A visit to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Bath from London

There are many famous and historic attractions in London even the ones which exist from the early ancient periods. There is no chance of getting bored with the sights and views of the amazing city of London. The best places to hang out with your family are found enormously in London. Among them Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor Castle are only some of them. The importance and the main features of these places are discussed here. We get marveled with the pre historic monument, ancient Roman Baths and also the world famous Windsor Castle.

Stonehenge: This is a prehistoric monument which is located in the Wiltshire region, north of Salisbury in London. This is one of the most famous heritage sites in the world. The entire place is captivated with a number of unique and wonderful rock structures that are more than 5000 years old. Stonehenge is composed of enormous earthworks that are surrounded by means of large standing stone that are circular in shape. This represents the Bronze and the Neolithic ages of the historic period. There are also many burial mounds present here in the Stonehenge. UNESCO has added the particular site to the list of World Heritage Sites. This is a Scheduled Ancient Monument that is protected legally. The owner of the Stonehenge is the Crown while it is managed by the English Heritage. But the surrounding area is owned by the National Trust of London City.

Windsor Castle: This is one of the oldest castles in London which exists from the medieval period. This is also a royal residence which is located in Windsor which comes under the boundary of the English county of Berkshire. This is castle is a world famous one because of its long lasting relation with the royal family and also its beautiful architecture. The Norman invader William is the designer and the person behind the construction. This is also renowned as the longest occupied castle in the history of Europe. This has been the residence of a number of monarchs from the time since the reign of Henry I. The design was to establish the dominance of the Norman Empire in and around the region of London and the purpose was also to oversee an important part of River Thames which is strategically needed.

Bath: Bath is a city which is located in the ceremonial region of the Somerset county of England. The place was given the city status by Queen Elizabeth I in the year 1590 as a part of the Royal Charter. The first and the primary most establishment of the city was as a spa ad it was naked in Latinas Aquae Sulis by the Roman people early in AD 43. This was developed as a World Heritage Site in the year 1987. There are a wide variety of theatres, museums and also a number of other entertainment venues in this beautiful city of London.

A visit to Oxford, Cotswolds, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwick Castle

In the article some of the major tourist attractions of the city of London are discussed about. People wishing to visit these places during their tour can get a clear picture and idea from this article. These are some of the most famous places in London that each and every visitor to the place wishes to see and experience.

Oxford city: This can be better described as a county town of the Oxfordshire region in the South East region of England. The two main rivers namely Cherwell and Thames pass through this city and the city center is their meeting point. For an approximate distance of nearly 10 miles in the neighboring area of Oxford, river Thames is called as the Isis. The city of Oxford is also known as the city of dreaming spires. All the buildings found in the region of Oxford clearly demonstrate the English architectural period and this last ever since the arrival of Saxons. The world famous Oxford University is the oldest university in the English speaking world.

Cotswolds: This is a huge range of hills that is found in the west central region of England. The Cotswolds is also called as the Heart of England. This area is famous for its outstanding natural beauty. The Cleeve Hill is the highest one among the Cotswolds group of hills. The ceremonial counties of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire homes this Cotswolds group of hills. A type of limestone called the oolithic limestone is found in the region and numerous attractive small villages and towns are found lined up on these stones. The specialty of this limestone is the richness of fossils that can be found.

Stratford-on-Avon: This is a beautiful district found in the southern part of Warwickshire in England. Stratford-upon-Avon is a small and wonderful market town and municipal township. This is the biggest and most popular town in the District of Startford-on-Avon. Being the birthplace of the poet and the playwright William Shakespeare, the place has gained immense popularity and fame as a tourist destination. The Royal Shakespeare Theatre is one of the most important and popular cultural centers in the whole of Europe.

Warwick Castle: This famous castle is found in the Warwickshire region of England. This is located on the bend part of the river Avon. The Norman conqueror William is the one who built this world famous castle. This was built early in the year 1068. From the year 1088, the castle solely belonged to the Earl of Warwick with an official declaration and it served as the most important symbol of the kingdom power. The prisoners of the Battle of the Poitiers were held in this castle during the 14th century. Richard Neville who is also called as Warwick the Kingmaker used this castle to imprison the English King Edward IV during the 15th century. The castle has undergone a number of constructional changes ever since its construction in the 11th century.

A Memorable Thames River Dinner Cruise in London

The starting point of the Thames River Dinner Cruise is London in the country of United Kingdom. The cruising through the world famous Thames River takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. This wonderful journey provides its travellers with more than just cruising. We can also enjoy a relaxing and peace giving atmosphere. The river banks give breath taking views which can be attractively photographed. The cruise journey also offers a four course meal along with an after dinner dancing party. Dinner cruise through the River Thames is said to be a perfect indulgence right from the point of reception when you step onboard till the point of dance floor wherein the travellers are invited to dance cheek to cheek after the dinner party.

