Excellent places to visit in Geneva

1.Batiment Des Forces Motrices: This is Geneva’s first hydro electric power plant that was built in the year 1886. Since then this plant is the sole source that provides water and electricity to the city. In the present day this huge building serves as a large opera house that can seat upto 985 people at a time. This opera house overlooks the river Rhone.

2.Carouge: This city comes over the river Larve. This city is a Mediterranean model one which is hamlet modeled after the city of Nice which belongs to the country of France. This city is called as the Greenwich Village of Geneva because it has a large number of studios and boutiques where the artisans and craftsmen do their trade and business.

3.Mount Slave: This mountain part comes in the backyard of Geneva which is only 5 km away from the city center. We can get beautiful views of Alps and Jura mountains by taking a cable car ride along the mountain peak. Those who plan for a day trip to see the mountain during their Geneva tour can only get a bird’s eye view of the city.

4.Place Neuve: The beautiful square at the Place Neuve is bounded greatly by the famous Conservatory of Music, the Grand Opera Theatre, the Rath Museum and also the Victory Concert hall. This way it becomes the apex of high culture in Geneva.

5.Plainpalais Cemetery: Many of the famous citizens of Geneva have their final resting place in the Plainpalais Cemetery. The whole cemetery has many gravestone that are as old as dated from 1482.

6.Reformation Wall: this is located in the famous and renowned Bastions Park. Most of the major events and structures during the Protestant Reformation are beautifully recreated in the surrounding space. The lively statues of Guillaume Farel, Jean Calvin and John Knox are covering the major portion of the central part of the wall which is 100 m high.

7.Russian Church: This Russian Church breaks through the skies using its golden spires and gilded cupolas which offer a break through to the French and Medieval architecture. This dominates the rest part of the city.

8.Schtrumphs Building: This modern architecture which is a landmark is located in the neighborhood of train station. This complex building was designed by the craftsmen ship of three architects. Their aim was to build the most unconventional building possible by them.

9.The Lake Geneva: This is Geneva’s most famous lakefront which becomes the center of attraction of the city. This offers the visitors who select Europe tour packages the best opportunity for recreation and relaxation. This jet that spouts 140 meters above sea level into the air is the world’s tallest and this greatly symbolizes the real heritage of Geneva.

10.The Old Town: The Old Town of Geneva is considered as a maze with numerous slopping cobblestone streets and intermediate paths filled up with cafes and shopping centers which is considered as landmarks for the neighborhood.

Mount Pilatus day trip from Zurich

Mount Pilatus comes in the central region of Switzerland. By making a round trip from Zurich the beauty of this mountain side can be explored to the full extend especially on a summer day. This is one of the Majestic Mountains in the whole of Switzerland. This is found to be one of the best places for all sorts of snow adventure activities and experience it on the first hand. There is also a famous legend association with these mountains according to which these mountains were inhibited by the King Dragons.

A trip to Mount Pilatus means a guided tour which takes you to the wonderland wherein there is full enjoyment of the mythical paradise and also a beautiful panoramic view of the Swiss Alps can also be enjoyed. Fine photographers or people who people who enjoy photography will surely feel happy to be in the spot. This famous Mount Pilatus tour will commence from the Zurich side and will be directed towards the Ablis Pass which comes along the Lake of the Four Cantons and then stops at the Lucerne which is a quaint town area. We can also make a visit to the Chapel Bridge, Lion Monument and the Jesuit Church from here.

If interested then then tourists of Mount Pilatus trip also get a chance to ride down on Toboggan which is one of the longest run at Frakmuntegg. After this proceed towards the famous Kriens where you can get into the gondolas and the cable cars which will take the travellers to more than 7000 feet above and towards the well-known mythical paradise of the Mount Pilatus. An hour or more can be spend on the spot enjoying the wonderful sights and breath taking views of the adjacent lakes and other mountain peaks.

In the previous times Mount Pilatus was considered as a non-reachable point because of its extremely great height. But with the great advance in technology and sciences and with the help of newly developed machines and equipment the mountain ranges were easily made accessible to common man. Cogwheel railway can be used to make a short hike to the Alpnachstad just before reaching the Mount Pilatus by travelling down the Dragon’s Path. This is possible at a gradient of nearly 48% which is said to be the steepest on in the world. As a conclusion of this wonderful journey there is an option to ride on boat to get a picturesque across the famous Lake Lucerne. This is possible only in summer season. Due to the bad weather conditions cable cars and boats will not function during the winter season. Only Cogwheel train is the option to go up and down during visit Mount Pilatus tour.

