Best places to see in Kerala

Kerala is popularly known as God’s own country. The richness of the state in natural resources and great diversity available in scenic beauty has given this beautiful title for the place. The backwater resources and river resources are very much important and a main source of income for the people of Kerala. Tourism also plays a key role in the economy of the Kerala state. Government does a lot of things for tourism development and brings in more revenue into the state. Tourism comes from different parts of the country and the country itself to see and enjoy the various tourist destinations. The beautiful landscape itself is an important factor of tourist attraction. There are many tourist attractions ranging from historical monuments to natural attractive points. The scenic calmness available in the forest of the Periyar area is the best option for all wildlife lovers to start with their Kerala tour.

Kumarakom: This is a beautiful location present in the Kottayam district. This is located within 14 km away from the central bus stand of Kottayam. The long stretch from Kottayam to Vembanad Lake has a beautiful backwater layout that offers great and pleasing ambience of the place. There is a beautiful bird sanctuary in the place which is spread in an area of about 14 acres. This also forms a natural habitat for the birds which migrate to the location each year.

Munnar: This famous hill station in Kerala offers a real picturesque view of the landscape features to its visitors. By visiting Munnar for the first time itself all the visitors are really attracted by its blooming flowers on the hill side, welcoming climate and different valley slopes. The Kannan Devan hills present in Munnar area is very much famous for its tea plantations, rubber estates, vast forest areas and national parks and one of the best places included in India tour. The mountain slopes available in Munnar are most suitable for trekking and the adventurous travelers are quite interested in this.

Trivandrum: This is the capital city of the Kerala state. Thiruvananthapuram is also called as the City of the Sacred Snake. This city is built over the seven hills. The city is named after Anantha- as per the Hindu mythology this snake is believed to have thousand heads.

Wayanad: This is a beautiful location in Kerala which has a number of beautiful tourist destinations that are the true signs of nature’s art on earth. The important tourist attractions in Wayanad includes Thirunelly temple which is surrounded by Kambamala, Karimala and Varadiga, Pazhassi tomb which is built as the memorial of the Lion of Kerala- Veera Pazhassi Raja, Pakshipathalam which is the best known trekking location in Wayanad and a famous bird sanctuary where we can find a number of rare species of birds etc.

Thekkady: By hearing the name of the place itself numerous images of elephants, chains of hills, and mind blowing plantations of aromatic spices come to our minds. Thekkady is also one of the finest and biggest wildlife reserves in the whole of India. The place also provides very good chance for mountain walks and trekking opportunity for adventure loving travellers. Almost all India tour packages include Thekkady in their list.

Best places to visit in Pune

The city of Pune belongs to the state of Maharashtra. Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra and it is also known as the cultural capital of the state. There is an administrative division here which is officially known as the Pune division. There is a large population of students in the city which makes the nights and atmosphere of Pune city lively and vibrant. There are a number of famous museums and hill forts in the city which provides great panoramic views of each nook and corner of the city. The city has a glorious history which is more than 1600 years old. The Pataleshwar caves which are dated back to 5th century give us much clear evidence as ruins for Pune’s settlement. Some of the most famous tourist destinations are discussed in this article.

1.Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum: This is a famous museum in Pune which is built in the Rajasthani style. This is located in the hurry burry region of the Bajirao Road. There is a wide range of collections of the Indian arts and crafts which appear so nice to our eyes. There is a feeling of uniqueness in the art forms available. This is a must see place during the Pune tour.

2.National War Museum: The idea of this museum was first put forward in the year 1996. The Express Citizens forum sponsored the War Memorial fund and the citizens of Pune are the members who contributed greatly to this. The committee asked all the citizens to contribute to this fund.

3.Shnaiwar Wada: This palace was built by the successors of the Shivaji group called the Peshwas in the year 1736. The building was destroyed in the year 1827 by a massive fire attack. The interior of the palace was also destroyed and all that remained was only the fortified wall. This is included in all the India tour packages.

