucerne and also the Mount Titlis known as the glacier paradise, this tour is promisingly to be a real visual treat for its visitors.

The traveller during his Mount Titlis tour has to pass over the passage of Albis which comes along the shores of the Lake of Four Canton before reaching the Lucerne which is an old-fashioned town. By taking a brief city tour the tourists get a chance to see the major tourist sites. Within an hour of free time we can also get a closer view of some other attractions like the Lion Monument, Chapel Bridge, Congress Hall, Town Hall, and New Concert Hall.

Mountain resort of Engelberg shall be the next intended place of the visit Mount Titlis tour. The adventurous journey towards the skyline begins at this point. Here you have to get into the Rotair which is the rotating type of cable car which gives beautiful panorama of the alpine glaciers and the huge ice boulders. A wonderful dining experience shall also be obtained from one of the many restaurants that serve great cuisines.

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