Top tourist places in Czech Republic

The country of Czech Republic or Czechoslovakia is situated in the central region of Europe. The Czech Republic has the following countries as its neighbors. Germany is to the North West region, Austria to the southern region, Poland to the north and Slovakia to the Southeast of Czech Republic. Czechoslovakia is one of the best places in world for traveling. The advantage of this journey is the ease of travelling to the nearest European region from Czechoslovakia. There are many interesting regions for visiting in Czech Republic. Some of the famous tourist destinations are described below.

Prague: Prague is known as the largest city in the region of Czech Republic. This is also the capital city of the country. The ancient central European powers have made the city so beautiful with all types of excellent architectural monuments. Easy access is given to other regions of the country from Prague. This is one of the reasons why most of the tourists choose Prague as the first visiting place during the country visit and hospitality of the place is also yet another factor.

Vysehrad: this is the name of the remains of a famous castle that stands just above the Vltava River. This is located in a district of Prague which is historically important. Most of the tour operators try including the place in their targets. The beginnings of this settlement in Czech Republic began early in the 10th century. This castle was previously used by the royal family before moving to the Current Prague Castle.

Prague Castle: This is one of the most popular places of tourist interest in Prague. This castle is the official residence of the royal family of Czechoslovakia. The architectural beauty of the castle is beyond the words to describe. All sorts of interior décor done inside the castle is well done to suit the ethnic beauty of the royal family.

Znojmo: This city comes in southern region of the Moravia located on the bank of the famous Dyje River. This place was founded earlier in the 13th century by the ancient King Ottokar 1. This city is the home place for many beautiful architectural monuments that are of great interest among the tourists of Europe tour.

Moravian Karst and Caves: If the time you visit the Czech Republic is during the summer season when the weather is hot and humid then surely there is a relaxation center in the near vicinity. This is the coolness of the Moravian Karst and Caves that welcomes you in this situation. This is one of the best spots to take a break. The Moravian Karst is an area of over 100 square kilometers. There are over 1000 famous caves in the place. Among them only 4 caves are open for public visit. This is one of the best places to enjoy your Europe holidays.

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