Mount Titlis day tour from Zurich

Mount Titlis is a snow capped mountain range which is having a beautiful landscape. The beauty of this breath taking landscape attracts a large number of tourists to the place each and every year around. There is a good option to take a guided coach tour to Mt. Titlis from the Zurich area. The view of the Alps and its surrounding area seems to be unmatchable. This view can be greatly enjoyed from a revolving type of cable car which can be started from Engelberg proceeding towards the Mount Titlis. Along with the cable car ride to the destination, a ride on the ice flyer and also a free time in Lucerne shall also be included.

Travelling upwards to a height of nearly 3000 meters we get a wonderful view of the huge ice boulders and also the glaciers in the vicinity of the Titlis mountain range. At this highest point in the central region of Switzerland we get to enjoy a number of fun filled rides and games over the snow. The beauty of the snowcapped mountains that merge greatly with the clear blue skyline and the stunning scenery from the Alps is a great and pleasure giving sight for our eyes.

Ice Grotto is another option for visiting during the tour. Ice Flyer is a type of chair lift which expands the glacier crevasses of the Titlis Mountain. We can also slide down a distance of 150 meters on a snow tube which is called as Fun Lift. Covering the quaint city of Lucerne and also the Mount Titlis known as the glacier paradise, this tour is promisingly to be a real visual treat for its visitors.

The traveller during his Mount Titlis tour has to pass over the passage of Albis which comes along the shores of the Lake of Four Canton before reaching the Lucerne which is an old-fashioned town. By taking a brief city tour the tourists get a chance to see the major tourist sites. Within an hour of free time we can also get a closer view of some other attractions like the Lion Monument, Chapel Bridge, Congress Hall, Town Hall, and New Concert Hall.

Mountain resort of Engelberg shall be the next intended place of the visit Mount Titlis tour. The adventurous journey towards the skyline begins at this point. Here you have to get into the Rotair which is the rotating type of cable car which gives beautiful panorama of the alpine glaciers and the huge ice boulders. A wonderful dining experience shall also be obtained from one of the many restaurants that serve great cuisines.

Day Tour of Jungfraujoch from Zurich

Jungfraujoch is also known as the Top of Europe. A day tour of Jungfraujoch from Zurich is a long journey which takes about a time duration of 11 hours and 30 minutes. This adventurous journey is an unforgettable experience of Alpine tour which is targeted to the majestic world of Jungfraujoch. This is located approximately at a height of 3,454 meters which is officially aid to be the top region of Europe. This is a guided full day tour which starts from Zurich and ends up in the wonderful and heavenly region of the magnificient Bernese Oberland.

The Jungfraujoch is actually a saddle that comes in between the famous Monch and Jungfrau which is located in the Bernese Alps region. This is a wonderful area to be included in the Zurich sightseeing. This comes inside the protected area called as the Jungfrau-Aletsch. Jungfraujoch is the lowest point of the region of Monch and Jungfrau and the mountain station of the Jungfraubahn and Jungfraujoch railway station is located just above this region. It is in tourist literate that the place is called the Top of Europe. The Sphinx is yet another mountain peak which begins from the Jungfraujoch region on the Valais side and ends up near the Great Aletsch Glacier. The Sphinx observatory is also located in this region. This is a small viewing platform and scientific observatory and a must to visit place during the Jungfraujoch tour.

Richtfunkstation Jungfraujoch which is known as one of the highest relay stations in Europe is also installed on the top of the ridge to the western region of the railway station. This mountain region is also the home place for one of the Global Watch’s atmospheric research centre. A railway tunnel which is almost 7.3 km long has to be traversed to reach the Jungfraujoch mountain area. This is greatly under the service limits of the Jungfraubahn mountain station. It has been stated in the history that about four or five centuries ago there was a practicable pass which extended greatly between the Grindelwald and also the Fiesch in Valais region.

From this journey we also get a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the unbelievable natural beauty of ice and snow. Ice Palace is yet another place to see during this tour. The panoramic view given by the Sphinx Observatory Platform is also unforgettable. The beauty of the snowcapped mountains of the neighboring places is also attractive. Zurich attractions are plenty in number where in Jungfraujoch is an example.

Top places to visit in Switzerland

All those who plan for a Switzerland tour can never miss some of the most important Switzerland attractions like the Glacier Express, Golden Pass Panoramic train, White Turf Events in St. Moritz etc. Description of some of the top tourist places in Switzerland is discussed here.

1.The Gruyere Region: The Gruyere region is a famous weekend destination of Switzerland. The world famous Gruyere cheese is also prepared here. Many tasty dishes like the fondue and raclette are the fantasies of the food lovers who visit Gruyere region. The fantastic artistic work found on the Gruyere castle is also loved tourists.

