Excellent Family Holiday Destinations Around the World

1.Rajasthan, India: Rajasthan the desert region in India is really a dry and arid region. But that doesn’t mean that the place is not entertaining or colorful. Here we can visit Jaisalmer which is the labyrinthine old city, the pink city Jaipur and the blue painted city Jodhpur and the palaces of the old times that have immense gold decoration. Different and unusual modes of transportation including the camels and elephants and the different sounds and smell that greets the children are real attractions of the city.

2.Santa and 1001 rein deer in Lapland: Finnish Lapland is the best place to visit during the Christmas season. Christmas is not complete without snow. Santa and a dozen rein deer is also the great memory related to Christmas. This is a place that is just above the Arctic Circle and it comes complete with the sleigh rides, pine trees, ice hotels, light effects and Santa’s official home.

3.Go Lego, Denmark: This region comes in the Copenhagen region of Denmark. The capital city of Denmark is a fine family destination suitable for a vacation break. The Trivoli Gardens in Go Lego has a huge ground that has enormous entertaining rides that has been delighting children from the year 1843. Here we can start the trip from the statue of Andersen’s little Mermaid and head on towards the Trivoli Gardens.

4.Oman Oases: The clear coastal water of Oman makes the place an interesting tourist place that everyone wishes to see. Spending a vacation in Oman with the child friendly resorts, desert dunes and the subtropical climate will give you an unforgettable experience. Desert camel trekking with the family and camping to have an experience of the Bedouin style of life are the favorites of the tourists planning for family vacations in Oman.

5.Bright light city, Tokyo: Children of all ages wish to go for a vacation to the high tech city in order to enjoy the most advanced high tech rides that are available in Tokyo. Hello kitty brand of items are the most wanted ones by the little ones where as other visitors are greatly interested in Dragon ball. Make sure to visit the Tokyo Tower’s Special Observatory Centre to get a clear view of the sky and see the way to Mt.Fuji.

6.Fuji, the Land of Child-friendly: The people who wish to get maximum relaxation and rejuvenation can no longer make a family holidays plan without including Fuji in the list. The stay in Fiji Islands Resort will surely be unforgettable. On arrival all children are given the help and support of a dedicated nanny and the parents can relax making their batteries fully charged to continue the journey.

Travelling abroad – A list of things to pack for travel

Thinking about an upcoming trip fills our heart with happiness. But then we shudder to think about all the packing that needs to be done .And if it is a trip aboard, there is still so much more to be done. But what better way to tackle a problem then to meet it head-on. So here is a list of things which need to be taken care while packing:

1. Make copies of your important document: Safety is of utmost important when travelling. Make a copy of all the travel related documents -passport, visa, tickets and keep a copy in each of your travelling bags. You can even scan each of the documents and attach them to your email account. This way you can access the details of your important documents in case of theft or loss of luggage. Also you can make a list of emergency contact numbers and mail them to yourself and person accompanying you. Sticking your address and contact to your luggage can come in handy in case your luggage is lost during travel.

2. Check for travelling restrictions: Contact your airline or your travel agency to get restricted items list before you start packing. Also check for luggage size restrictions and luggage limit of the airline.

3. Prepare Checklist: Make a checklist of all the things that you need to pack for your comfortable travel like clothes, toiletries, cameras etc. You can tick them off the list one by one as you pack along.

4. Toiletries: Toiletries can occupy lots of space, so instead of packing a family size bottle it is always better to buy travel size containers for your toiletries. In case you are packing something fragile, try to pad it in between your clothes to avoid breakage. Also if you are carrying something liquid and which can leak, always wrap it in a plastic wrap tightly to avoid any kind of leakage.

5. Taking care of valuables: Try to split up your cash and other valuables and keep them in different pockets and in different bags. Also do not keep all the money you are carrying with you in your purse. Split it between your pockets and purse.

