Tourist destinations in Guwahati

The place Guwahati, is the erstwhile Pragjyotishpur. The place is also known among the people as the “City of Eastern Light”. The name Guwahati has been derived from two Assamese words- “Guwa” which means areca nut and “Haat” which means market place. Thus beautiful place is located among the hills of the Himalayan mountain ranges and it comes in the North Eastern region of Assam. In the most recent times Guwahati has evolved into a famous tourist destination in India. There is enormous tourist, religious and natural sites in the place which greatly attracts tourists all over the world. Each and every year many tourist come to visit these places and the tourist density keep on increasing all the year around. Some of the most interest and mostly visited place in Guwahati are being discussed here.

1.Assam State Museum: This is a very famous archeological museum which is located in the center of the city of Guwahati. This has many archeological and ethnographical displays which attracts a lot of people to the place each and every year around. The collection ranges items dated back up to 5th century. Many 12th century sculptures are all copper plate inscriptions. The most famous sculpture of Surya and terracotta items is also present.

2.Umananda temple: This Shiva temple is a famous attraction of the Guwahati tour. This temple is located on an island bluff which comes in the center of the river Brahmaputra. The way the temple is located gives it a more dramatic look which has greatly helped in attracting the visitors. There are steep steps to the temple from the beach side which can be considered at the top of the flight.

3.Kamakhya Temple: This is a famous Kali temple which is built in the shape of beehive Shikara. This stands as a unique example of the Assamese architectural beauty. This comes in the Nilachal hills exactly 8 km west to the center and overlooking the river. According to one of the stories the place where the temple stands is the one where the body part of Sati fell to earth in 51 pieces. This is also one of the three most important tantric temples in India.

4.Assam State Zoo: This is well managed zoo in the whole region of Guwahati. There are also botanical gardens reaching 5 km to the eastern side. The animals found here are mainly the one horned rhino which is the state symbol of Assam, tigers, leopards etc. This is an important location to visit during the India tour.

5.Pandu: This is named after the famous King Pandu. There is a famous temple belonging to the Pandunath and is located on the hill top. This place is a little far away from the Railway Township of Pandu. Stories say that during the period of forest exile the Pandavas came to the place and lived here. Along with the other images the images of the Pandavas and the Lord Ganesha exists in all the temples of the region. This is included in almost all the India tour packages that are available across the world.

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