4.Pune University: The site for this university which was built in the Italian Gothic style was the official residence of the governor of Mumbai during the monsoon season. This is one of the oldest universities in India.

5.Pataleshwar Caves: This was built in the 8th century and it was a rock cut temple that was hidden in the heart region of the city. This is an odd one out structure among the most modern structures available at Shivajinagar. Reminiscent of Ellora is a temple carved out of a single boulder including huge and massive pillars.

6.Gliding Centre Pune: This is the best place to go for a joy ride and also experience the feel like a flying bird. There is also the chance to learn flying gliders. Till the present day this is the most active hub for gliding in the whole of India.

7.Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary offers a great thrilling and amazing experience for all the people who love trekking during India tour. This wildlife sanctuary homes a number of species of animals along with two trekking trails- the Seedi Ghat and the Ganpati Ghat. Out of the two trekking trails the Ganpathi Ghat is the longer one and it is less dangerous too.

Excellent places to visit in Goa

Goa is a perfect place where we can find a collaboration of modern and traditional aspects of life. We can choose ourselves whether to go for plush beaches or the natural means of landscapes which can really astonish you in one way or the other. Goa can be described as the best place to wander if you plan for a real sightseeing tour. There are a number of waterfalls, spice farms, forests etc. that are to be seen in Goa tour. These are all unique in their own way. Some of the busy and mostly tourist attracted places in Goa are described here.

1.Alorna Fort: This is situated in Alorna Village which is located 10 km to the east of NH17 in Pernem area. The Bhonsles of Sawantwadi built this fort in the 17th century. Four guns belonged this fort in the year 1746 and it was captured by Marquis of the Novo Castello from the Bhonsles area. This possession was really a short lived one.

2.Amthane Dam: This dam is located in a wonderful location which is 20 km away from the Mapusa. This is the water supply system for the Sanquelim water treatment plant. Not so big one but famous for the scenic beauty and catchment of the Sahyadri hill range.

3.Goa Museum: The Ancestral Goa museum is a very old one which is located in the small village of Loutolim which is only 25 km away from Panaji district. This beautiful museum and exhibition center combined on is also called as the big foot. This is a museum that is maintained by a private artist group in Goa.

4.Arvalam Waterfalls: This is one of the most awe amazing tourist spots in Goa and in India tour as a whole. Water falls from the cascaded mountains from a height of 50 meters above sea level. This is in the Northern region of Goa and is located only 2 km away from the small town of Sanquelim.

5.Banastari Bridge: This Bridge is also called as the Meta Bridge. This comes in the Banastarim area of Goa. This bridge is built across the Mandovi River. This is an important connection between the taluks of Tiswadi and Ponda.

6.Boca de Vaca Spring: This is situated very near to the Mahalaxmi temple in Goa. This is none of the two most famous springs that exist in the Panaji district of Goa. The literal meaning of the name Boca de Vaca Spring is the face of the cow. The appearance of this Prrtuguese built structure resembles that of the face of the cow. The soft decorative lights in the evening time make it more decorative and attractive.

7. British cemetery in Goa: This is also known as the military cemetery in Goa. This was built by the British force in the year 1802 and is more than 180 years old. This is the only living evidence of the British reign in Goa during the ancient times and included in most of the India tour packages.

8.Budbudyanchi Tali: This is also called as the Bubble Lake. The local name of the lake is Budbud Talli which is located in the Netravali region of the Sanguem taluk.

Famous tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a big state which forms a greater area of the southern region of India. This homes a metropolitan city which is of commonly called as the cultural capital of the country. This region owns a long heritage and deep rooted traditions which is very famous among the tourists coming to visit the location. There are many famous places of tourist interest in the location which helped to develop the tourism industry to a great extend. Some of the famous destinations are described in this article.

