Famous hill stations In India

Unity in diversity is said to be the main breathing tone in India. This occurs in a healthy balance within the country. Climate is also diverse similar to the languages, traditions, eating habits and cultures in different parts of the country. The places where the climatic condition seems to be pleasant are the hill stations. People from different parts of the world come to the hill stations in India considering the pleasant and awesome climatic conditions in the hill stations. Some of the most famous hill stations in India are described in the article in detail.

1.Auli: This is a place that has been recently added to the tourist map of India taking into consideration the beautiful features of the place. This is a place that is located among the snowcapped mountains of the Uttarakhand region which comes in the Chamoli district. This is a small town which showed tremendous growth rate in no time. Skiing is the major attraction of all tourists coming to Auli. This is the best skiing slopes ever found in the whole region of Asia.

2.Kullu: This is the capital region of the Kullu district which is in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This is a hill station that is located in the bank of the Beas River which comes in the Kullu valley which is only at a distance of 10 kms from the airport at Bhuntar. The easy means of transportation has also helped to increase the popularity of the place among the visitors of the India tour. The large number of temples and the famous Dussehra festival conducted each year calls in a lot of tourists to the place.

3.Kashmir: this is a place that is called as the Paradise on Earth by the tourists coming for hill station tour to India. This state lies to the northwest region of India and is encircled by the great Himalayan ranges oj its sides. The snowcapped mountains, landscaped gardens and the romantic and lovely house boats are all the major attractions in Kashmir.

4.Shimla: This is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and a fascinating place among the list of hill stations in India. Most of India tour packages covering the hill stations will have the place as their target of visit. Because of the unparalleled natural beauty the place owns this is also called as the Queen of the Hill Stations. The climate may have pleasing summer and cold along with snowy winters. Forests of oak, pine and rhododendron are widely seen in the place.

5.Srinagar: Srinagar a famous city in Jammu and Kashmir is the summer capital of the place. The city of Srinagar is called by all the tourists as the mother of all hill stations in India. This place is located in the bank of the river Jhelum which is a branch of the river Indus. The city is located at a distance of 876 km away from the city of New Delhi. The incomparable beauty of the place has made it one of the highlights of Jammu Kashmir tourism.

Top tourist destinations in Trivandrum

The place is locally called as Thiruvananthapuram. This is the City of the Sacred Serpent named Ananthan. Compared to all other states in India this is a small and relaxed state. This city is the capital of the Kerala state. As per the Hindu mythology the Sacred serpent Anantha is the one on which the Lord Vishnu who is considered as the preserver of the earth reclines.

This is a beautiful seaside city that is built on seven hills. The famous temple of the place is the Sri Padmanabhaswami temple which is considered as an important landmark of the place. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. There is also an international airport in the city which is very much beneficial in tourism point of view. Most of the tourists coming for India tour choose this airport as the arrival point and immediately head on to Kovalam a famous attraction of Trivandrum. Some of the most famous tourist places in Trivandrum are discussed here.

1.Sri Padmanabhaswami Temple: This is a temple which is open to Hindus only and here people can enter only by wearing the traditional Kerala dress that is dhoti for men and sari for women. Eventhen people visit the place to see the reflection of the temple’s seven storied Gopuram in the sacred tank. This temple is made in the Dravidian style and it was made by the Travancore Maharaja in the year 1733.

2.Kovalam Beach: This is only 16 kms away from the city of Trivandrum. Since the period from 1930 this is a very famous and favorite tourist destination among the visitors of Trivandrum tour. This has made its place among the loveliest beaches in the world. This is one of the most popular and renowned hangouts in the whole of India. This is also called as the grove of coconut trees and this is a really cherishing view for our eyes.

3.Zoological Garden: This is one of the best set gardens in the region of Asia. There are beautiful lawns, lakes, woodland and even animal enclosures that are well maintained and even miserable. This zoo attached to the gardens is open on all days from Tuesday to Saturday from morning 9 to evening five.

4.The Science & Technology Museum and Planetarium: This is situated about 100 m to the west of the Mascot Hotel and mostly aimed to high school students. The Planetarium provides great educating shows that are of 40 minutes duration and available on all days except Mondays at noon time.

5.Padmanabhapuram Palace: This was once the residence and seat of the Travancore dynasty which ruled the place for more than 400 years. Now this region includes a large region of Kerala and a region of the Western coast of Tamil Nadu. This palace is open to visitors now on all days except Mondays and gives us a clear picture about the lifestyle of people during the times. This palace now comes in the Tamil Nadu region which is 65 km away from the city of Trivandrum. This is a place that is to be included in all the India tour packages covering the southern regions.

