Excellent places to shop in Paris

Paris is called the shopper’s paradise. This is the fashion capital in the whole of Europe. Shopping is an important intention of all people planning for a Europe tour. There are many shops and shopping malls to make your intention a reality and worthy.

1.Marche Aux Puces de Saint-Ouen: Visiting the flea market in Porte de Clignacourt is said to be an adventurous journey. Here you can find anything which we wish to own. The collection found here ranges from all sorts of furniture to artistic decoration items. Here we can also find porcelain dolls and rich and high quality material scarves.

2. Hermes: This is an iconic Parisian establishment. This shopping center offers the best of the best. If you are planning to buy a leather horse saddle or a bulky silver ornament this is best place to find that. Even the simple silk print wrist scarf can be found here.

3.Nanie: Nanie is the best place to find the things as per today’s fashion. That’s why this shop has gained popularity among the young generation of France. All the world famous brands of clothing are available here. Brands ranging from Paul and Joe to Maje-Nanie are available in these shops.

4.Free P Star: This is the best vintage store in Paris. Looking for some of the outrageous like the sequins, fur, polyester etc this is the best place to find it. The best of the resale items can also be obtained here. Some of the classic items can also be obtained here. Leather clutches and tweed jackets are the common items here.

5.Avenue Montaigne and Avenue des Champs-Elysees: This place is best known for designer shopping and trendy stores. These are the two hottest shopping places in Paris that all fashion lovers wish to go. Dior and Chanel are the two popular brands that are commonly found in this store. The famous brand items of Louis Vuitton are becoming the lining brands in Champs-Elysees.

6.The Marias: This shop is famous for the single and unique model and fashion jewellery items, diverse fashion and antique artistic work pieces. This is the best place for people wishing to own some of the unique antique and jewellery pieces in the world. This is a wonderful place to shop and we can find a large number of exquisite items in the shop that are not made available anywhere else.

7.Paris Department Stores District- Boulevard Haussmann: This shop is a well known department store that sells a large number of brands famous all over the world. Printemps and Galeries Lafayette- the famous collections of men and women clothing are found here. The best of the designer collection items can be bought from the shop. Jewellery collections are also varied.

8.Louvre-Tulleries and Faubourg Saint-Honore: Posh home furniture items are the main attraction in the place. Designer clothes and cosmetics items are also available. This place is said to be the main attraction of Paris city. Best known designer fashion dealers. France tour is incomplete without a shopping done in Paris.

9.St.Germain: This is available particularly in the area around Cherche Midi and Grenelle. This also has branch in the area around St.Sulpice. Here you can find the classic brands like the Chole, Lacroix and the Kenzo.

10.The 1st: This is near rue Cambon and rue St.Honore. This is the classic area for getting the Persian findings like the Hermes. The famous brand like the Colette which is an example of cutting edge fashion is also available.

Day Tour of Toledo from Madrid

Toledo tour is an important option that most of the tourists to Madrid show interest to. Among the tours around the Madrid region Toledo tour has gained greater popularity. Central region is the starting point of this tour. Total time duration required to cover all the important locations in Toledo is 8 hours. This guided coach tour starts the journey from the starting point early in the morning. Toledo was the former capital region of Spain. This is a fortress city which is covered with striking gates all around the city. Along with the Segovia tour and El Escorial or Avila tour, Toledo tour is also one of the essential day tours from Madrid.

Spain’s medieval capital, Toledo is a treasure full asset completely filled up with El Greco art forms and art works. This is a glorious city that is having up a number of amazing medieval architecture. There are a number of cobblestone alleyways and taking a walk through the roads will lead us to the memories and important happenings of thee olden times. The Burial of the Count of Orgaz That is present in the St. Tome church is an important masterpiece of the El Greco art work. This is a must visit place during the Toledo trip. The pleasing atmosphere and hospitality provided by the city is also great which attract a number of people to the place. The city of Toledo is only an hour drive away from the region of Madrid.

