Montserrat and Freixenet trip from Barcelona

Montserrat mountain is one of the most beautiful and eye catching mountain area in the whole region of Barcelona. Montserrat and Freixenet tour which this particular article talks about is a wonderful trip which is a combination visit to Montserrat and Freixenet Company. Montserrat mountain is to the west of the region of Barcelona and Freixenet Company is one of the world’s biggest producer of Champagne. Champagne is called as Cava in Spanish language. Montserrat is also a place which is having a great scope for photography. It is generally known that majority of the people visiting the place are art lovers.

Thousands of pilgrims visit the place each and every year around. The beautifully aligned rocks and the natural park formed by mountains and caves are really attractive. There are many architects and painters who were inspired by this natural architectural work in the Montserrat mountain ranges. These beautiful designs and art works were recreated by the inspired designers in many of their works. Most of these design structures are found in the buildings in the region of Barcelona. The beauty of these buildings could be experienced by a Barcelona tour.

If the tour is planned on a clear sunny day then the travellers get a wonderful chance to see the city of Barcelona from the top of the Montserrat Mountain. We can also get the extended view of the Mallorca area if it is a shiny day. Above all the main motive behind each and every tourist of the Barcelona trip is the chance to see incredible number of monasteries and also the Black Madonna which is the aim of all the pilgrims to the place. Black Madonna is also known as “la moreneta” by the local people. The specialty of the monasteries is that those were built before centuries and are historically important.

The Freixenet is very famous in the world. They are the 9th largest companies taking part in the wine business. Many international stars take part in the commercials of Freixenet cava. Each basement or underground room in the manufacturing units contains more than 100 million bottles which itself is a specialty. Through the Frixenet trip the tourists get a wonderful chance to taste the cava or special drink in Spanish, see the manufacturing units and the production process as well as take an exciting ride through the underground stores where the wines are kept and that too in a mini train. Those who are wishing to experience something special which is close to Barcelona should surely make a trip to these places.

Tour of Figueres and Girona from Barcelona

Barcelona is known to be the most metropolitan of all other cities in Spain. It is also one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean region. There are many restaurants, bars and clubs that are always filled up with visitors and fully packed similar to the seaside in summer time. Barcelona is a hardworking and dynamic place that struggles itself to find position in the frontline of Europe in the 21st century by the developments in hi tech and bio medical businesses. Travelling sometime from the area of Barcelona we get to two major and famous towns in the northern region of Catalonia. They are the towns of Figueres and Girona.

There are many eye catching scenes to be seen during the tour. They are the master pieces like the Teatre Museu Dali and also one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in the Girona area. The tour can be started from Barcelona. The estimated time duration is nearly eleven and half hours. Talking about Figueres tour there are many tourist destinations that attracts a lot of people each and every year around.

Figueres is the birth place of Salvador Dali who was a famous artist and also Narcis who invented the successful machine powered submarine for the first time. Teatre Museu Dali has several Dali works like the Carro Naval which is an installation made of Cadillac. There is a new permanent exhibition arranged in the museum which is called as the Dali Joies. Here we can see 37 different types of Jewels that belong to the collection of the old Owen Cheatham. There are also drawings and paintings that are prepared by Dali for the purpose of designing the jewels.

The historic city of Girona is where the Jewish community was fully flourished during the 12th century. Girona trip is actually an exciting one. Girona is also known as the City of Four Rivers. So this is a fully preserved Jewish area by the tourism department of the place. There are many additional facilities done and provide for the promotion of tourism on the area. If you take a guided walking tour through the city all the Girona sights can be enjoyed to a full extend. If the accompanying guide is an experienced personal then surely excitement and eager to know this will be more than expected. All these places were greatly influenced by the Jewish culture and life style. They also showed off their skills even beyond the city limits.

Trip to Avila and Segovia from Madrid

Making plan for a full day tour the whole beauty of places like Avila and Segovia shall be enjoyed. A guided walking tour will be the best option. The wonderful panoramic views shall be enjoyed by standing on the top of the famous hill of Los Cuatro Postes. After that the tour can be guided towards the Avila’s San Vicente Basilica. Avila’s famous cathedral shall also be visited and enjoyed. This hill top which has an important position in the history of the place was declared as a heritage site by the UNESCO. This city is known as Heritage of Mankind. There are world famous towers dating back to 11th century and also intact city walls that add beauty to the inner region of the city.