Chennai: This is a city which is comparatively young when compared to the image of the place. Chennai when compared to all other cities in the country is a typical example of the country’s diversity. Within a short time span itself the country has grown to a real charming city which is really welcoming and heart attracting one of its types. The field of modern technology as well as the field of art and craft in the traditional way is also greatly encouraged and developed in the city. The latest pride factor of the modern day Chennai which was formerly called as Madras city is the Tidel Park. This is the home place for the Information Technology Industry in the Chennai. India tour packages must include this city as a highlight.

Coimbatore: This is the third largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu. There is a district in Coimbatore state with the same name. This is one of the most industrialized cities in the whole region of Tamil Nadu. This city is also called as the textile capital of Tamil Nadu and the Manchester of the South. In the 2nd century AD Coimbatore existed as a small tribal village that was called as Kongunad. The name was changed as Coimbatore by the British where as it is still called by many in Tamil Nadu as Kovai.

Dharmapuri: The famous river Kaveri flows through this place. The famous tourist centre Hogenakkal also comes under the region of Dharmapuri. Hogenakkal is famous for its waterfalls, boating, bathing etc. The famous pilgrim centre of Theerthamali also comes under the vicinity of the region of Dharmapuri. India tour with Tamil Nadu in its listing will surely include this place too.

Krishnagiri: The name itself is a notification of the specialty of the place. As the name indicates this is a place of black granite hillocks and hence named as Krishnagiri where Krishna means black and giri means hill. The place was also named after the King Krishna Deva Raya who ruled the place once. The hills and valleys of the pace arte of great scenic beauty with waterfalls, ponds and lakes of great tourist interest. There are many great reservoirs, monuments, forts, museums and variety which greatly attracts tourists to the place.

Nagapattinam: The place came into existence in the year 1991. Nagapattinam city is the head quarters of the place. This unique district has great cultural and historical significance. This place was a part of the great Kingdom called Cholamandalam and is said to be contributed to the existing glory of the Chola Kingdom. This is must to see place during the Tamil Nadu tour.

Famous tourist places in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital city of the state of Andra Pradesh and it is the largest city in the whole region of South India. The history of the place shows that it was ruled by Mughals, Nizams and the Qutb Shahis. There are a number of historic monuments in the place and the most famous among them are the fort of Golconda and the Charminar. The city also consists of a number of mosques, temples, churches and different bazaars. Tourist with varied interest and needs can also find places of their interest in Hyderabad. Some of the most important tourist destinations in Hyderabad are discussed in this article.

1.Mecca Masjid: This famous mosque in Hyderabad was built 400 years back by the famous Sulthan Muhammad Qutub Shah. This is a symbolic mosque. A single piece of granite has been used to carve out three most amazing arched facades in the place. This took five long years to quarry. There were more than 8000 workers who worked hard to build this mosque. The ruler himself laid the foundation stone for this mosque. This important mosque is included in all India tour packages.

2.Charminar: This is a most famous monument not only in Hyderabad but in the whole of India and in the world. This monument has four graceful minarets that is located in the old city. This was built in memory of the victims of the plague fever in that period by the ruler of the time Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah. This is hailed as a unique Deccan monument. This is a very famous attraction of India tour.

3.Golconda Fort: This fort was once demolished by the Qutub Shahis. This is the most important fort in the whole of India. This fort has a hill on one side and the spiraling fort is to the other side. The structure, location and interior décor made it one of the strongest forts in the whole of India.

4.Chowmhalla Palace: This palace is considered as the Kingdom set of the Asaf Jahi dynasty where the ruler or the Nizam used to greet and entertain the official guests from thus palace. This palace is actually a combination of more than one palace and it is used as a Durbar hall. Presently renovations were made and it is also used as a venue for the conferences to occur.

5.Taramati Baradari: This palace is located in the vicinity of the Gandipet Lake in Hyderabad. This palace was built during the ruling period of the Abdullah Qutb Shah. Taramati was one of his favorite courtesans. This place has a total of 12 doorways in order to provide better ventilation and air circulation.

