Ethnic quarters in Singapore

The country of Singapore is not just a single island. The region of Singapore has a structure of a main island covered with more than 50 surrounding islets on all parts. There are even some small islands in Singapore that are beautiful when compared to the whole big city because of their great ambience and beautiful environment. The wonderful water bodies and also the calm beaches are all really inviting. There are also great stories prevailing among the Singaporeans regarding the formation of these islands. There are many entertaining, interactive, fun filled and educational tourist destinations in Singapore. By reading this article you can get an idea regarding the ethnic quarters or regions in Singapore.

Chinatown, Little India, kampong Glam are the regions which greatly show case the real culture and historical heritage of the island nation. There are many historical and religious monuments, shops selling ethnic goods and serves along with restaurants serving ethnic cuisine are also available in these districts. Many tour packages to Singapore try including these ethnic regions.

Little India: This is one of the most colorful and attractive districts in Singapore. This region is situated in the vicinity of the Serangoon road and is mostly populated by Indians who reached the place during the early period of 1800. The main specialty for which the place is famous for is the future telling parrot. The parrot pecks out a card and your future will be told depending on this.

Arab Street: This region is at a walk able distance from the Little India. The meeting point of the Arab Street and the North Bridge Road is called as the traditional Arab Quarter of Singapore. The Arab street is famous among the tourists of Singapore tour for the scope of bazar style shopping which really depicts an ethnic character.

Kampong Glam: The place is given its name after the name of the Glam tree which is abundantly found in Singapore. This is a tree with medicinal values. A type of medicinal oil is extracted from its tree and the tree barks are extensively used by Buginese and Malays in order to waterproof their cruises. Kampong Glam is originally a fishing village which is located at the mouth of the Rochor River. Most of the holiday packages to Singapore include this place too.

Chinatown: This is a place which was created early in the year 1821. This was the after effect of the bulk release of the people from Xiamen and Fujian provinces of China to Singapore. The region which is presently called as the Telok Ayer which is around the southern region of the Singapore River is where these men have set up homes and earned a living. Chinese New Year is greatly celebrated here by full of lights and buzzes.

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