Best places to see in Gujarat

The place Gujarat is popularly believed to be named from the word Gujjaratta which means the land of Gujjars. Gujjars are a tribe of people who moved to India during the period of 5th century AD. Gujarat is one of the most travelled tourist places in India. Gujarat offers a wide range of places for sightseeing which is actually a feast for all the travelers to the place. Some of the most famous places that are important tourist destinations are discussed here.

1.Ahmedabad: This famous city of Gujarat is named after the famous medieval ruler named Ahmed Shah. He is greatly associated with Mahatma Gandhi who was a great thinker and freedom fighter. By travelling through the place during an India tour we can come across many types of architectures which greatly blend the styles of both Hindus and Muslims. Gandhinagar is a place which is about 25 km north to the city of Ahmedabad. Gandhinagar is considered as the new capital of Ahmedabad which is named after the Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

2.Jamnagar: This si a place which is nearly 3002 km away from the city of Ahmedabad. This is located in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. There are many places that are of tourist importance in Gujarat like the Lakhota Fort, Willington Crescent, Rozi and Bedi ports, Kotha Bastion etc. Gujarat tour can really be made enjoyable by an enthusiastic visit to the place.

3.Patan: This city of Gujarat was actually discovered in the 9th century AD. The particular city was originally called as the Anhilwad Patan. There are many beautiful places to see like the Sahastralinga Lake and also the Udayamati vav which is a step well.

4.Vadodara: This place is called as the cultural capital of Gujarat. This place is well known for the oldest times as the center for old age traditional musical culture and fine arts. All the people who are art lovers will surely go for India tour packages which include Vadodara in the list.

5.Pavagadh: This is wonderful region in Gujarat which is almost hilly and is actually a hill resort for the people coming to Vadodara. Pavagadh is actually a place that is formed from a group of Himalayas.

6.Champaner: This place lies at the foot of the region of Himalayas in Pavagadh. The Jama Masjid here is a must see during the Gujarat tour. Champaner is formerly treated as the capital of Sultan Mahmud Beghara.

7.Surat: This is an important center for diamond cutting, polishing and textile industry. The zari work is the specialty of the Surat industry. The gold and silver thread work given to fabrics is called zari work which makes them really elegant.

8.Saputra: This is a very famous hill resort in Gujarat. The literal meaning of the word Saputra is the Abode of Serpents. This is a place that is located on the top of the Sahyadri range on top of the second highest plateau which comes in the central portion of thick forests.

Famous beaches in Kerala

Beaches, lakes and backwaters are all the most beautiful attractions of the Kerala tourism. Kerala has a coastline which measures nearly 600 km and it is highly bordering the Arabian Sea in its location. This shoreline also has some of the most beautiful beaches in India. These beaches form a string which really is sandy and consists of beautiful palm and coconut groves in its area. This is also deep blue and the area is also prominent. The beaches are made more attractive by the beautiful sea surf, palatable sea food and other famous activities on beach. Another major attraction is the Ayurveda spas that are available for relaxation and some bodily treatment. Nowadays there are many such treatment centers along the beach fronts. The famous beaches along the coasts of Kerala are discussed here.

1.Kovalam Beach: This is a beautiful beach that is stretched along the coast of Malabar. This beach belongs to a small town called Kovalam. This beach is only 13 kms away from the capital city of Trivandrum. This beach is situated to the extreme south end of the Kerala state and the Indian subcontinent. This beach is one of the most loved tourist destinations for all tourists of beach tour. This beautiful beach and the adjoining area has derived the beautiful name from the Tamil word ‘Kovalam’ which means coconut groves.

2.Alappuzha Beach: This beach is located in the Alappuzha or Alleppey district of Kerala. This is a typical place which is sandwiched between the Arabian Sea in the west and the great Ponnamada backwaters to the east. This beach is at a distance of 147 kms from the city of Trivandrum. Rail and road transportation are well established and these act as the connecting veins of the place to the rest of India and the state.

3.Bekal Beach: Bekal is an attractive place that comes under the Kasaragod district of Kerala state. This is a place with beautiful and inviting beaches, rivers, forts and hills which comes to be in the northern region of Kerala. This beach is located near the most famous Bekal fort and is only 18 kms away from the main city. Two most famous cities lying in the vicinity of Bekal beach are the cities of Mangalore and Kannur. Bakel beach is actually a series of beaches. Among them the most famous ones are the Bekal Fort Beach and the Kappil Beach which are two important locations of India tour.

