Light and Sound Show and History of Red Fort Delhi

The great history of the capital city of Delhi is brought alive by the famous light and sound show that is present in the Red Fort. Red Fort is also called as the Lal Qila or old Fort. This great structure is a living witness of many advances in the city like the rejuvenation, ruling period of anarchy, the rise and fall of many great empires etc. While viewing this wonderful structure it seems that some of these old and historic episodes are brought alive in front of the visitor. The visitor’s mind will be passing through the scenes like Draupadi being made a dasi, how Prithviraj Chauhan gallops of horseback, the uncrowning of Sher Shah Suri etc.

Delhi which is called as the city of cities witnessed a series of happenings like the rise and fall of the great empire, the appearing and disappearing citadels of emperors, the great ruins found which belonged to the ancient period etc. All these have a vibrant nature that pulsates through the flowing life force of the country India. Delhi is a city which has a very old history of more than 5000 years old. The River Jamuna is the witness to this glory of Delhi.

The light and sound show which is organized in the Red Fort is of 62 minutes duration. The most recent studies and technology have greatly helped in bringing in any sort of effects that will surely have an ambience. This show is called as Son Et Lumiere which is a dramatic interplay caused by light and sound effects. This Red Fort trip will take approximately 3 hour duration only. Red Fort is obviously a living symbol of the strength of the Mughal Empire. The Lal Qila was built by the famous Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan who is also the creator of Taj Mahal. This was built during the height of the Mughal reign during the year 1638 and 1648.

In the evening time a very special state of mind is created by the light and sound show. This occurs inside the compound wall which is nearly 2 kms long in the central region of Old Delhi. A very special ambience is created by this unique type of light and sound show. This cultural show greatly entertains your eyes and years. There is pick up and stay from the hotel where you stay for the Red Fort tour. By watching this wonderful show we feel that 300 years of history are alive in front of our eyes.

Top tourist destinations in India

Visiting India is sort of a dream come back true. If you’re an exponent of the culture, a beach lover, a journey junkie, a monster of wildlife or a seeker of spirituality, India needs to supply one thing for everybody. throughout his visit to travel destinations in India, not solely delight your eyes and quench your sense, however even have the chance to interact with native individuals, being a guest in their homes and share a number of the foremost successful soul travel times with them. As a favourite destination for travelers so, India has in store countless places to go to for you, every distinctive in itself. Visit these destinations in India to find a world beyond your own!

1. Goa :Goa is probably one amongst the foremost standard tourist destinations in India. It attracts tourists with stunning beaches, churches and convents intricate and exotic wildlife. Provides tourists a beautiful chance to relish water sports like diving, water scooters, water skiing, etc.

2. Gulmarg :Situated inside the picturesque Kashmir valley, Gulmarg could also be a valley retreat and customary hill station inside the state of Jammu & Kashmir. it’s primarily an outsized meadow. Gulmarg conjointly literally suggests that “the Meadow of Flowers”. Rolling meadow filled with varied vibrant flowers like Daisies, Bluebells and Buttercups is that the attractions of Gulmarg visit. it’s conjointly a extremely customary destination of journey enthusiasts and honeymooners still. the enticing hill & valley town of Gulmarg offers picturesque and spectacular sight of snow-covered mountain peaks of majestic Himalayas. i think it a best place to travel to in India providing probability to sightseeing, nature tourism, journey tourism and right ambiance for honeymooning vacation.

3. Manali : Situated within the admirable accompaniment of Himachal Pradesh, Manali is nestled within the lower Himalayas. it’s a arresting acropolis base and age-old boondocks amidst by snow-clad abundance peaks of majestic Himalayas. The burghal offers across-the-board angle of Himalayan peaks coated with alabaster white snows. The burghal has an flush orchard trade (especially angel orchards) making abatement altitude for vacationers and tourists. it’s additionally a actual accepted destination of honeymooning couples or new wed couples with scenic, cool, ethereal and completely adventurous ambiance. it’s additionally admired destination of probability enthusiasts like campers, trekkers, etc.

4. Mussoorie :Located in Uttarakhand, Mussoorie could also be a picturesque hill station terribly hip among holidaymakers and honeymooners. A winding road from Dehradun (the capital city of Uttarakhand) ends up in this picturesque hill town. it’s conjointly common among trekkers and journey enthusiasts. vacation in Mussoorie is distinctive and cheerful experience of lifetime.

5. Ooty :Sometimes conjointly noted because the “Queen of the Hill Stations of South India”, Ooty is one of the best places to travel to to India notably throughout the summer. it is a wonderful destination to escape the summer heat. Scenic landscapes, pretty lakes, enticing gardens, lush tea plantations, wealthy flora & fauna, etc produce this hill town a favorite destination of India in summer. it’s conjointly a popular destination for honeymooning vacation.

6. Corbett :Corbett National Park is that the initial national parks in India. Has been a preferred vacation destinations in India. Attracts an outsized variety of nature lovers, nature lovers and journey enthusiasts.

7. Munnar :Munnar could be a picturesque hill station located within the southern Indian state of Kerala, God’s own country. it’s particularly famous for tea, coffee, spices and rubber. The fragrance of tea and spices captivates guests from round the world. it’s a perfect place to go to in South India, particularly the summer season.

8. Nainital :It is one amongst the foremost charming mountain resorts and charming with several lakes. This generally described because the “Paradise Lake.” In antiquity, town was known as town of sixty lakes. With several stunning lakes, stunning surroundings, picturesque scenery and funky climate and happy to be one amongst the foremost vital places to check in India, particularly throughout the summer. Nani Lake is that the most famous lake within the town. Sailing, canoeing and rowing, you’ll be able to relish stunning lakes of Nainital.

9. AGRA :Agra is standard among tourists with heritage monuments and wonderful accommodation facilities. Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Akbar’s Tomb Sikandra, Itmad-Ud-Daullah Tomb, etc. are most attractive tourist destination of Agra, home of the Taj Mahal – one amongst the Seven Wonders of the planet.

10.Amritsar :Amritsar can be a city inside the northwestern a locality of India. it’s home to the Harmandir Sahib, noted because the Golden Temple, the religious and cultural center of the Sikh religion. This necessary Sikh shrine attracts extra guests than the Taj Mahal in Agra as a result of it’s quite 100,000 guests on week days alone and is that the darling destination for non-resident-Indians (NRI) inside the entire of India.