Best places to visit in Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. This city plays great role in the economic status of Switzerland since it is one of leading global cities of Europe. Zurich blends up both the old and new traditions prevailing in Switzerland. This city has many narrow winding streets that are really great to roam around. There are street cars available that can be easily used to make an easy travel to places that are important in tourism point of view. Some of the best attractive places of tourist interest are being discussed in the article.

1.The Fraumunster Church: This is the most attractive and impressive building in the whole city. This church was founded in 853. It has a unique architectural beauty with great features. Even the windows of the church with five stained glasses are really impressive.

2.The Grossmunster: This is also called the Great church of Switzerland. This was built in the 12th century. This church is built in a romantic style and has become famous because of its great architecture and history. During the period of the protestant reformation process a crucial role was played by the church.

3.St.Peter Church: This comes in the neighboring area of the Fraumunster church. This church is best known for the largest clock that it bears in the entire region of Europe.

4.Lake Zurich: This is the best known place for taking a leisure walk. The most calm and hygienic place gives much relaxation for the people who spend a holiday in the lake shore.

5.Lindenhof: This is one of the popular castles in Rome. This castle is situated on a cliff top. The real beauty of the castle gives us some wonderful views of the cityscape. The popularity of the castle is known worldwide.

6.Zurich Zoological Garden: This zoological garden allows the visitors to get a unique way view of the wide range of wildlife organisms.

7.Landesmuseum: this is the biggest museum in Zurich. This museum was established in the year 1898. It has enormous soaring towers and wide area of amusement park that adds glory to the beauty of the museum. This museum houses a large number of items that highlights the tradition and culture of the ancient times of Zurich.

8.The Swiss national Museum: This is another place that is worthy to visit during the Switzerland tour. This throws light to the life of the Swiss people over the past few centuries.

9.Niederdorf: This is an old town in the area that is famous for nightlife. The rocking night life is a must to experience thing that all tourists picking up Zurich tour packages should know. This area contains large number of bars, restaurants, lounges, clubs, hotels etc. Night birds can find a number of entertainment sources during the late night hours especially after midnight.

10.The Zurich Opera House and the Tonhalle concert house: This attracts all its visitors especially the celebrities of high class and world statue for the classical and elaborate music nite.

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