Best places to see in Kerala

Kerala is popularly known as God’s own country. The richness of the state in natural resources and great diversity available in scenic beauty has given this beautiful title for the place. The backwater resources and river resources are very much important and a main source of income for the people of Kerala. Tourism also plays a key role in the economy of the Kerala state. Government does a lot of things for tourism development and brings in more revenue into the state. Tourism comes from different parts of the country and the country itself to see and enjoy the various tourist destinations. The beautiful landscape itself is an important factor of tourist attraction. There are many tourist attractions ranging from historical monuments to natural attractive points. The scenic calmness available in the forest of the Periyar area is the best option for all wildlife lovers to start with their Kerala tour.

Kumarakom: This is a beautiful location present in the Kottayam district. This is located within 14 km away from the central bus stand of Kottayam. The long stretch from Kottayam to Vembanad Lake has a beautiful backwater layout that offers great and pleasing ambience of the place. There is a beautiful bird sanctuary in the place which is spread in an area of about 14 acres. This also forms a natural habitat for the birds which migrate to the location each year.

Munnar: This famous hill station in Kerala offers a real picturesque view of the landscape features to its visitors. By visiting Munnar for the first time itself all the visitors are really attracted by its blooming flowers on the hill side, welcoming climate and different valley slopes. The Kannan Devan hills present in Munnar area is very much famous for its tea plantations, rubber estates, vast forest areas and national parks and one of the best places included in India tour. The mountain slopes available in Munnar are most suitable for trekking and the adventurous travelers are quite interested in this.

Trivandrum: This is the capital city of the Kerala state. Thiruvananthapuram is also called as the City of the Sacred Snake. This city is built over the seven hills. The city is named after Anantha- as per the Hindu mythology this snake is believed to have thousand heads.

Wayanad: This is a beautiful location in Kerala which has a number of beautiful tourist destinations that are the true signs of nature’s art on earth. The important tourist attractions in Wayanad includes Thirunelly temple which is surrounded by Kambamala, Karimala and Varadiga, Pazhassi tomb which is built as the memorial of the Lion of Kerala- Veera Pazhassi Raja, Pakshipathalam which is the best known trekking location in Wayanad and a famous bird sanctuary where we can find a number of rare species of birds etc.

Thekkady: By hearing the name of the place itself numerous images of elephants, chains of hills, and mind blowing plantations of aromatic spices come to our minds. Thekkady is also one of the finest and biggest wildlife reserves in the whole of India. The place also provides very good chance for mountain walks and trekking opportunity for adventure loving travellers. Almost all India tour packages include Thekkady in their list.

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