Best places to visit in Pune

The city of Pune belongs to the state of Maharashtra. Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra and it is also known as the cultural capital of the state. There is an administrative division here which is officially known as the Pune division. There is a large population of students in the city which makes the nights and atmosphere of Pune city lively and vibrant. There are a number of famous museums and hill forts in the city which provides great panoramic views of each nook and corner of the city. The city has a glorious history which is more than 1600 years old. The Pataleshwar caves which are dated back to 5th century give us much clear evidence as ruins for Pune’s settlement. Some of the most famous tourist destinations are discussed in this article.

1.Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum: This is a famous museum in Pune which is built in the Rajasthani style. This is located in the hurry burry region of the Bajirao Road. There is a wide range of collections of the Indian arts and crafts which appear so nice to our eyes. There is a feeling of uniqueness in the art forms available. This is a must see place during the Pune tour.

2.National War Museum: The idea of this museum was first put forward in the year 1996. The Express Citizens forum sponsored the War Memorial fund and the citizens of Pune are the members who contributed greatly to this. The committee asked all the citizens to contribute to this fund.

3.Shnaiwar Wada: This palace was built by the successors of the Shivaji group called the Peshwas in the year 1736. The building was destroyed in the year 1827 by a massive fire attack. The interior of the palace was also destroyed and all that remained was only the fortified wall. This is included in all the India tour packages.

4.Pune University: The site for this university which was built in the Italian Gothic style was the official residence of the governor of Mumbai during the monsoon season. This is one of the oldest universities in India.

5.Pataleshwar Caves: This was built in the 8th century and it was a rock cut temple that was hidden in the heart region of the city. This is an odd one out structure among the most modern structures available at Shivajinagar. Reminiscent of Ellora is a temple carved out of a single boulder including huge and massive pillars.

6.Gliding Centre Pune: This is the best place to go for a joy ride and also experience the feel like a flying bird. There is also the chance to learn flying gliders. Till the present day this is the most active hub for gliding in the whole of India.

7.Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary offers a great thrilling and amazing experience for all the people who love trekking during India tour. This wildlife sanctuary homes a number of species of animals along with two trekking trails- the Seedi Ghat and the Ganpati Ghat. Out of the two trekking trails the Ganpathi Ghat is the longer one and it is less dangerous too.

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