Trip to Avila and Segovia from Madrid

Making plan for a full day tour the whole beauty of places like Avila and Segovia shall be enjoyed. A guided walking tour will be the best option. The wonderful panoramic views shall be enjoyed by standing on the top of the famous hill of Los Cuatro Postes. After that the tour can be guided towards the Avila’s San Vicente Basilica. Avila’s famous cathedral shall also be visited and enjoyed. This hill top which has an important position in the history of the place was declared as a heritage site by the UNESCO. This city is known as Heritage of Mankind. There are world famous towers dating back to 11th century and also intact city walls that add beauty to the inner region of the city.

The famous writer Santa Teresa of Jesus was born in this city. This is also a world famous pilgrimage center in the world. Spanish Mysticism was also born here. There are immense wealth of art treasures in the place. The city walls make it the best example of the medieval walled city. The world famous Gothic cathedral is the oldest one of its kind that shall be seen in Spain. Covering the Avila city by a walking tour means passing the regions like Cathedral, the Convent of Santa Teresa, 4 Postes Hill and some shopping centers in the city. These are the famous places to see during the Avila tour.

After Avila the tour is guided towards the region of Segovia. Here we can see one of the most famous and the best Roman monuments that were built during the Roman era. These monuments exist on the Iberian Peninsula and are considered as an incredible assets and canals of the region of Segovia. These canals were built during the time of reign of the world famous Caesar Augustus. They are said to have 118 arches and are also nearly 10 miles long. But only a very less area of the canals shall be seen today and are open to public. Segovia is an ancient city which solely belonged to the Roman Empire. There is also a famous Gothic Cathedral here.

Beyond all these places the 11th century Alcazar shall also be included in the areas that are covered in the walking tour. Alcazar is actually a wonderful medieval fort that was built by achieving inspiration from the Disney Castle. By standing here we can also imagine the heroic knights and also the medieval tournaments which took place in the fort during the medieval period. Alcazar also has its Artillery Museum and Church of Vera Cruz for tourist visit. This is also considered as a must see place during the Madrid tour. This tour which starts from Central Madrid covering areas of Avila and Segovia holds a total duration of 9 hours.

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