Famous Attractions and Sightseeing Places in Rome

The city of Rome is such a place on the planet that day by day the number of visitors keeps on increasing. The tourist interest on Rome is incomparable with any other cities in the whole world as such. Places or monuments of historical importance are found everywhere in Rome and the factor of commercialism comes from the real gems from Italy like the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps etc. There are also things which are dated back to even the 17th century like the Mouth of Truth. Some of the most famous attractions in Rome are discussed here.

1. Mouth of Truth: This is situated in the foyer region of the St. Mary’s in Comedian church. This wonderful structure is a grim marble piece which is also called as the Bocca della Verita. This is actually a leftover of the ancient period which was found half buried during the Middle Ages. The famous belief among the people of Rome is that if a person puts his hand into to the Mouth of Truth and speaks out something which is not true then he will be unable to withdraw his hand from the mouth.

2. Capitoline Hill: This is one of the most important attractions of the Rome and the main attraction can be considered as the Piazza del Campidoglio. This was designed by the world famous artist Michelangelo early in the year 1538. There was a famous statue of Marcus Aurelius. This is a well-proportioned square that are surrounded on three sides by the famous structures namely Palazzo dei Senatori and two other museums which are the Palazza dei Conservatori and also the Palazzo Nuovo. These museums are fully occupied by statues also.

3. Trevi Fountain: This is a great structure which attracts a large crowd of people to the city of Rome. This is considered as the most stunning and imposing structure in Rome by the whole of the rest of the world. The people coming here also follow a practice of throwing coins into the water of the fountain. As a result a large sum of money is obtained here from the fountain itself and a major portion of it is donated for charitable organizations. The present fountain is actually the renovated one of the earlier structure of the year 1453. The renovations were done by the famous Pope Clemente XII in the year 1730 with the help of the most famous artisans.

4. Spanish Steps: This is a great structure of the noted Baroque period. This was built in the year 1723 and got its name from the famous and nearby Spanish Embassy. This is also the headquarters of the Spain’s Embassy in the region of this Holy See. This famous structure was built by the Pope Innocent XIII. There is a beautiful display of the large pots filled up with spring flowers o\n either sides of the step which is really stunning.