Trip to Sigtuna and Uppsala from Stockholm

Sigtuna and Uppsala are two famous tourist destinations in Stockholm which is in the country of Sweden. Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. In 1998 Stockholm was given the title of European City of Culture. Speaking about our places of interest Sigtuna is situated in the North West region of the city of Stockholm. This is considered as the first city in Sweden. The city of Stockholm rose to its prominent period during the late 900’s and in the mid 1200’s. Sigtuna had also developed a lot during this period of time and hence said to be in golden age during this period of time.

The city has an overall outlook same as the olden times with the main street of Stora gatan still the same. The buildings that are found on either sides of the street are also from the 1700’s and 1800’s. From Stockholm reaching main streets of Sigtuna takes around 2 hours of time. It is an exciting journey traversing through the Stockholm attractions like farmlands and forest areas and also the surrounding Lake Malaren. There are also narrow waterways and draw bridges in the way. If the assistance of an experienced guide can be obtained then never miss the chance. The history of the passing by country sides shall be explained by him as it is important to know.

The journey shall be continued through the beautiful streets of Sigtuna where we can find many architecturally important churches, rune stones and ruins that are found scattered throughout the areas of the town. Sigtuna Museum is yet another location to visit. The location of Sigtuna is just a 30 minutes’ drive from the university town of Uppsala. By visiting Uppsala we have to see the wonderful places like Old Uppsala Museum, Linnaeus summer residence Hammarby and Uppsala Castle which has gained position in Stockholm sightseeing. It takes nearly 4 hours to cover up these areas.

The area of old Uppsala contains a large number of ruins from the Iron Age. Even the first church of Uppsala still exist here which is dated back to the 12th century. This is also one of the most notable areas of the ancient Scandinavia. There are displays of royal mounds which tell the stories of the Yngling kings. Linnaeus Hammarby is one of the best preserved estates of Sweden which dates back to the 18th century. This is named after the world famous botanist Carl Linnaeus. Uppsala castle is located on the Beacon Ridge and it is an eye catching scene to anyone who approaches the city.

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