Tourist places in North India

The culture and heritage prevailing in India is really great when compared to any other countries in the world. The historical monuments present in the country have made the cities of India famous all over the world. A tourist coming to India has a lot of options from which he can make a choice of his own regarding the place to visit during the tour. The great deserts of Rajasthan, the mountains of Himalayas that are completely covered with snow, the beaches of Goa that are most suitable for sun bathe, the beautiful hills in the north east part of India are some the amazing sights awaiting the tourists to the location. Some of the most important tourist attractions in the northern region of India is listed and described in this article.

Taj Mahal: This is a famous monument that is considered as one of the biggest wonders of the world and a must to see place in India tour. This is a symbol of love and is one of the most famous tourist spots in the world. This lovely building was built by the great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the ever loving memory of his wife Mumtaz. The building out of the most beautiful white marbles of Rajasthan and the interior walls contains wonderful Persian designs. This great creation took a time period of 22 long years to complete. A beautifully set up garden is present at the front of the building which too draws the attraction of the tourists. A full moon night is the best time to watch the Taj Mahal.

Kashmir: This place is called as the heaven on the earth. Each and every tourist coming for North India tour must surely visit the place. The real attraction that binds the tourists to the place is the natural beauty without any artificial alterations. The city of Srinagar which is called as the summer capital of the place is very much popular among all the tourists coming to the place. Most of the tourists to the pace go for the Shikaras which is an alternative for accommodation which are the common house boats on Dal Lake.

Jim Corbett National Park: This famous national park is located in the foothills of Himalayan mountain range. This park is very famous for its wildlife. People visiting the place can rent a suitable accommodation in Dhikala which is the centre point of the park. There are abundant flora and fauna in the area and we can take an entertaining trekking trip in the location. The jungle can be covered by taking an elephant safari. There is a wide variety of wildlife available including more than 50 mammals, 580 birds and 25 species of reptiles.

Red Fort: This is a great symbol of the Mughal reign in India. The great royalty of the Mughal architecture is reflected by this great monument. This structure is built using red sandstones and it is a magnificent building that is built besides the River Yamuna. This has two main entrances- Lahore Gate and Delhi Gate. There are many great museums inside this structure and they greatly attract the tourists. This is included in almost all the India tour packages.

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