A trip to North Zealand Castles from Copenhagen

The country of Denmark has many fairy tale castles. This is because they do tell fairy tales. If interested in visiting castles then Denmark is one of the best options for tour. Outside of Copenhagen and in the area of Denmark that is called as North Zealand, there are a number of castles present. On a full day tour in Copenhagen one of the best places to visit is the Castles of North Zealand. The Frederiksborg Castle, The Fredensborg Castle and the Kronborg Castle which was made famous by the Shakespeare’s Hamlet are the most famous castles that are available for tourist visit.

Leaving Copenhagen and heading towards the north region from Copenhagen and travelling through the wonderful countryside and coastline of Danish area we reach the Elsinore and Kronborg Castle. Kronborg Castle was declared as a UNESCO world heritage site. Use of this castle as the setting for the famous play of Shakespeare’s Hamlet is the reason behind this declaration. This is considered as a renaissance castle. After this the Copenhagen tour follows the path towards the Fredensborg. This place houses the Fredensborg Palace which is the famous summer residence of the Queen. This is a lovely palace that is located in an attractive location in the middle of a wonderful park. This park is the one which actually borders the idyllic Esrum Lake.

Kronborg Castle is located in the Elsinore area. The actual cause for the existence of this castle is that this particular point in Elsinore is the narrowest point that exists between Denmark and Sweden. This pert of Sweden but actually belonged to Denmark and the castle was built here. After this the journey is continued towards the Frederiksborg Castle. This was built by the King Christian IV in the year 1625. This castle is considered as a pearl in the country’s history. The model of the castle resembles a renaissance style and also having a baroque influence.

It was the major construction which was completed during the period from 1601-1625. The oldest parts of the castle were completed in the year 1560. The royal family of Denmark lived in this castle for nearly a century. The chapel of this castle was unique in the way that it was the one of the few elegantly decorated Lutheran churches. This museum is now open to public and is a well-known national historical museum which contains a number of treasures in the form of artistic pieces. This is a must see place during the North Zealand Castles tour.

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