6.Birla Science Museum: This science center is a very beautiful structure which consists of means of reflections from all the new advances in the scientific field. This is built with an area covering more than 10,000 sq feet and the interior décor is done to match the architectural beauty of the exterior.

7.Birla Planetarium: This planetarium has a very huge dome that resembles the Gol Gumbaz in Bijapur in all manners. This is a must see place during the Hyderabad tour and a very special attraction of the place are the shows which show the realities regarding the cosmos and universe as a whole.

Top places to visit in Assam

Assam is known as the gateway towards the travel to the north east region of India. The famous river Brahmaputra which has its origin in Tibet flows through the place. The river has created a narrow valley over many years of time and majority of the land area of Assam lies in this valley. The people here are of different groups including the Dravidians, Tibeto Burmans and the Aryans. The two most common things in Assam is the tea and the one horned Rhinoceros. The rare species is found in the Kaziranga National Park. In the article some of the famous tourist destinations are discussed which can help to plan your Assam tour.

1.Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra: This is the most suitable place to explore the traditional and historical culture of the state of Assam. This gives us a majestic exposure of the main features of the place. This famous Kalakshetra was built in the memory of the great Vaishnava saint Srimanta Sankardeva. This saint is said to be the most important part of the integration committee of Assam. The famous and traditional art forms of Assam can be viewed here. There also happens some special functions in which some combination items are also presented.

2.Sualkuchi: This is a very famous village in Assam. The popularity of the village is related to its weaving tradition. This is one of the largest weaving villages in the whole world. They produce the three important varieties of silk. They are white pat, warm Eri and golden Muga. This village is called the Manchester of the East. The main occupation of all the people of the village is weaving superb quality silk fabrics. Assam is the only place in the whole world which produces the golden Muga variety of silk.

3.Majuli: Majuli is yet another famous attraction in India tour covering Assam. This is the largest river island in Assam. No human being coming to visit Assam can purposefully miss the place as its scenic beauty is that breath taking. This is considered as the main part of the Vaishnava culture in Assam and the island is located at the central part of river Brahmaputra. There are many Vaishnava monasteries present here. Some of the mist famous monasteries to say are the Kamalabari, Dakhinpat and the Samoguri. Unique combinations of the artforms like drama, art, music and literature can be seen here.

4.Haflong: This is one of the most famous hill stations on Assam and almost all the India tour packages are to include the place in them. The most astonishing and beautiful Haflong Lake is also situated in the vicinity of the place. This part of the region which is very much hilly in landscape is also said to be sensuousness. A large mass of migratory commit suicide in this particular region of Assam.

5.Kaziranga National Park: This national park is said to be the inmate place of the rare species of the one horned Rhinoceros. This is also said to be a place of world heritage. Animals like Indian Bison, Hog Deer, Jungle cat etc. are also seen here.

Tourist attractions in Maharashtra

The state of Maharashtra comes in the western coast of India. This region is a wealth of tourist attractions. There are many archaic rock hewn caves, quaint hill stations, virgin beaches, religious sites etc. present in Maharashtra. The Bollywood which is the largest glamour hub of the country and also probably Asia’s is also available in Maharashtra. The state of Maharashtra itself is considered as a complete tourist destination with many attractive places and views to see. The number of tourists visiting the place also keeps on increasing as the years pass by. Some of the most famous attractions on tourist’s perspective are describe here.

1.Mumbai: Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra. This is also the financial headquarters of the country. There are many important tourist destinations like the Prince of Wales Museum, Gateway of India, Hanging Gardens, Marine Drive, the beaches of Juhu and Chowpathy etc. This is the home of the Bollywood film industry and renowned as the city of glamour and fashion in India. Most of the famous film actors in Bollywood come from Mumbai. Fashion lovers never miss to visit the place during their India tour.

