Famous places to visit in Rome

Rome is a very busy city which has a number of monuments, squares and churches which are very much attractive among the tourists. These forms the important landmarks of different places in Rome. Some of the famous tourist destinations are discussed here.

1.Arch of Constantine: This is known as one of the famous monuments of Rome which is very old. This is also the proud building of Rome. This arc was built during the year 315 AD. This is also the symbol of the victory of Constantine 1 over Maxentius king at the bridge of Milvian in 312 AD. Out of the three structures of its kind this is the larger one.

2.The Pantheon: This is one of the most preserved monuments in Rome. This was reconstructed by Emperor Hadrian in 120 AD. This was constructed in the place of a temple when it was destructed by fire. Its dome is made in the shape of a perfect hemisphere and its interior is also very beautifully decorated. There is also an oculus which is the symbol of all Seeing Eye of heaven.

3.Spanish Steps: This name came from the Spanish Embassy that is in a city called Piazza. The steps are also located in Piazza. If you plan for a Rome tour in summer then visit the place to see the steps that are divided into rows by flowers. At the top of the stairs we can see the beautiful church of Trinita de Monti. The bottom part of the steps is also decorated with a fountain of old boat named the Fontana della Barcaccia.

4.Fonatana di Trevi: This fountain is in a small piazza off Via del Tritone. Designed by Nicola Silva. There is a belief that by throwing a coin to the fountain the return of that person to Rome is ensured.

5.St.Peter Basilica: the world’s most famous church is the St.Peters Basilica. It’s very huge and really attractive. This was built in 15th century and was built to replace the old St.Peters church. Among the artisans who worked for rebuilding the church Bramante and Michelangelo are the famous.

6.Piazza San Pietro: This is St. Peter’s square. This is a magnificent square that was designed by the famous artist Bernini. This has the capacity to hold up to 400,000 people at a time and was completed in the year 1667. This is in the shape of an ellipse. The quadruple are topped with the statues of the famous saints. There are two beautiful fountains in the area nearby piazza.

7.Colosseum: The construction of this monument was started by the emperor Vespasian in AD 70. But the inauguration was done only in the year AD 80. The gladiator fights conducted in the area is an important form of entertainment enjoyed by most of the Romans.

8.Roman Forum: This forum is the local heart of the Republic of Rome. Previously this area was covered with a number of temples and palaces. Now we can find only ruins in the area and the visitors of Europe tour should hardly imagine how the forum looked like in the ancient times.

9.Piazza Venezia: Here we can find the intersection of many streets. In the middle area of the piazza we can find the monument built by Vittorio Emanuele II.

10.Trajan’s Column: This monument is the proud owning part of the Roman nation. This was built to honor the military campaigns in Dacia. This column is in the center of Rome and is 2000 years old.

Italy-Be charmed by the Renaissance era

Italy is one of the most popular destinations for people around the globe. With its ancient architecture and beautiful beaches there is something so charming and earthy about the place that you cannot have enough of it. There is so much to see that you will be confused as what you should cover in your trip. Well here is a list of top spots which you should not miss while there:

1. Rome: You will be spoilt for choices there. You defiantly will need to spend a lot of time there to cover all the places. It is one of the most beautiful cities where old antiquities combine with modern shopping and restaurants to offer an eclectic mix to tourists. Some the notable places are:

a) Museums: Rome has many famous museums like Vatican museums and Villa Borghese which houses most exquisite collection for art masterpieces made by the best of Italian masters from the Renaissance period.

b) Pizzas and fountains: Rome has splendid piazzas and sparkling fountains which give a ethereal beauty to Rome. Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps are some of the most notable ones.

c) Ancient Rome: Be prepared to be truly mesmerized by Ancient Rome. Its a trip of history you cannot think of missing. The Colosseum, Palatine Hills, Capitoline Hills and Imperial Forums contain relics of the Roman Empires.

d) Vatican City: It is situated in the middle of Rome but its a country of its own.

2) Florence: Florence is one of the most beautiful city in Italy and it is the birthplace of renaissance .Its artistic splendor will leave your speechless and spellbound. Because of its historical importance it was marked as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982. Some the most famous places are Santa Maria del Fiore, Fountain of Neptune, River Arno, River Arno, The church of San Lorenzo.

3) Venice: It is a city of love. It is a place to go to with your partner. You just can’t take the romance out of Venice. Cover the Grand Canal in vaporetto, St Mark’s Square, St Mark’s Square, Rialto and be totally enchanted by the place.

4) Sicily: Though Sicily gained notoriety for its mafia but you will find a rich mix of various cultures, languages and cuisine here. Necropolis of Pantalica and the Valley of the Temples are some the ancient sites present here.

5) Tuscany: You will be transported to a magical ancient world in Tuscany. You can see San Gimignano, Lucca and Cortona and be witness to 14 and 15 centaury arts.

6) Verona: It is the city made famous by tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet. Roam around the localities mentioned in the story see House of Juliet and its famed balcony followed by a visit to House of Romeo. But there is so much more to see in this artistic city then just Romeo and Juliet. This is another city in Italy which has been awarded world heritage site status by UNESCO.

Major attractions of Rome

The famous sights and glories that belong to the ancient Roman Empire shall be visited by each and every tourist coming for vacation. Some of them shall be seen only using special passes and cards while others are free to visit. Some of the ancient sites that are included in the historic center of Rome are included in the article.

The Colloseum of Rome: This is the huge amphitheater that solely belongs to the ancient Roman Kingdom. This is very large with a capacity to hold more than 55,000 people at a time. This was built by the Roman Emperor Vespasian in the year AD 80. This is the place where many deadly animal fights were conducted which was a main entertainment source for the kings of olden times. The famous Arch of Constantine is also nearby which was built in the year AD 315.

The Pantheon: This is considered as the temple of all gods which was built between the years 118 AD to 125 AD. This was built by the emperor Hadrian. In the 7th century the Christians changed it into a church but now it has many tombs lined up. There is a spectacular dome inside which greatly attracts visitors of Rome city tours.

Roman Forum: The Roman Forum of Ancient times is a huge architectural complex that consists of many ruined temples, basilicas and arches. For ancient Roman Empire this forum was a great center for business, and other legal, social and ceremonial activities. For a wonderful panorama get to the top of the Capitoline Hill that is found behind the museums.

The Capitoline Hill: The Capitoline Hill is located all above the Roman Forum. This was Rome’s symbolic center and held as the famous temple of Jupiter. There are two famous museums which are the oldest public museums in the world. One is the Palazzo Nuovo and the other is the Palazzo dei Conservatori. The Palazzo Nuovo consists of Roman and Greek sculptures whereas the Palazzo dei Conservatori consists of art gallaries, sculptures and frescoes.

The Piazza Navona: This Piazza is very important among the Rome attractions. This was originally built as a stadium in the first century. Then it was intended for chariot races and athletic contests. In the present day situations have changed a lot. Now Piazza Navona has many luxurious cafes and also holds up three Baroque fountains. The most famous ice cream dessert called tartufo is believed to be originated here. All these available cafes provide deliciously prepared tartufo for all the visitors.

The Palatine Hill: The Palatine Hill is where the aristocrats and the emperors of the ancient Roman Empire lived. This began early in the beginning of the first century BC. The famous buildings here which were built during the first century AD were the official residences of the emperors then. These buildings are none other than the Domus Flavia and the Domus Augustana. These served as the residences of emperors for more than 300 long years.