The dinner served also deserves to be appreciated greatly. This four course la carte dinner is prepared in a modern European style. These fresh items are prepared by a team of really talented chefs in charge and serve with pleasure and love by a set of friendly team onboard the cruise. There is wonderful music heard everywhere in the cruise during the whole journey and this great blend of jazz that can be enjoyed during the dinner cruise is performed by the resident band. This band consists of musicians who are really famous and established in London. The most important highlight of the London dinner cruise to be specified is the dancing party performance after the dinner. The music played for the dancing party starts right from the hits of 60s to the latest hits of modern day music world. This is enjoyed by all people in the cruise despite of the age or sex.

Along with the dining and dancing activities we can also enjoy a number of sights that has made London famous among the tourists all over the world. Some of them include the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe, Millennium Bridge, Tower Bridge and the St. Paul’s Cathedral. The experience of enjoying the world famous sights along with dining and dancing onboard and that too along the famous River Thames will be an unforgettable and amazing experience. Thames River cruise should not be missed during the London visit. There are two dinner cruise options for the travellers. The Classic Dinner Cruise and the Premier Dinner Cruise. The Classic Dinner Cruise includes a welcome cocktail, live entertainment, four–course dinner along with a dancing party. The Premier Dinner Cruise includes a welcome cocktail, live entertainment, four-course dinner, house wine, mineral water and dancing party.

Day Trip to Leeds castle, Canterbury, Greenwich

Leaving the busy city life of London try taking a tour to the most highlighted areas of the Kent region. Here we can get a wonderful panoramic view of the Leeds Castle. This is considered as one of the loveliest castle in the world. While moving towards the Leeds Castle, we travel through the Greenwich. This is the home center of the world famous Cutty Sark tea clipper. There is also a Royal Observatory. We shall also pass through the Greenwich Meridian. Lord Conway gave this castle the description as the loveliest castle in the world. This castle is built in a natural setting found in the middle of a lake. The area is beautifully covered with parkland and gardens which greatly extends to an area of more than 500 acres.

The surrounding atmosphere is really great and lovely and the experience is also magical. There is a good photographic view that most of the tourists to Leeds castle intend for. We can also find the Lady Baillie Garden. Here by exploring the castle grounds we can get great views of the lake, a birdcage and the maze. Most of the guided tour guides try taking you to the Leeds castle before it is open for the general public. This also greatly helps you to get more intimate view of the castle and surroundings. We can also explore the beauty of the chapel, courtyards, galleries and the banqueting hall. Then we can lead to enjoy the wonderful landscape and large variety of wildlife and bird species. Even some of the rarely found animal and bird groups are also found here. For enjoying the tasty and exotic lunch available exclusively for the tourists we can take a beautiful scenic drive along the old and historically important coastal road. The lunch is arranged in the historic Lighthouse Inn. From here we get a beautiful panoramic view of the White Cliffs of Dover.

In the season from November to march there will be no stop in the White cliffs of Dover. During this season lunch is arranged in the Canterbury region. The lunch served includes traditional British items like the fish and chips, bread and butter pudding etc. Canterbury is a world famous center for Christian worship that has been existing for more than 1700 years. Canterbury Cathedral was one of the most famous pilgrimage centers in Europe. This is an important site of the medieval time. The entrance to the cathedral is free and a chance is also obtained to explore the old town. Greenwich is also important location of visit during the Leeds tour. There are also many parks, architecture and gardens with which Greenwich have strong connections with the sea, time and science.

Top places to visit in UK

All the visitors to UK will have a clear cut idea regarding the places to visit for making their journey lovely and unforgettable. There are some must see places that all tourists are advised to visit in their tour. Some of these places are discussed in the article.

1.Windsor Castle: Windsor is a place in London that can be easily caught up by train. The Windsor castle that is only a short walk distance from the station dominates from the whole town. The castle building alone covers 13 acres of the area and it is renowned as the largest inhabited castle in the whole of world. This site selection was done by King William and it overlooks the river Thames.

2.Stonehenge: The architecture of Stonehenge is still unknown to the whole world. This was built more than 5000 years ago and it has gained the attention of visitors for more than tens of centuries. Day time in spring season is the best time to watch the structure.

3.Hadrian’s Wall: This is the northern border of the Roman Empire. When the Roman Empire was about to be destroyed this defensive wall was constructed across the northern region of Britain. The remnants of this wall can be seen at nearly 73 miles away from the wall region which forms stone fences, stone barns and cobbles.

4.York Minster: This is the largest Gothic Church in the northern part of Europe that exists since the medieval period. York Minster was voted by the British visitors to be one of the Seven Wonders of Britain. There is nothing in UK which can be compared to this famous cathedral. Make sure to visit this cathedral in your UK tour.

5.Iron Bridge: This is the birthplace of industry. Iron founders and the growing industrialists hurried to see this bridge since it is part of their industry growth. This bridge is built over the River Severn which is near Coalbrookdale in 1779.

6.Edinburgh Castle: This is an ancient fortress located in the heart of the city of UK. This is an avoidable place of tourist attraction that all people wish to see during their Europe tour. This castle can be seen from anywhere in the city of Edinburgh. This castle has dominated the city for more than 1000 years.

