Excellent places to visit in Copenhagen

People of every taste and interest have many things to enjoy in Copenhagen. Most of all these attractions are also in walk able distance away. The three important attractions prevailing in the city are Tivoli Park which is more than 100 years old, the statue of The Little Mermaid, and also the free town of Christiana. Even the history of the place which is nearly 1000 years old is also an important attraction to tourists. The significant buildings, interesting sites and historic landmarks have also made the place terrifically important. While in Copenhagen never miss the Amalienborg Palace which is the residence of the royal family, canal tour on the harbor and the shopping street Stroget. Some of important attractions are discussed here.

1.Amalienborg Palace: Built in Danish Rococco architecture which is a great structure. This is the Queen’s residence. It is in an octagonal courtyard with four identical buildings spread around.

2.Christiania: This is a free town within the city limits. There is no doubt that this is one of the greatest attractions in Denmark. This is a controversial area that is greatly loved by many people around the world. There is a strong chance for debate because of the anarchistic statements made.

3.Christiansburg Palace: The Danish Parliament, Supreme Court and the Ministry of the State are all included in this palace. Royal functions and events are also included here. The Prime Minister and the Queen welcome the foreign state officials from this building.

4.Canal tours: This is cruising the canals through boats. This is the best way to obtain an onboard view of the city using one of the canal boats.

5.Karen Blixen Museum: This was once the residence of the internationally renowned writer Karen Blixen aka Isaak Dinesen. It is located directly from the region around Rungstedlund which has an enchanting park and bird sanctuary to the north of Copenhagen.

6.Kronborg Castle: This castle is located in the Helsingor region of Kronberg. Shakespeare’s famous drama, Hamlet is the reason behind the popularity of the castle. This renaissance castle is surrounded by many major buildings with bastions and ravelins. This is a monumental military fortress. Never miss to see the castle dungeon and the grand ballroom during Denmark tours.

7.Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: Many exhibitions keep on changing in the museum. There are many world class art displays which are the examples of the Danish art scene.

8.Ny Carlsberg Glypotek: This is the art museum that was found by Carl Jacobsen. This museum contains two different departments one of ancient and other of modern art. Try including this in the Denmark tour package.

9.Rosenborg Palace: This was built by King Christian IV. This was built as a royal pleasure retreat. Today this is considered as a museum which depicts the 400 years old history of the country.

10.Stroget: This is the largest shopping area of Copenhagen which is centered around the Stroget area in the heart of the city. The longest shopping street of the city has a wealth of many user friendly shops containing world famous brands.

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