The famous writer Santa Teresa of Jesus was born in this city. This is also a world famous pilgrimage center in the world. Spanish Mysticism was also born here. There are immense wealth of art treasures in the place. The city walls make it the best example of the medieval walled city. The world famous Gothic cathedral is the oldest one of its kind that shall be seen in Spain. Covering the Avila city by a walking tour means passing the regions like Cathedral, the Convent of Santa Teresa, 4 Postes Hill and some shopping centers in the city. These are the famous places to see during the Avila tour.

After Avila the tour is guided towards the region of Segovia. Here we can see one of the most famous and the best Roman monuments that were built during the Roman era. These monuments exist on the Iberian Peninsula and are considered as an incredible assets and canals of the region of Segovia. These canals were built during the time of reign of the world famous Caesar Augustus. They are said to have 118 arches and are also nearly 10 miles long. But only a very less area of the canals shall be seen today and are open to public. Segovia is an ancient city which solely belonged to the Roman Empire. There is also a famous Gothic Cathedral here.

Beyond all these places the 11th century Alcazar shall also be included in the areas that are covered in the walking tour. Alcazar is actually a wonderful medieval fort that was built by achieving inspiration from the Disney Castle. By standing here we can also imagine the heroic knights and also the medieval tournaments which took place in the fort during the medieval period. Alcazar also has its Artillery Museum and Church of Vera Cruz for tourist visit. This is also considered as a must see place during the Madrid tour. This tour which starts from Central Madrid covering areas of Avila and Segovia holds a total duration of 9 hours.

Excellent places to visit in Spain

Spain has many tourists’ attractions that bring great economic benefits for Spain government. The tourist attractions are immense that tourists on Spain tour can choose the place according to their interest. Some of the famous tourist destinations are discussed here.

1.Valencia: This is the third largest city in Spain. Valencia City which is near the River Tulia has made Spain the richest agricultural region in Spain. Valencia is a very charming city whose light and decorations has given the place a great artistic outlook and nature. The famous Valencia Cathedral is the largest and Santa Catalina church is the oldest church in the city.

2.Thyssen Bornemisza Museum: This museum is in the city of Madrid. This museum has the largest collection of private paintings in the world. The paintings take the viewers to an imaginative world that is beyond our thoughts.

3.The Prado of Madrid: This is said to be one of the most attractive museums in the world. Spanish art during the period of 11th to 18th century has occupied the larger area of the museum. The master pieces of some of the world’s most famous painters are also being included in the museum.

4.Granada: This is the place with a unique beauty that attracts all the tourists visiting Spain. The walls of The Alhambra, has the following words scribbled on it- “there is no pain in life so cruel as to be blind in Granada.” The Galera festival, Granada International Festival of Music and Dance, the Science Park are the famous attractions in Granada.

5.Sacramento Hill: This hilly region overlooks the city from the northern region of Spain. Sacramento hill is famous for the cave dwellings that it bears. This hill served as the home for a large community of people in the ancient times. Some of the most famous flamenco shows can be found in Andalucía.

6.Barcelona: Taking a walk in the region around the Gothic area of Barcelona, you can start with the Casa Battlo which is a Gaudi creation. This is on the Paseo de Gracia Street who narrow paths remind us about the beautiful ancient age of Barcelona. The traditional occupations of people along the street and their food habits are also interesting.

7.Madrid: This city was established in 1561. This city was built by King Carlos 1. It was a small city at the time of formation but quickly grew to its developed age and became the place of the Royal Court of Spain. Builders, architects, cooks, shop keepers are all there in the place that had a major part in the formation of Madrid. This is great for spending Spain holidays.

8.Bilbao: This has become the most important cultural and tourist sign of the Basque Country. The Bilbao museum is a magnificent building of its kind and contains a large number of beautiful and wonderful collections of artistic works from all over the world.

9.Cathedral de Santiago: This cathedral is built in the original site in the 13th century. This was later on rebuilt in the 16th century after it was damaged by fire. It is the landmark which resembles the heritage of the Old Quarter.

10.Benidorm: Benidorm is the largest tourist resort of the Mediterranean region. This is a great example of the greatly formed destination for tourism.