4.Varkala Beach: This beach is situated in the city of Trivandrum which is the capital city of Kerala. This beach is situated along the Western Coastal Plains and is only 47 kms away from Trivandrum. The beach comes to the northern region of the city. Varkala is a small town that is located on the shoreline of the Arabian Sea. The beach comes to the western side of this small town. There is a cliff which is lined for about 2 kms along the beach. The beach activities, the serene beauty of the place and also the beautiful backwater regions make this place to be included in almost all the India tour packages.

Tropical vacation spots in India

The different land area of India also includes the tropical division along with other areas like backwaters, beaches, deserts etc. Tropical regions are really suited for a romantic vacation where the scenes and facilities available are really worthy. Tropical regions have a great deal to do with the nature. These areas are generally evergreen spots with natural and varied species of flora and fauna. The panorama of all these nature gifts is really attractive and so many tourists visit the tropical areas each and every year and the tourist density also keeps on increasing year after year. Some of the most famous regions that are tropical in nature discussed here.

1.Andaman Nicobar: This is place is described by nature lovers as the storehouse of peerless beauty. This is an area which extends from the north to south region of the Bay of Bengal. This is a combination two emerald green twin islands Andaman and Nicobar. The place is blessed with fresh gentle breeze and bright sunshine throughout the day. Tourist looking up for a pleasing environment for getting new and innovative ideas and those who wish to recharge their mind and body visit the place during their tropical tour.

2.Lakshadweep: This is the only one island in India which is a coral reef. This attracts all the tourists of India tour. This is also the smallest Union Territory of India. Lakshadweep is spread over the Arabian Sea which also has Kochi, Kerala as a neighboring state. Lakshadweep is a group of 10 inhabited islands, 17 uninhabited ones, 4 new islets and five submerged reefs. Kavaratti is the headquarters of the island.

3.Pondicherry: Pondicherry is a Union Territory. This is a combined collaboration of French colonial culture, heritage, spiritual sensation and multiethnic regime. This comes on the Bay of Bengal coast and is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is very much close to the city of Chennai and that’s why it is easily accessible. This is one of the main reasons why almost all the India tour packages include Pondicherry in their list. Along with the historically important monuments and buildings there are also enormous number of exotic resorts and beautiful panoramic beaches. There are also enormous natural hotspots. A strong influence of French tilt can be seen in almost all the building architectures and restaurant cuisines.

4.Goa: Goa is a small state which is situated along the western coast of India. This is a very beautiful and lovely place. This place has a sublime character and also pristine beauty. The passing by travellers are all attracted by this. This is a place which is located along the coastal belts of Konkan coast. Goa is considered as a treasure trove by almost all the tourist to the place.

5.Kerala: This is a south Indian state which attracts a large number of tourists all the year around. Kerala has a beautiful location in the map of India. This state resembles a banana leaf that clings along between the region of Western Ghats and Arabian Sea. Kerala has a very unique place in the tourism industry of India. The dense forests, green valleys, beautiful lakes and rivers are all the enhancing factors to Kerala’s beautiful landscape.


Places for spiritual vacation in India

It is generally a matter that creates a little worry in our minds when thinking about a spiritual tour. Excitement is a matter which coms later on in such a spiritual journey. We may be worried about the factors like which places to choose for the journey, how to get there, means of transport to be chosen and also what are the things to be carried especially if the visiting places are really far for your homeland. There may be a number of queries before setting out for a journey. Some of the most important destinations for spiritual tour are being discussed here in this article. The places described here shall be a pilgrimage center, meditating center or worshipping place in India.

1.Tirupati Temple: This temple is in the state of Andra Pradesh which comes in the southern region of India. This is a temple which is dedicated o Lord Venkateshwara. The location of the temple comes in the Venkata Hill and on the seventh pea called the Venkatachala. This temple is considered as the richest temple in India. The largest number of devotees is to this temple and their number seems to be increasing each and every year around. Almost all India tour packages for spiritual vacation include the place in the list.

2.Golden Temple: This temple is located in the Amritsar district of Punjab. The idea of building this temple came from the great Sikh Guru Arjan Dev. The sole aim of creating this temple was to provide a central place of worship for the whole Sikh community in India.

3.St.Francis Church: This church is an important worshipping place for the Christians in India. This is a wonderful attraction of the region of Fort Kochi in the state of Kerala. This church was built by the Portuguese invaders in the year 1503 AD. Initially the construction was done using timber and later on it was rebuilt into a stone structure. This is a must see place during the spiritual tour.

4.Jain Mandir: This temple is located nearly 75 kms away from the place of Warangal. This is in the Kolanpak region. This temple is more than 2000 years old and is dedicated to the Lord Mahavir. This is a very famous place of worship for the people of Jain community in the country.