2.Rhine Falls: Rhine River has its magnificent and largest waterfall in Europe. This comes in Neuhausen which is on the border of Germany. A large volume of nearly 700 cubic meters of water rushes each second over the water cliff. A boat ride towards the rock present in the center of the stream is another attraction of all the tourists who love adventure. After a mind blowing boat ride enjoy the fascinating taste of the cappuccino from any of the cafeterias nearby the falls.

3.Chateau de Chillon Castle: This castle is a creation of the 11th century. This stands on the shore of the famous Geneva Lake. This is one of the finest conserved castles of the medieval period that still exists in Europe. This enchanting castle offers more beautiful view through its window sills. One of the flower filled garden and another of the snow filled mountains.

4.Matterhorn: This is the most popular peak which is a part of both the Switzerland and the Alps. It’s a very remarkable mountain peak and flying around Matterhorn at an altitude of 4000 m is an unforgettable experience. Zermatt is a High End ski resort which is always filled up with tourists both in the winter and the summer seasons. Matterhorn is the most photographed mountain of the world.

5.Jungfraujoch: This comes in the second place as compared to Matterhorn in tourist attraction. A new world comes up at the top of Europe. Europe’s largest glacier, Aletsch, can be viewed from Jungfraujoch. Sphinx Observation and the glistening Ice Palace are also important tourist attractions.

6.Mount Rigi: Mt. Rigi located in the center of Switzerland is a very famous excursion and vacation paradise. This mount is located near the beautiful city of Lucerne. The first mountain cogwheel rolled up to this mountain top. There is also a cable car operating from Weggis town to Rigi top.

7.Mount Pilatus: This is a mountain ridge in the central part of Switzerland. If Lucerne is a part of your Switzerland holidays then surely you should go for a golden trip to Mt. Pilatus.

8.Swiss Transport Museum: Tourists visiting Lucerne also visit Lucerne which is mainly with the intention to visit Swiss Transport Museum. A wide variety collection of aircrafts, automobiles, ships and communication equipments are exhibited here. Switzerland’s only 3-D IMAX theatre and planetarium is also present in this museum.

9.Bern Historical Museum: This museum is similar to a castle which is located diagonally from the Old City houses on the region of Helvetiaplatz. The Einstein museum is also nearby this Bern museum.

10.Lake Geneva: This is an important tourist location that travelers visit over many decades. Many celebrities chose the bank of Geneva river for building their own houses and staying.

Best places to visit in Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. This city plays great role in the economic status of Switzerland since it is one of leading global cities of Europe. Zurich blends up both the old and new traditions prevailing in Switzerland. This city has many narrow winding streets that are really great to roam around. There are street cars available that can be easily used to make an easy travel to places that are important in tourism point of view. Some of the best attractive places of tourist interest are being discussed in the article.

1.The Fraumunster Church: This is the most attractive and impressive building in the whole city. This church was founded in 853. It has a unique architectural beauty with great features. Even the windows of the church with five stained glasses are really impressive.

2.The Grossmunster: This is also called the Great church of Switzerland. This was built in the 12th century. This church is built in a romantic style and has become famous because of its great architecture and history. During the period of the protestant reformation process a crucial role was played by the church.

3.St.Peter Church: This comes in the neighboring area of the Fraumunster church. This church is best known for the largest clock that it bears in the entire region of Europe.

4.Lake Zurich: This is the best known place for taking a leisure walk. The most calm and hygienic place gives much relaxation for the people who spend a holiday in the lake shore.

5.Lindenhof: This is one of the popular castles in Rome. This castle is situated on a cliff top. The real beauty of the castle gives us some wonderful views of the cityscape. The popularity of the castle is known worldwide.

6.Zurich Zoological Garden: This zoological garden allows the visitors to get a unique way view of the wide range of wildlife organisms.

7.Landesmuseum: this is the biggest museum in Zurich. This museum was established in the year 1898. It has enormous soaring towers and wide area of amusement park that adds glory to the beauty of the museum. This museum houses a large number of items that highlights the tradition and culture of the ancient times of Zurich.

8.The Swiss national Museum: This is another place that is worthy to visit during the Switzerland tour. This throws light to the life of the Swiss people over the past few centuries.

9.Niederdorf: This is an old town in the area that is famous for nightlife. The rocking night life is a must to experience thing that all tourists picking up Zurich tour packages should know. This area contains large number of bars, restaurants, lounges, clubs, hotels etc. Night birds can find a number of entertainment sources during the late night hours especially after midnight.

10.The Zurich Opera House and the Tonhalle concert house: This attracts all its visitors especially the celebrities of high class and world statue for the classical and elaborate music nite.