6. Packing clothes: It is so difficult to decide on what to pack while travelling, but it is very important not to overload you bags. So plan according to the place and number of days you are travelling. You can see if you can wear an outfit in multiple occasions or time to avoid extra packing. It is a good idea to split up clothes in different bags as this way you and your family will still have something to wear in case your luggage gets misplaced by airplane staff.

7. Medicins and safety kit: If you are taking some prescription medicine, do not forget to take them. Also carry a copy of your prescription from the doctor with you. Take all mandatory permission for travelling in case you have some health issues. Also pack in all the general medicine and first aid kit along with it.

Beach holiday – Indulge in water sports

Are you planning for a beach holiday? Does lazing around in the beach and getting soaked in the sun is not enough for you? Then ,here is a list of some great water activates which you can indulge in your holidays:

1. Parasailing: Though a beach setting is not mandatory for parasailing but a beach will provide you a unique experience of flying in air and enjoying a view of waters airborne. For parasailing on a beach, the person (or persons) who will do parasailing (called parascender) will first be attached to a parachute called parasail. Then one of end of rope will be tied to him and other end will be tied to a boat. The boat will be turned on and it will get going and along with it the person attached will take to airs (like a kite).You can see lots of people indulging in parasailing these days as you do not require much training for it.

2. Sailing: Try to learn more about the waters by sailing. Sailing requires boating with the helps of sails which is generally nothing but big sheets of cloth tied along the ends in a particular way. A sailor should know how to control and adjust the sails according to direction and force of winds to keep the boat moving. For this you would need some practice in manoeuvring sails and reading wind conditions.

3. Scuba Diving: If exploring the unknown excites you, then try your hands at scuba diving. Scuba diving refers to underwater swimming with the help of a diving suit and breathing apparatus which enables you to breathe under water. Best place to do scuba diving is in unexplored and still untouched beaches

4. Wave Runner or Jet Ski-With fresh breeze sticking to your face, you will have great fun zooming along in these high power rides. They both are watercrafts in which you ride around in water like a bike .While in a wave runner you have option of sitting down but in a jet ski you have stand up while riding.

5. Banana Boats: If you are travelling in a group, then you will really enjoy banana boats. Banana boats are nothing but inflated tubes mostly in shape of banana. These boats come in various sizes which can accommodate from 3 to 10 riders. Flipping the boat during turns and slipping in water as a group is sure shot recipe of great fun and loads of laugher.

6. Snorkeling: Snorkelling is a way to study marine life in a peaceful way. It does require a little know how but compared to scuba diving training is less and can become a family activity as well. Here you need to wear a water mask and swim fins and a tube called snorkel to swim peacefully explore underwater.

7. Surfing: Riding on a surfboard and controlling it to conquer the waves is quite popular sports activity on a beach.

8. Canoeing or Kayaking: In Canoeing or Kayaking rider moves around in water in a canoe using a double bladed paddle. There is not much difference between the two activities .You do require some training to indulge in these activities.

9. Pontoon, jet or paddle boats: This is one of the most famous and one of the most loved activities in a beach.

10. Dolphin watching: You can head out in a watercraft or boats deep in water to enjoy dolphins.

Have a fun vacation at Tahiti, Bora Bora Island

For a fun filled family vacation Tahiti is a best known destination. Baby sitting, kids programs and other activities are all offered by different Island resorts that can make your holidays exclusive for your loved ones. Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea and likewise islands of French Polynesia are widely liked by many of the tourists all over the world.

Bora Bora is the best known romantic place on the whole of earth. This also makes it one of the most photogenic places on earth. The clear running water in the largest of the lagoons present in French Polynesia along with sandy beaches that are filled up with white sand and the isolated bungalows makes this island the most attractive place to visit in Tahiti. Special arrangements are made to treat all the visitors to Tahiti by all tourists and hotel management centers in the island.

The intercontinental hotels and resorts and all sorts of accommodation facilities are easily made available. The tourism department has carefully and attentively made all the necessary arrangements to show off the hospitality and welcome to the tourists. There are many legends and mysteries that are told for years and people coming here also have the anxiety regarding these tales. This makes the Tahiti travel packages really fun filled and enthusiastic. Dining in some of the international restaurants and availing the facilities provided by the famous spas also makes the journey enjoyable.