2.Elephanta Caves: This is situated at a distance of only 10 kms from the Mumbai coast. This bi host comprising of a number of caves is located in an island in the middle region of the famous Arabian Sea. The caves found here are dated long back from 450 AD to 750 AD. There are also many important sculptures located in the caves which depict the glory of the God Shiva. There are regular boat services from the boat jetty of the Gateway which would help the visitors of Maharashtra tour to reach the islands.

3.Aurangabad: The gateway of heritage sites- Ajanta and Ellora has made the place more attractive. The city also has its own tourist attraction for India tour packages. The city is named after the famous Mughal ruler Aurangzeb. He made it the viceregal capital in order to rule over the Deccan region. The famous Bibi ka Maqbara was built here by the ruler in the loving memory of his mother and a tribute to her. The Taj Mahal was an encouragement.

4.Ajanta and Ellora: This was declared as the World Heritage Sites by the United Nations. This is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the whole of Maharashtra. These are two very old caves which were dated back to the 2nd century BC. The paintings that are present in the cave of Ajanta and the sculptures present in the cave of Ellora along with the picture effect are able to throw a spellbinding effect on the visitors.

5.Pench National Park: This Park covers a total area of 257 sq. km along the southern sides of the Satpura hilly mountainous region. We can watch a wide variety of wildlife creatures and birds in this national park. The natural setting done in this park is really splendid and this makes the park more famous among its visitors.

Tourist destinations in Guwahati

The place Guwahati, is the erstwhile Pragjyotishpur. The place is also known among the people as the “City of Eastern Light”. The name Guwahati has been derived from two Assamese words- “Guwa” which means areca nut and “Haat” which means market place. Thus beautiful place is located among the hills of the Himalayan mountain ranges and it comes in the North Eastern region of Assam. In the most recent times Guwahati has evolved into a famous tourist destination in India. There is enormous tourist, religious and natural sites in the place which greatly attracts tourists all over the world. Each and every year many tourist come to visit these places and the tourist density keep on increasing all the year around. Some of the most interest and mostly visited place in Guwahati are being discussed here.

1.Assam State Museum: This is a very famous archeological museum which is located in the center of the city of Guwahati. This has many archeological and ethnographical displays which attracts a lot of people to the place each and every year around. The collection ranges items dated back up to 5th century. Many 12th century sculptures are all copper plate inscriptions. The most famous sculpture of Surya and terracotta items is also present.

2.Umananda temple: This Shiva temple is a famous attraction of the Guwahati tour. This temple is located on an island bluff which comes in the center of the river Brahmaputra. The way the temple is located gives it a more dramatic look which has greatly helped in attracting the visitors. There are steep steps to the temple from the beach side which can be considered at the top of the flight.

3.Kamakhya Temple: This is a famous Kali temple which is built in the shape of beehive Shikara. This stands as a unique example of the Assamese architectural beauty. This comes in the Nilachal hills exactly 8 km west to the center and overlooking the river. According to one of the stories the place where the temple stands is the one where the body part of Sati fell to earth in 51 pieces. This is also one of the three most important tantric temples in India.

4.Assam State Zoo: This is well managed zoo in the whole region of Guwahati. There are also botanical gardens reaching 5 km to the eastern side. The animals found here are mainly the one horned rhino which is the state symbol of Assam, tigers, leopards etc. This is an important location to visit during the India tour.

5.Pandu: This is named after the famous King Pandu. There is a famous temple belonging to the Pandunath and is located on the hill top. This place is a little far away from the Railway Township of Pandu. Stories say that during the period of forest exile the Pandavas came to the place and lived here. Along with the other images the images of the Pandavas and the Lord Ganesha exists in all the temples of the region. This is included in almost all the India tour packages that are available across the world.

