Loire Valley Castles and Wine Day trip from Paris

A trip to France will be incomplete without making an attempt to reach Paris. A trip through the Paris countryside will be really enjoyable and full of enthusiasm. If the tourists wish they can surely take a deviation from the hustle and bustle of the city tour by discovering the magnificent and wonderful castles that are available on the Loire Valley. The Loire castles and the Renaissance castles are really attractive for all the visitors to the place. The Loire Valley is located in the Central France and above the wonderful Loire River. This valley spans over more than 280 kms. This area is also known as the Garden of France because of the numerous numbers of vineyards, fruit orchards, asparagus and the beautiful cherry fields.

On a trip to the Loire Valley Castles from Paris the tourists are initially guided through the wonderful and most beautiful castles of the France region. A journey through the marvelous Loire Valley wines is yet another unforgettable experience. All the tourists coming for Loire Valley Castles tour make sure not to miss the chance to see the vineyards too. Tasting this wonderful wine and enjoying a wonderful lunch at the Nitray Vineyards is also included in the trip. After departing from Paris the journey first stops at the Chateau de Chambord. This is a beautiful castle that is built by the King Francis I in the year 1519. Admirable French architecture, furniture, decorative and ornamental ceiling works, stunting staircases etc. are all attractive. An eye catching view of the deer and wild bear running here and there can also be obtained while walking along the blushing grounds of the castle.

The next attraction will be the Chateau de Nitray. There the visitors are also served with a delicious lunch at the Nitray Vineyards which is an unforgettable experience. Thus we get a good chance to taste the exotic and homemade food which is really special due to some added raw materials and local ingredients. We can also taste the best wine in the region. The guide assisting you can help you out with any confusion in selecting the good items from a number of available flavors of wine. Tour of the wine yard will be the final target in this area. Then finally we will proceed towards the Chateau De Chenonceau. This is a wonderful castle that was built during the 16th century time. Its smooth white stone architecture and also the intrically painted wooden doors are sure to be a mind blowing view during the Paris to Loire Valley Castles trip. Immense range of stone carvings and intimate chapel are all attractive and beautiful.

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