Hamlet Castle tour from Copenhagen

There are many famous castles in Copenhagen and surrounding areas. The Hamlet Castle is one among them. This castle was made famous as it was used as the setting in the well-known Shakespearean play named the Hamlet. Once the visitors enter the Elsinore castle all are really enchanted by the Shakespeare’s tales. A planned tour is the great way to see and enjoy all the castles as well as the country side scenes of Copenhagen. If interested in photography then there are scopes for beautiful panoramic views especially at Fredensborg where we can find the Queen’s Summer Residence. The wonderful and mind blowing scenes that are found along the Danish Riviera shall also be enjoyed while on return journey to the super Copenhagen area.

From there travel to the destination of Hillerod and Frederiksborg Castle. At Elsinore Castle we can find the outer walls and the beautiful and eye catching towers of the famous Kronborg Castle. This is the location in the play where Hamlet talks to a ghost. In the enchanting town area of Helsingor, there are wonderful buildings that area dated back to the 17th century. From here we can go back to Copenhagen through the route of Danish Riviera. Here we can also meet the people of Denmark who live a high standard and luxury life.

The starting point of most of the Hamlet Castle tour is the City Hall Square which comes in front of the Palace Hotel. The journey is actually of a 5 hour time duration. After traversing through the desired routes and destinations the travellers are brought back to the starting point. Coach transport is provided. The travellers must bear the entrance fee amount to the Hamlet Castle by themselves. Service of a self-audio guide is provided to each and every traveller.

The facilities of gratuities are actually made optional by most of the Copenhagen trip operators. Many of them also provide the facility of pickup and drop off from the residential area of the travellers. Additional facilities like refreshment and food are also provided by most of the agencies. The Hamlet Castle was built during the time period from 1574 to 1585. This was to protect the interest of the Danish kingdom and also to protect their treasury wealth by imposing toll charges on the shipping and all these pass through the narrow straits. Many fashionable resorts are also passed by during the coach journey. There are beautiful residential areas on the way that are really attractive.

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