Versailles day tour from Paris

Versailles was the former capital of France which was unofficial. This is the place that homes the world famous Chateau de Versailles. This is located only 10 miles away from the center region of Paris. The world famous grid like street pattern of the Versailles region was accepted as a model plan by the officials of the Washington, D.C. This is also an important shopping center for the people of the western suburbs of the city. By taking a single day ticket we can see the museum, chapel, galleries and also the state apartments. There are a number of train lines that connect the downtown of Paris along with the region of Versailles. The Palace of Versailles is the first and primary option chosen by each and every tourist to the place.

The people to the place are also attracted by the fascinating history of the French revolution. This is a very popular tourist destination in the world and because of its popularity the number of tourists visiting the place keeps on increasing year after year. Even the brutally cold climate is not at all a matter for the visitors. The real bloom of the Versailles Palace and the adjacent gardens can be enjoyed by planning a Versailles tour from Paris. The gardens and the pools give a beautiful panoramic view which shall be explained as mind blowing. Once a visit is made to the gardens after seeing the Versailles Palace your trip shall be considered as a completed one. During the season from April to October on all Saturdays and Sundays we shall also get a wonderful chance to see the fountain show that is arranged in the Gardens for entertaining the visitors. The fountain show is also accompanied by wonderful music beats which were composed at the court of the King Louis XIV.

Get proper guidance and advice from the hostess to choose the correct journey path. There will be an official audio guidance that shall be found in almost all guided tours. The time should be properly managed in order to make use of the opportunity of the maximum by enjoying all the scenes and places. The official suite rooms of the King Louis XIV are opened for the public in the palace. The apartments of the Dauphine and the Dauphin and also the grand Hall of Mirrors are all really attractive. The Queen’s Bedroom and also the Gallery of Battles are liked by everyone on Versailles trip. After that Palace gardens, Queen’s Hamlet and also the Grand Trianon shall be seen which is very near.

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