5.Ajmer Dargah: This lies in the central region of the state of Rajasthan. The famous Dargah Sherif is visited by a large number of worshippers each and every year round. There is a beautiful tomb which all believers vow to see during their visit to the place. This is actually the burial place of the famous Sufi saint named Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chisti. Famous among the pilgrims of India tour.

6.Mahabodhi Temple: This temple is located in the Gaya region and is a wonderful architectural piece. This was built in the 17th century AD and renovated during the 19th century AD. The height of this temple will be around 55 meters and it can be viewed from around the courtyard.


Desert vacation spots in India

India is a country with vast diversity in all aspects. The diversity can be seen in the culture, heritage, language, climate, landscape etc. Deserts are a peculiar landscape type. Deserts are very dry and arid type land area where there is a scarcity of water and vegetation. In India also we can find such deserts in different areas. Deserts are also great vacation spots. People interested in desert camping and desert safaris will surely select deserts as their favorite vacation spots. The most famous desert areas of India and their importance as tourist destinations are discussed here in this article.

1.Jaisalmer: This is a desert region in the western region of Rajasthan. This is located in the center region of the desert region of Rajasthan and is not actually an oasis as the name suggests but the place is loved by all because of its heart throbbing scenic beauty. People who haven’t visited the place even for one time will surely wonder about how a simple desert town can attract tourists in such large numbers. The beauty and charm of the place is really great. This city is also called as the Golden city. There are beautiful sand dunes which are really romantic. A heavenly picture is drawn when the rays of the setting sun touches the sand dunes with its magical hands. This is a city which was found early in the year.

2.Thar Desert: This desert is also known as the Great Indian Desert. This desert is a part of the main four states of India namely Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat. Thar Desert is one of the most important five physical features of India and the others being the Great Himalayas, Northern Plains, Central Plateau and the Coastal Plains. The physical nature of the place is mainly comprised of sands and there are also rocky low lying hills at many places. This desert also provides a best and exclusive opportunity for all people loving adventurous and exciting India tour. The great journey discovering the vast areas of sand and sandy hills is a really inspiring one.

3.Jodhpur: This desert comes under the geography of Rajasthan which is a North Indian state. This is the second largest city in Rajasthan. This city gained great patronage from the Rajput rulers who ruled Rajasthan during a large period of time. The landscape of the place is adorned by great monuments that greatly attract tourists of the desert tour in India. This city was established by the Rajput chief Rao in the year 1459.

4.Bikaner: This is a desert region which comes with international borders separating it from the neighboring country of Pakistan. This city is included in the desert region of Rajasthan. The foundation of the place was laid by the famous Rathore Prince early in the year 1488. Previously the place was called as Jangladesh and the place was fully covered with uninhabited desert area. Most of the India tour packages owe to include this popular desert city area which is also famous as the Camel Country.

Romantic vacation spots in India

A truly romantic place is where the partners can sit together for a while and open up their hearts to full bloom. A serene beach, a gentle walk in a moonlit night and also a candle light dinner in one of the open roof restaurants all are suitable places for a romantic vacation. There are also some monuments which may be a symbol of love or a place in and where the great legends of love lived and recreated are also liked by the couples looking up for a good location for a romantic tour. There also people with extra ordinary taste and decides to spend a vacation in exploring shallow waters, the lushing greenery of a tropical region etc. There are a number of such fantastic romantic spots in India that are included in almost all the honeymoon packages.

Tropical vacation places: Andaman Nicobar, Lakshadweep, Pondicherry, Goa and Kerala are the most important tropical vacation spots in India. Tropical places are those with lushes of greenery around. Most of the tropical destinations have groves of coconut and such varieties of palms which is added beauty to the panorama of the place. Some of the places which are islands like Andaman Nicobar and Lakshadweep include the additional beauty of coral reefs and sea shores.

Hill stations: There are many beautiful hill stations in India that are liked by the entire tourist to the place. The main reason for increasing tourist density to hill stations is the pleasant atmosphere and cold climate available. Some of the most important hill stations are Shimla, Kashmir, Nainital, Darjeeling, Dehradun etc. All the places are unique in one way or the other. Hill stations are the main attractions of the honeymoon packages in India. The important thing to be remembered during the journey is to visit the places during the seasons. This is because the climate in other seasons makes cause problems in one way or the other.

