Mount Pilatus day trip from Zurich

Mount Pilatus comes in the central region of Switzerland. By making a round trip from Zurich the beauty of this mountain side can be explored to the full extend especially on a summer day. This is one of the Majestic Mountains in the whole of Switzerland. This is found to be one of the best places for all sorts of snow adventure activities and experience it on the first hand. There is also a famous legend association with these mountains according to which these mountains were inhibited by the King Dragons.

A trip to Mount Pilatus means a guided tour which takes you to the wonderland wherein there is full enjoyment of the mythical paradise and also a beautiful panoramic view of the Swiss Alps can also be enjoyed. Fine photographers or people who people who enjoy photography will surely feel happy to be in the spot. This famous Mount Pilatus tour will commence from the Zurich side and will be directed towards the Ablis Pass which comes along the Lake of the Four Cantons and then stops at the Lucerne which is a quaint town area. We can also make a visit to the Chapel Bridge, Lion Monument and the Jesuit Church from here.

If interested then then tourists of Mount Pilatus trip also get a chance to ride down on Toboggan which is one of the longest run at Frakmuntegg. After this proceed towards the famous Kriens where you can get into the gondolas and the cable cars which will take the travellers to more than 7000 feet above and towards the well-known mythical paradise of the Mount Pilatus. An hour or more can be spend on the spot enjoying the wonderful sights and breath taking views of the adjacent lakes and other mountain peaks.

In the previous times Mount Pilatus was considered as a non-reachable point because of its extremely great height. But with the great advance in technology and sciences and with the help of newly developed machines and equipment the mountain ranges were easily made accessible to common man. Cogwheel railway can be used to make a short hike to the Alpnachstad just before reaching the Mount Pilatus by travelling down the Dragon’s Path. This is possible at a gradient of nearly 48% which is said to be the steepest on in the world. As a conclusion of this wonderful journey there is an option to ride on boat to get a picturesque across the famous Lake Lucerne. This is possible only in summer season. Due to the bad weather conditions cable cars and boats will not function during the winter season. Only Cogwheel train is the option to go up and down during visit Mount Pilatus tour.

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