7.Caernarvon Castle: This exists as the symbol of kingly power in the country. UK is also called as the country of castles. This was built by King Edward I and he wished the place to be his residence and the official seat of his government.

8.The Royal Pavilion: This was built by George IV and this is the only building of its kind in the place. This is a pseudo Indian palace that is influenced greatly by Chinese interiors, light, mirrors and expensive fabrics.

9.St. Ives Cornwall: This is nothing but a beach full of palm trees that brings complete shade to the beach and it is also an artists’ studio. This is in the area full of fisherman cottages, craft shops and steep cobbled lanes. The climate of Britain is also very modest.

10.Stratford on Avon: This is the best place in UK to find Americans. This is also the hometown of Shakespeare. Many cottages that are built in really an astonishing way can be seen in the place.

A city tour of London

Within the bigger region of Greater London in England, the city of London is a comparatively smaller area. Despite of the time gap it is the history of the place that has greatly helped in holding up the city status. There happened no changes to the city boundary since the medieval period and it’s a small part of the huge metropolitan city as a whole. Even then the city boundary is a notable region in the central part of London. This part is often referred to as city on the maps of London and it is also called as Square Mile since the area covered comes just above one square mile.

There is also a large variety of sightseeing options that can be covered up in a city tour. The only thing that is to be taken attention on is the selection of the route for the city tour. The selection of the route must be done in such a way that a maximum of places shall be covered in a single journey. Some of the major tourist attractions of the London city tour are described below.

London Eye: This is the biggest of the available ferry wheels in London and it’s called the London Eye since the whole of the London city shall be seen by taking a ride on this. The London Eye attracts a million number of tourists from different parts of the world. There are a total number of 32 capsules that are securely closed and also air conditioned. The capsule modeling is done as the London’s Boroughs.

Madame Tussauds: This is a world famous wax museum that contains the wax models of almost all the famous celebrities from different parts of the world. They includes the replicas of actors, politicians, musicians, sports figures etc. Feel cozy with your favorite stars and the visitors can take lively photographs together with the favorite celebrities.

Tower Bridge: No visitor to the place can miss this wonderful view of the Tower Bridge from the two walkways. We can also enjoy the dazzling beauty of the wonderful morning when the sun shines at its full splendor over the London City. There is a beautiful foot path for pedestrians constructed above the River Thames. This is yet another beautiful place from where to enjoy the breath taking panorama of the London city and the Thames River.

Buckingham Palace: This is the authorized residence of the British Empire. National ceremonies and royal hospitality occurs here in the Buckingham Palace. The initial purpose of building the palace was as a town house for the stay of the Duke of Buckingham region.

London Zoo: This is the oldest zoo of its type in the whole of the world. The intention of opening this zoo in the year 1828 was to use it as a scientific study center. The official opening of the zoo for the public was in the year 1847. Over 755 species of birds and 15,104 species of animals can be seen in this zoo.

Things to do in London

London attracts a total number of more than 20 million tourists each and every year around. Among the international visits London has been the world’s most visited places. The Tourist Board of London is called as the Visit London. Some of the things that the people visiting London are most likely to do are being discussed here in the article.

Churchill War Rooms: This is said to be the most interactive and innovative Churchill Museum in the world. This is the world’s first museum that has been dedicated to the life of the greatest Briton. This is also the secret underground headquarters which belonged as the nerve center of the war efforts conducted by the Britain.

Kew Bridge Steam Museum: This museum was built in the 19th century for the purpose of water supply for the city of London. This museum is considered as the most important site which supplies water for the water supply industry in London. This museum is said to have the largest collection of working steam engines in the world. This museum is ought to be included in almost all the London tours.

Camden Passage: The Camden Passage market is the place where we can find and shop a very large and diverse range of silverwares, antiques and jewellery. The main focus of the market is on the Islington’s thriving antiques community. The Mall Antiques Arcade which is a tram station of the old age is also located in this market place.

Borough Market: This is an award winning market. This is also renowned as one of the largest food markets in the city of London and an important part of London sightseeing. This is a wonderful place that offers the top quality products from all over the country and even the continent.

Chapel Market: This is one of the most popular streets in London that sells a wide range of products like clothes, household items, fruits and vegetables etc. Items are available at cheaper cost and this makes the place more famous among the tourists coming to London.

Belgo Centraal: This is a very famous location for dining that is located in the area of Convent Garden. The funky chrome interior and the long tables that are set inside are all really attractive. There is a Mimi Belgo menu that allows children at the age of 12 or below to eat for free of cost. Things to do in London become more attractive with such places.

Imli: This is a famous Indian Style dining place in the city of London. Imli will be a great dining experience for families. The cost is affordable and there is specially made light spicy food for children. The vacation season offers kids dining for only half the cost.

Museum in Docklands: This is one of the newest museums in London city. This museum unlocks the vast expanding history of the London’s river, port and the related people during the 19th century. This port houses the imports of spices, rum and also cotton.