The city of Toledo is like an immense museum that contains a number of historical Spanish monuments. The buildings of the Gothic and Renaissance style, the narrow streets and the alleys are the living evidences of the magnificent old days of Toledo region. This city is considered as a National level monument. The city is also called as The City of Three Cultures. This is in remembrance of the period of harmony period when the Christians, Muslims and the Jews lived together peaceful within the city walls. It is a better option to start from the new reception area and then proceed to the old quarters in order to proceed towards the cathedral of Saint Mary. This is also called as the Primate Cathedral. The Synagogue of St. Maria, The Church of San Juan de los Reyes and also the house of the famous sculptor Macho that stands over the Tagus River are some of the famous attractions in Toledo. Possibly there will not be any additional expenses that are to be incurred by the travellers like additional taxes or entrance fees. Madrid tour shall be made entertaining and interesting by visiting Toledo city.

Versailles day tour from Paris

Versailles was the former capital of France which was unofficial. This is the place that homes the world famous Chateau de Versailles. This is located only 10 miles away from the center region of Paris. The world famous grid like street pattern of the Versailles region was accepted as a model plan by the officials of the Washington, D.C. This is also an important shopping center for the people of the western suburbs of the city. By taking a single day ticket we can see the museum, chapel, galleries and also the state apartments. There are a number of train lines that connect the downtown of Paris along with the region of Versailles. The Palace of Versailles is the first and primary option chosen by each and every tourist to the place.

The people to the place are also attracted by the fascinating history of the French revolution. This is a very popular tourist destination in the world and because of its popularity the number of tourists visiting the place keeps on increasing year after year. Even the brutally cold climate is not at all a matter for the visitors. The real bloom of the Versailles Palace and the adjacent gardens can be enjoyed by planning a Versailles tour from Paris. The gardens and the pools give a beautiful panoramic view which shall be explained as mind blowing. Once a visit is made to the gardens after seeing the Versailles Palace your trip shall be considered as a completed one. During the season from April to October on all Saturdays and Sundays we shall also get a wonderful chance to see the fountain show that is arranged in the Gardens for entertaining the visitors. The fountain show is also accompanied by wonderful music beats which were composed at the court of the King Louis XIV.

Get proper guidance and advice from the hostess to choose the correct journey path. There will be an official audio guidance that shall be found in almost all guided tours. The time should be properly managed in order to make use of the opportunity of the maximum by enjoying all the scenes and places. The official suite rooms of the King Louis XIV are opened for the public in the palace. The apartments of the Dauphine and the Dauphin and also the grand Hall of Mirrors are all really attractive. The Queen’s Bedroom and also the Gallery of Battles are liked by everyone on Versailles trip. After that Palace gardens, Queen’s Hamlet and also the Grand Trianon shall be seen which is very near.

Loire Valley Castles and Wine Day trip from Paris

A trip to France will be incomplete without making an attempt to reach Paris. A trip through the Paris countryside will be really enjoyable and full of enthusiasm. If the tourists wish they can surely take a deviation from the hustle and bustle of the city tour by discovering the magnificent and wonderful castles that are available on the Loire Valley. The Loire castles and the Renaissance castles are really attractive for all the visitors to the place. The Loire Valley is located in the Central France and above the wonderful Loire River. This valley spans over more than 280 kms. This area is also known as the Garden of France because of the numerous numbers of vineyards, fruit orchards, asparagus and the beautiful cherry fields.

On a trip to the Loire Valley Castles from Paris the tourists are initially guided through the wonderful and most beautiful castles of the France region. A journey through the marvelous Loire Valley wines is yet another unforgettable experience. All the tourists coming for Loire Valley Castles tour make sure not to miss the chance to see the vineyards too. Tasting this wonderful wine and enjoying a wonderful lunch at the Nitray Vineyards is also included in the trip. After departing from Paris the journey first stops at the Chateau de Chambord. This is a beautiful castle that is built by the King Francis I in the year 1519. Admirable French architecture, furniture, decorative and ornamental ceiling works, stunting staircases etc. are all attractive. An eye catching view of the deer and wild bear running here and there can also be obtained while walking along the blushing grounds of the castle.

