Tour of Figueres and Girona from Barcelona

Barcelona is known to be the most metropolitan of all other cities in Spain. It is also one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean region. There are many restaurants, bars and clubs that are always filled up with visitors and fully packed similar to the seaside in summer time. Barcelona is a hardworking and dynamic place that struggles itself to find position in the frontline of Europe in the 21st century by the developments in hi tech and bio medical businesses. Travelling sometime from the area of Barcelona we get to two major and famous towns in the northern region of Catalonia. They are the towns of Figueres and Girona.

There are many eye catching scenes to be seen during the tour. They are the master pieces like the Teatre Museu Dali and also one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in the Girona area. The tour can be started from Barcelona. The estimated time duration is nearly eleven and half hours. Talking about Figueres tour there are many tourist destinations that attracts a lot of people each and every year around.

Figueres is the birth place of Salvador Dali who was a famous artist and also Narcis who invented the successful machine powered submarine for the first time. Teatre Museu Dali has several Dali works like the Carro Naval which is an installation made of Cadillac. There is a new permanent exhibition arranged in the museum which is called as the Dali Joies. Here we can see 37 different types of Jewels that belong to the collection of the old Owen Cheatham. There are also drawings and paintings that are prepared by Dali for the purpose of designing the jewels.

The historic city of Girona is where the Jewish community was fully flourished during the 12th century. Girona trip is actually an exciting one. Girona is also known as the City of Four Rivers. So this is a fully preserved Jewish area by the tourism department of the place. There are many additional facilities done and provide for the promotion of tourism on the area. If you take a guided walking tour through the city all the Girona sights can be enjoyed to a full extend. If the accompanying guide is an experienced personal then surely excitement and eager to know this will be more than expected. All these places were greatly influenced by the Jewish culture and life style. They also showed off their skills even beyond the city limits.

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