Excellent places to visit in Geneva

1.Batiment Des Forces Motrices: This is Geneva’s first hydro electric power plant that was built in the year 1886. Since then this plant is the sole source that provides water and electricity to the city. In the present day this huge building serves as a large opera house that can seat upto 985 people at a time. This opera house overlooks the river Rhone.

2.Carouge: This city comes over the river Larve. This city is a Mediterranean model one which is hamlet modeled after the city of Nice which belongs to the country of France. This city is called as the Greenwich Village of Geneva because it has a large number of studios and boutiques where the artisans and craftsmen do their trade and business.

3.Mount Slave: This mountain part comes in the backyard of Geneva which is only 5 km away from the city center. We can get beautiful views of Alps and Jura mountains by taking a cable car ride along the mountain peak. Those who plan for a day trip to see the mountain during their Geneva tour can only get a bird’s eye view of the city.

4.Place Neuve: The beautiful square at the Place Neuve is bounded greatly by the famous Conservatory of Music, the Grand Opera Theatre, the Rath Museum and also the Victory Concert hall. This way it becomes the apex of high culture in Geneva.

5.Plainpalais Cemetery: Many of the famous citizens of Geneva have their final resting place in the Plainpalais Cemetery. The whole cemetery has many gravestone that are as old as dated from 1482.

6.Reformation Wall: this is located in the famous and renowned Bastions Park. Most of the major events and structures during the Protestant Reformation are beautifully recreated in the surrounding space. The lively statues of Guillaume Farel, Jean Calvin and John Knox are covering the major portion of the central part of the wall which is 100 m high.

7.Russian Church: This Russian Church breaks through the skies using its golden spires and gilded cupolas which offer a break through to the French and Medieval architecture. This dominates the rest part of the city.

8.Schtrumphs Building: This modern architecture which is a landmark is located in the neighborhood of train station. This complex building was designed by the craftsmen ship of three architects. Their aim was to build the most unconventional building possible by them.

9.The Lake Geneva: This is Geneva’s most famous lakefront which becomes the center of attraction of the city. This offers the visitors who select Europe tour packages the best opportunity for recreation and relaxation. This jet that spouts 140 meters above sea level into the air is the world’s tallest and this greatly symbolizes the real heritage of Geneva.

10.The Old Town: The Old Town of Geneva is considered as a maze with numerous slopping cobblestone streets and intermediate paths filled up with cafes and shopping centers which is considered as landmarks for the neighborhood.

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