Best places to visit in Melbourne

Melbourne, a city in Australia has a large number of options regarding tourist destinations. The most fantastic public transport system prevailing in Melbourne gives a chance to all its visitors both local and foreigners to explore and understand many interesting and breath taking attractions of the city. A number of tourists plan to make their vacation enjoyable by visiting this great city. Some of the most important tourist destinations are described in this article.

1. Melbourne CBD: This is a maze of many veiled laneways and alleys that curls around modern sky scraper buildings. You can spend a whole day fully involved in this maze. There are a number of fashion designer shops, different types of department stores and trendy fashionable little cafes scattered around the Melbourne’s CBD area.

2. Royal Botanic Gardens: There are a number of beautifully landscaped areas like gardens and parklands that make the city of Melbourne one of the greenest cities in the world. Melbourne’s royal botanic garden has greatly helped to make this a dream come true. Royal Botanic Garden is described as one of the finest gardens in the world. This garden contains more than 12,000 species of plants and this provides a natural home to many of the wildlife. Try visiting the garden during the Australia tour.

3. State Library of Victoria and Old Melbourne Gaol: This is Australia’s oldest library that offers many exhibitions of different items including the armor. This is located in the vicinity of the Old Melbourne Gaol which is a historic blue stone building which has become the witness to some of Australia’s most describing events like the Gold Rush and Eureka Stockade Rebellion.

4. Southgate Arts and Leisure Precinct: this was opened in the year 1992. Since then it has been an important meeting place for the people of Melbourne. There are three levels of high quality shopping stores, drinking bars and restaurants.

5. The Southern Star Observation Wheel: This is located in the Dockland’s region of Melbourne. This is Australia’s first observation wheel which provides a beautiful addition to the city skyline and wonderful views of the city, Port Phillip Bay and beyond that. This wheel has 21 glass cabins that are fully air conditioned and an LED lighting system that provides great displays at night are also arranged.

6. St Kilda Beach: This will be a wonderful beach experience for all the day or night time visitors. St Kilda Beach Night Markets are greatly entertaining especially on Thursdays during the summer season of you Australia package tour.

7. Richmond, Fitzroy and South Tarra: These are some of the fashionable and vibrant villages that are fully filled up with personality and life. These are multicultural villages too. Everything that can be bought with money is available in these market shops.

8. Melbourne Observation Deck: This is the Rialto Towers of Melbourne. This is a tower that is 235 meters high and which gives a 360 degree view of the whole city.

9. Federation Square: This is located opposite to the Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station. This is the new meeting place of the people of Melbourne.

10. Great Ocean Road: This is only an hours’ drive away from Melbourne. This road is 273 km long along the south east coast of Australia.

Top Places to visit in Sydney

Sydney, a decorated city in the south-east coast of Australia is one of the most attractive cities. Located in the coast of Tasman Sea it’s the busiest city of Australia and the capital of New South Wales. Established in 1788 as a British Colony, the city is famous as an International centre for education, commerce, arts, entertainment, tourism, music and culture. Formed in the Triassic Periods about 200 millions years ago this landmass mostly consists of sandstone, igneous dykes and volcanic necks supporting inhabitations for about thirty thousand years. The landmass is bordered by the Hawkesbury River in the north to the Royal National Park in the south and Pacific Ocean in the east to the Blue Mountains in the west.

Time and modernization has spread all over the place making it a marvelous spot of tourist destination. There is no perfect season for Sydney tour as different seasons brings different occasions to the city. Starting from the autumn which remains from March till May, the weather remains cooler enough for walking, wind surfing, being in a harbor cruise and bush walking. During summer which remains from December to February the temperature is hot enough and is the time for celebration for the city with Christmas, Boxing Day, Sydney Festival, etc. This time of the year is best for walking tour, sun bath at the beach, wind surfing and cruising. Spring, starting from September till November is the time for regrowth of the nature is the time when the city becomes beautiful with its parks and gardens. The weather is generally cool enough and the best time to spend on the picturesque white beaches which will definitely cut a mark in the mind in the Australia holidays. Walking tour, fishing and wind surfing are common in this season.

Starting from inside the city in the Sydney tour the must visit places are Sydney Opera House, an example of architecture of a Dutch designer. Sydney Bridge Climb, a three and half hour climb below which the whole city can be seen. Harbour recreation where one can enjoy jet boat skiing, sailing, cruise ride etc. Scenic flights offer a fifteen minutes helicopter ride over the city. And outside the city the Blue Mountains offers fresh mountain atmosphere with a marvelous beauty of the nature where bush walking, cable car rides are main attractions. Port Stephens an old port which brings close to nature and history must be visited. Hunter Valley Wine Country gives an ultimate experience of wine tasting to the tourists. Central Coast Region gives an ultimate view of farms and country regions can also be short listed in the Australia holidays. One can also visit different bays like Akuna Bay, Batemans Bay and Nelson Bay. Jenolan Cave is a beautiful cave worth viewing. Last but not the least is the white beaches around the coastline which is the main attraction in the Sydney tour in Australia holidays.