Desert vacation places: People also select vacation places for their romantic vacation. Now there are many arrangements done in almost all the desert areas of the world from entertaining the tourist. The main desert attractions in India are Jaisalmer, Thar Desert, Jodhpur and Bikaner. The desert camps and the camel safaris are loved by all the people visiting a desert. The fertile region of the desert known as the oases is also a major attraction.

House boat vacations: In India the promotion of house boats to tourism level has happened in the regions of Kerala and Jammu and Kashmir. This is a wonderful experience that is beyond description by words. The beauty of the lakes and backwaters can be viewed and enjoyed with great pleasure while being in a house boat. All the luxuries of life which is expected by a tourist in the same way he gets it from land are arranged in the house boats. The tour operators try their maximum to make the trip a fun filled and entertaining in one way or the other.

Taj Mahal tour from Delhi

The town of Agra is called the real peak of art and also a preserved romance. This is a famous town are which is very much popular from the olden times. This place was once the ruling place of the Mughal Empire in India. The Mughals emperors were people with real passion f building wonderful architectural monuments. This has greatly blessed India with many monumental structures that are having historic importance. Each and every ruler had their own taste and styles of architecture.

The journey from Delhi to Agra will take nearly 5 hrs and 30 minutes. It has to cover a distance of approximately 203 kms. The purpose of most of the people visiting Agra is to see the wonderful building of Taj Mahal. This is one of the loveliest buildings in the whole of the universe and was once considered as one of the seven wonders in the world. Taj Mahal is actually a great poem that is written in white marbles. The construction of this great building took nearly 22 long years and that too more than 20,000 so much skilled artisans and craftsmen were involved in this construction.

The construction is completely done using special type of white marble along with very special and precious stones and metals. A beautiful view of the Taj Mahal can also be obtained from the little octagonal tower of the Agra Fort. The Agra Fort is built across the Jamuna River. During the Taj Mahal tour starting from the residential place and driving through the Indian country side is also really interesting.

After reaching Agra it is easy to reach the place of Taj Mahal which is an architectural wonder. A well done mixture of many architectural styles can be seen in this single monument which makes it so beautiful. This building was the idea and decision of the great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. This was built in the year 1652. This is really a monument of love. Shah Jahan built this monument in the loving memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Taj Mahal is situated in the bank of the river Jamuna. The construction of the building is done n top of a red sandstone terrace. There are four minarets surrounding the building. The commemorative of the Empress which is gold in laid is preserved inside the dome. Jasper and Agate stone which are really precious and the inlaid design of flowers also makes the building really attractive. Taj Mahal tour from Delhi can be made fun filled and energetic by some music and recreational activities.

A Trip to Fatehpur Sikri from Delhi

Fatehpur Sikri is a place which is located nearly 250 km away from Delhi and the journey takes nearly 7 hours of time. Fatehpur Sikri is located 40 km away from the city of Agra. Fatehpur Sikri can be called as an imperial city. This was built by the great Mughal Emperor Akbar. This occurred during the time span of 1571 to 1584. This city was a deserted area in the ancient times. There occurred many developments and the city was beautified with different types of architectural monuments which depicted different types of architecture.

The grandness of this city is beyond the words to describe. The impression of these magnificent monuments can only be understood by taking a real view of the structures. The Fatehpur Sikri tour is a very suitable plan for enjoying these mind blowing scenes. If there is a plan to visit Agra or the neighboring areas never miss to come and see this great city which is a living symbol of the grandeur of the Mughal Empire in India.

Different architectural traditional are blended in the building constructions found in Fatehpur Sikri. Some of the buildings are built in the traditional Islamic style where as some others in Hindu style especially the Rajasthani and Gujarati models. There are many carvings, arches, ornate columns etc. found in these buildings. The special style depicted in the construction of palaces in the place is really wonderful and great. The great King Akbar considered this city as the ruling capital for more than 15 years. This was also to show his patronage to the saint Sheikh Salim Chisti. As fast as the new city was developed and built on a ridge similarly the city also grew to a larger township.

The city now stands as a silent witness to the good old days which passed away. During the Fatehpur Sikri trip there are many numbers of great places and buildings to be seen. Each and every small palace had their own importance in the olden days and has their own courtyards for watching. Diwan-I-Aam and Diwan I-Khas are the two public and private audiences. These are enclosed spaces where petitioners and courtiers stood in attendance and also these were the platforms that were seriously used by people for serious, religious and diplomatic address.

Panch mahal which is a five storied pavilion of winds, the Turkish Sultan’s palace which is a well-known structure of carved figures of wildlife animals and bird species, Jodha Bai’s Palace which is famous for its Gujarati and Rajasthani features are all really the famous places to visit in Fatehpur Sikri.