Montserrat and Freixenet trip from Barcelona

Montserrat mountain is one of the most beautiful and eye catching mountain area in the whole region of Barcelona. Montserrat and Freixenet tour which this particular article talks about is a wonderful trip which is a combination visit to Montserrat and Freixenet Company. Montserrat mountain is to the west of the region of Barcelona and Freixenet Company is one of the world’s biggest producer of Champagne. Champagne is called as Cava in Spanish language. Montserrat is also a place which is having a great scope for photography. It is generally known that majority of the people visiting the place are art lovers.

Thousands of pilgrims visit the place each and every year around. The beautifully aligned rocks and the natural park formed by mountains and caves are really attractive. There are many architects and painters who were inspired by this natural architectural work in the Montserrat mountain ranges. These beautiful designs and art works were recreated by the inspired designers in many of their works. Most of these design structures are found in the buildings in the region of Barcelona. The beauty of these buildings could be experienced by a Barcelona tour.

If the tour is planned on a clear sunny day then the travellers get a wonderful chance to see the city of Barcelona from the top of the Montserrat Mountain. We can also get the extended view of the Mallorca area if it is a shiny day. Above all the main motive behind each and every tourist of the Barcelona trip is the chance to see incredible number of monasteries and also the Black Madonna which is the aim of all the pilgrims to the place. Black Madonna is also known as “la moreneta” by the local people. The specialty of the monasteries is that those were built before centuries and are historically important.

The Freixenet is very famous in the world. They are the 9th largest companies taking part in the wine business. Many international stars take part in the commercials of Freixenet cava. Each basement or underground room in the manufacturing units contains more than 100 million bottles which itself is a specialty. Through the Frixenet trip the tourists get a wonderful chance to taste the cava or special drink in Spanish, see the manufacturing units and the production process as well as take an exciting ride through the underground stores where the wines are kept and that too in a mini train. Those who are wishing to experience something special which is close to Barcelona should surely make a trip to these places.

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