Tourist places in North India

The culture and heritage prevailing in India is really great when compared to any other countries in the world. The historical monuments present in the country have made the cities of India famous all over the world. A tourist coming to India has a lot of options from which he can make a choice of his own regarding the place to visit during the tour. The great deserts of Rajasthan, the mountains of Himalayas that are completely covered with snow, the beaches of Goa that are most suitable for sun bathe, the beautiful hills in the north east part of India are some the amazing sights awaiting the tourists to the location. Some of the most important tourist attractions in the northern region of India is listed and described in this article.

Taj Mahal: This is a famous monument that is considered as one of the biggest wonders of the world and a must to see place in India tour. This is a symbol of love and is one of the most famous tourist spots in the world. This lovely building was built by the great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the ever loving memory of his wife Mumtaz. The building out of the most beautiful white marbles of Rajasthan and the interior walls contains wonderful Persian designs. This great creation took a time period of 22 long years to complete. A beautifully set up garden is present at the front of the building which too draws the attraction of the tourists. A full moon night is the best time to watch the Taj Mahal.

Kashmir: This place is called as the heaven on the earth. Each and every tourist coming for North India tour must surely visit the place. The real attraction that binds the tourists to the place is the natural beauty without any artificial alterations. The city of Srinagar which is called as the summer capital of the place is very much popular among all the tourists coming to the place. Most of the tourists to the pace go for the Shikaras which is an alternative for accommodation which are the common house boats on Dal Lake.

Jim Corbett National Park: This famous national park is located in the foothills of Himalayan mountain range. This park is very famous for its wildlife. People visiting the place can rent a suitable accommodation in Dhikala which is the centre point of the park. There are abundant flora and fauna in the area and we can take an entertaining trekking trip in the location. The jungle can be covered by taking an elephant safari. There is a wide variety of wildlife available including more than 50 mammals, 580 birds and 25 species of reptiles.

Red Fort: This is a great symbol of the Mughal reign in India. The great royalty of the Mughal architecture is reflected by this great monument. This structure is built using red sandstones and it is a magnificent building that is built besides the River Yamuna. This has two main entrances- Lahore Gate and Delhi Gate. There are many great museums inside this structure and they greatly attract the tourists. This is included in almost all the India tour packages.

Heritage destinations in India

A person taking a round journey through the place can familiarize the cultural bias of the country to some extent. By making an India tour from East to West, North to South- we can explore the most important heritage destinations of the place. The heritage destinations in the place can be described as the most important landmarks in the place too. Some of the most important destinations that are the greatest examples of the country’s ancient glory and grandeur are explained in this article.

1.Taj Mahal: This great monument is considered as the epitome of love and romance in the whole world. This was considered as one of the wonders of the world. This was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his beloved wife Mumthaz. This great structure is made up of white marbles and has a beautiful dome and minarets in the premises. This building is also considered as a pristine supremacy. This is included almost all India tour packages.

2.Nalanda: The world famous Nalanda University is in this place. Nalanda is in the state of Bihar. This place until the present day has the glory of the Buddhist culture and the ruins found of the Nalanda University is a living evidence for the same. The university was traversed by the famous Chinese educationists Fa Hein and Hieuen Tsang. This university was a residential educational institution India.

3.Neemrana Fort: This famous fort was built by the King Prithviraj Chauhan II in the year 1464 AD. This is situated in the plateaus of the Aravalli hills. This is nearly 122 kms away from the city of New Delhi. This is also one of the earliest heritage resorts in India.

4.Devigarh Palace: This is a very beautiful building whose view is really mind blowing. This famous palace opens uo into the Udaipur Valley. This was built in the 18th century period and it is a beautiful artistic illustration. This was presented as a gift to the great Sajja Singh of Gujarat state as a gratitude for the commitment and gallant feeling to Maharana Prathap for the King Akbar in the famous battle of Haldighati.

5.Ajanta Ellora Caves: This is one of the best choices for the people planning for a heritage tour. Most of the tourist all over the world love to visit the place during their India tour. This is located outside the city of Aurangabad. Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism are the three faiths embodied by the caves.