Most of the tourists to the place enjoy the most relaxing and fun filled recreation activity called the Motu Picnic. This romantic picnic is fully on water and is the most wonderful experience that any visitor to Bora Bora Island shall have. The most attractive section that is really funny is that the visitors are left alone in any of the Polynesian Islands and the couple, single or whoever it is must stay in the place to get the experience of the unusual cuisine provided by the place.

By taking a journey on a cruise with glass bottom the people travelling can find or watch the different modes of marine life to find out the huge variety of species in sea including the coral reefs. We can also get a beautiful view of the sunset if the journey planned ends up in the evening time. Enjoying the sunset from the Pearl of the Pacific and enjoying a great dinner by hearing the wonderful music is another experience that attracts more and more tourists to Bora Bora packages.

A trip to Tahiti merely does not mean that the full fun is based on water. This island is greatly tied to the World War II. Because of this coincidence there are a number of sights that all the tourists to the island enjoy during the travel. The most perfect way to explore the routes through this Bora Bora Island is to take a four wheeler that makes the journey more enjoyable and relaxing. We can also get a close view of the Bora Bora jungle and the coastal defense guns. Make sure that you are accompanied by some expert guide who can make your journey really meaningful than a waste of time.

Top Adventure travel places around the world

There are many people who plan for an adventure tour during the vacation. The challenge that many travel places posses is the reason why many places become the favorite of many people. Some people take the risk of diving into shark filled water or climbing high mountain peaks or a trekking experience through the thick dense forest. These all bump the travelers fond of adventure travel to life. Some of the most popular and tourist loving adventure places are being discussed here.

1.Nepal Mountain Trekking: Nepal has the highest mountain peak in the world. Because of this Nepal is considered as the playground for most of the people who love trekking and pushing themselves to limit. A number of trekking routes are available in Nepal to invade the Himalayas. The Annapurna Base Camp Trail is the most popular of all. People return with great satisfaction after trekking through the route.

2.Ecuador Amazon Jungle: The travelers of the modern times can feel and enjoy the taste of real jungle life by taking a hiking journey through the Amazon jungle. Such type of raw adventure is only offered by few places in the world. A walk through the thick and dense foliage of the Ecuador jungle and that too in the heat of the burning sun is really a tiresome and adventurous thing. A jungle trek that takes many days to complete can definitely make us more close to nature.

3.New Zealand White water Rafting: New Zealand is always the stomping ground of most of travelers loving adventure. Qweenstone is a place that is filled up with a number of heart liking and enthusiastic activities. This place offers the best opportunity for white water rafting in the world. Holidays spending in New Zealand will sure make you feel the most excited and the days will be really alive. Rafters start from the Kawarau River to the Shot over river which is suitable for the experts of rafting.

4.Skydiving, Florida: The most adventurous among all the activities seems to be jumping off the plane. This happens from an elevation of more than 1500 feet. Most of the tourists are of the opinion that among the thousands of available skydiving spots in the world, skydiving in Florida is the most scenic one. The drop zone of the point is located towards the east coast area of Florida. Any tourist willing to take chance can do it. There are no limitations or fitness requirements.

5.Scuba Diving: This is an adventure point in Australia. This is in the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland. This is the biggest coral reef in the world. His coral reef has the highest diversity of marine organisms in it. They include big barracudas, schools of reef sharks, and the world famous green crocodiles. Many Scuba travelers who are adventurous keep this place on the top of their list of adventure spots to spent their adventurous holidays.

6.Sand boarding of South Africa: The majestic Atlantis Dunes is just 40 minutes away from the Cape Town of South Africa. This attracts professionals and amateurs all over the world. The pure white colored dunes are very much popular because of the perfect sand boarding conditions and the beautiful view of the city and its surrounding.