Famous tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a big state which forms a greater area of the southern region of India. This homes a metropolitan city which is of commonly called as the cultural capital of the country. This region owns a long heritage and deep rooted traditions which is very famous among the tourists coming to visit the location. There are many famous places of tourist interest in the location which helped to develop the tourism industry to a great extend. Some of the famous destinations are described in this article.

Chennai: This is a city which is comparatively young when compared to the image of the place. Chennai when compared to all other cities in the country is a typical example of the country’s diversity. Within a short time span itself the country has grown to a real charming city which is really welcoming and heart attracting one of its types. The field of modern technology as well as the field of art and craft in the traditional way is also greatly encouraged and developed in the city. The latest pride factor of the modern day Chennai which was formerly called as Madras city is the Tidel Park. This is the home place for the Information Technology Industry in the Chennai. India tour packages must include this city as a highlight.

Coimbatore: This is the third largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu. There is a district in Coimbatore state with the same name. This is one of the most industrialized cities in the whole region of Tamil Nadu. This city is also called as the textile capital of Tamil Nadu and the Manchester of the South. In the 2nd century AD Coimbatore existed as a small tribal village that was called as Kongunad. The name was changed as Coimbatore by the British where as it is still called by many in Tamil Nadu as Kovai.

Dharmapuri: The famous river Kaveri flows through this place. The famous tourist centre Hogenakkal also comes under the region of Dharmapuri. Hogenakkal is famous for its waterfalls, boating, bathing etc. The famous pilgrim centre of Theerthamali also comes under the vicinity of the region of Dharmapuri. India tour with Tamil Nadu in its listing will surely include this place too.

Krishnagiri: The name itself is a notification of the specialty of the place. As the name indicates this is a place of black granite hillocks and hence named as Krishnagiri where Krishna means black and giri means hill. The place was also named after the King Krishna Deva Raya who ruled the place once. The hills and valleys of the pace arte of great scenic beauty with waterfalls, ponds and lakes of great tourist interest. There are many great reservoirs, monuments, forts, museums and variety which greatly attracts tourists to the place.

Nagapattinam: The place came into existence in the year 1991. Nagapattinam city is the head quarters of the place. This unique district has great cultural and historical significance. This place was a part of the great Kingdom called Cholamandalam and is said to be contributed to the existing glory of the Chola Kingdom. This is must to see place during the Tamil Nadu tour.

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