The next attraction will be the Chateau de Nitray. There the visitors are also served with a delicious lunch at the Nitray Vineyards which is an unforgettable experience. Thus we get a good chance to taste the exotic and homemade food which is really special due to some added raw materials and local ingredients. We can also taste the best wine in the region. The guide assisting you can help you out with any confusion in selecting the good items from a number of available flavors of wine. Tour of the wine yard will be the final target in this area. Then finally we will proceed towards the Chateau De Chenonceau. This is a wonderful castle that was built during the 16th century time. Its smooth white stone architecture and also the intrically painted wooden doors are sure to be a mind blowing view during the Paris to Loire Valley Castles trip. Immense range of stone carvings and intimate chapel are all attractive and beautiful.

Top Places to visit in France

A number of tourists destinations are available in France to spend your France holidays in an enjoyable manner. Some of the famous destinations are listed below.

1. Alsace: This is the smallest region in France. A very pretty location which extends between The Rhine and Vosges Mountain. The soil texture is such that it is perfect for growing grapes and production of wine. The villages are all very attractive with all houses made of timber. If the tourists follow the Alsace Wine Route they can enjoy the beauty of these half timbered housing villages.

2. Brittany: The capital of this region is Rennes. Brittany is located in the north-west region of France. This has English channel to the north part and Bay of Biscay to the south region. It has an attractive coastline, fishing villages, islands of the Breton coast, some of the historical architectures like the Morlaix and Quimper etc.

3. LLLe et Vilaine: This region comes to the eastern part of Brittany. This includes the region north of Rennes and the coastline west of Emerald Coast. The more beautiful Fougeres and its extremely beautiful castle is only few miles away from Vilaine.

4. Cotes de Armor: This beautiful coastline covers the famous and enchanting coast of pink granite around the Perros- Guirec and also Cap-Frehel. The largest port of Lannion is also found to the north of Cotes de Armor.

5. Corsica: This is an island which lies to the south east direction of France. This has coastlines with perfect outline and extremely mountainous interior. Corsica has become a popular destination of France tour mainly due to the great weather, some of the world’s finest beaches, wonderful mountain scenery and attractive towns and marinas.

6. Dordogne: This is an area found in the south west corner of France. In combination with the Lot et Garonne this forms the inland called Aquitaine. There are almost 1001 castles in Dordogne. This place is well known on the basis of these castles. The warm and pleasant climate, the medieval villages and the beautiful country side has also made the place famous among the tourists.

7. Franche-Comte: Eastern area of France becomes a favorite tourist destination because of this great outdoors. The border of this place comes onto Switzerland. From here you come to leave the rolling country side and Jura mountain peak. The Parc Regional, Chapelle de Notre, towns of Besancon and Dole are the most attractive location that most tourists find in the region.

8. Loire Valley: This comes in the north central part of France. The official region name is Centre which is less known to people outside France. Mainly three historic regions of France are Eure et Loir to the north, Indre et Loire to the west, Loir et Cher to the middle, Loiret to the east and Indre and Cher to the south.

9. Midi-Pyrenees: The mountainous region of Pyrenees which comes in between France and Spain and a large swathe that is in the north ward direction is covered by midi-pyrenees. Tourists generally wish to see the mountains of the south, the awesome country side, the calm and marvelous attraction of the central region. The capital of the place is called as Toulouse.

10. Paris: Paris is a famous attraction of France that is liked by all the tourists of the world. Its shady boulevards, cafe life and general romantic environment greatly attract men. The famous Eiffel tower or Notre Dame Cathedral is all additional attractions of Paris.