Day Tour of Toledo from Madrid

Toledo tour is an important option that most of the tourists to Madrid show interest to. Among the tours around the Madrid region Toledo tour has gained greater popularity. Central region is the starting point of this tour. Total time duration required to cover all the important locations in Toledo is 8 hours. This guided coach tour starts the journey from the starting point early in the morning. Toledo was the former capital region of Spain. This is a fortress city which is covered with striking gates all around the city. Along with the Segovia tour and El Escorial or Avila tour, Toledo tour is also one of the essential day tours from Madrid.

Spain’s medieval capital, Toledo is a treasure full asset completely filled up with El Greco art forms and art works. This is a glorious city that is having up a number of amazing medieval architecture. There are a number of cobblestone alleyways and taking a walk through the roads will lead us to the memories and important happenings of thee olden times. The Burial of the Count of Orgaz That is present in the St. Tome church is an important masterpiece of the El Greco art work. This is a must visit place during the Toledo trip. The pleasing atmosphere and hospitality provided by the city is also great which attract a number of people to the place. The city of Toledo is only an hour drive away from the region of Madrid.

The city of Toledo is like an immense museum that contains a number of historical Spanish monuments. The buildings of the Gothic and Renaissance style, the narrow streets and the alleys are the living evidences of the magnificent old days of Toledo region. This city is considered as a National level monument. The city is also called as The City of Three Cultures. This is in remembrance of the period of harmony period when the Christians, Muslims and the Jews lived together peaceful within the city walls. It is a better option to start from the new reception area and then proceed to the old quarters in order to proceed towards the cathedral of Saint Mary. This is also called as the Primate Cathedral. The Synagogue of St. Maria, The Church of San Juan de los Reyes and also the house of the famous sculptor Macho that stands over the Tagus River are some of the famous attractions in Toledo. Possibly there will not be any additional expenses that are to be incurred by the travellers like additional taxes or entrance fees. Madrid tour shall be made entertaining and interesting by visiting Toledo city.

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