Day tour of Blue Mountains from Sydney

Blue Mountains are a group of hill ranges that are actually sandstone structures. The height of these mountains are said to be approximately 1200 meters. These mountain ranges are located nearly 48 kms to the western region of Sydney. The name Blue Mountains was given by Arthur Phillip in the year 1788. This named gained a lot of popularity within a short span of time. Although the Indigenous people of Australia were aware about these mountains thousands of years back itself, it was the early white settlers of Sydney who found the scopes behind this great mountain range. Then many people started exploring the area and finally they were successful in crossing these mountains. This p-lace was declared as a World Heritage Site.

The way the name means the Blue Mountains are just not simple mountain ranges but a plateau as well that have large rugged eroded gorges which extends to more than a depth of 700 meters. A larger area of the mountains ranges come under the Greater Blue Mountains Area World Heritage Site. There are almost seven national parks and also a conservation center. The phenomenon called Mie Scattering causes the scattering of the incoming ultra violet rays to the mountains by particles in the atmosphere. This produces an overall blue tinge to the mountain peaks and hence the name Blue Mountains. This was a place of interest for all the British Settlers in the Sydney area and the area were dominated by foreigners. This has become a favorite destination for all the tourists coming for Sydney tour.

The Grand Circle route through the Richmond and the Bilpin that comes along the Bells Road is the best route to reach the destination. After crossing the Harbor Bridge we shall reach the Featherdale Wildlife Park. Try reaching there before the crowd and enjoy the beautiful scenes of the park and teeming with the Australian Native Animals. The Kangaroos and the wallabies shall be seen and patted. A photograph shall be taken with a tamed Koala. While travelling through the Richmond road try tasting the freshly baked apple pies, a stone fruit and an apple growing area during your coffee break time. The entire path is rugged bush lands that are covered with Eucalyptus trees all around. Mt.Tomah Botanical Garden, Mt.Victoria ad also Blackheath which is the Rhodendrum Capital of Australia are covered up during this journey of Blue Mountains trip. Next destination is the Scenic World Complex, Katoomba for the cable car and railway rides. On the return trip the beautiful Wentworth Falls shall also be seen that are really wonderful after a local rain in the area.

Excellent places to visit in Perth

The region of Western Australia is relatively isolated from the rest of the world. There are many beautiful places that greatly attract tourists all over the world. The beautiful hills, mountains, deserts and the coastlines greatly reflect the isolation of the Western region. The Perth hills, Fremantle, Rockingham, Subiaco and Swan valleys are all not so far from the region of Perth. These are all the real attractions and charms of the region. Some of the most famous attractions are described in the article.

1. Cottesloe Beach: This beach is a great place for picnics, swimming and lazing in the sun. This famous beach is included in the list of tourist important destinations for Australia tour. There are a great number of restaurants and cafeterias that are lined up in the main road which gives great views of the Indian Ocean. Snorkeling is also available in the southern part of the Cottesloe beach where there is a protected reef model with all lively effects of the marine life.

2. Rottnest Island: Heading towards the western direction from Perth by taking a beautiful ferry journey we can reach the famous Rottnest Island. Great species of wildlife with beautiful beaches, rocky caves, bays are all present in the location. Bicycles are made available for all the tourists of Australia tour packages. The island is 11km long and 5km wide and bicycle is the best option for getting around. The Scuba divers greatly favors Rottnest Island because of the fantastic reefs and multi colored marine life. Most beautiful for swimming purpose with the many number of bays and beaches.

3. Fremantle: This is a place that is only 19 kilometers away from the south west region of Perth. This is where the Swan River meets the ocean. There is a fishing town in the main port of Fremantle that is full of history, culture and great chances for shopping. A number of great restaurants that serve intercontinental and exotic foods are available throughout the place. Never miss the Roundhouse that was built in 1831 which is the oldest public building in the area.

4. Swan Valley: This is one of the oldest wine growing locations in the whole region of Western Australia. This is a centre in Australia that enjoys great and rich life in a renaissance way. The most modern generation of artisans, winemakers and food producers have made the region their homely place in order to improve their skill set and business. All the wine lovers of the world are advised to see and enjoy the warmth that the Margaret River offers.

5. Alban: This is facing the southern ocean which is located on the southern coast of Australia. This is the first place that the European travelers tried to settle in Perth. This was a really rich part of Perth till the 1900, when the so called Gold Boom made a different environment. This region contains the largest wind farm in Australia which is large enough to cover up most of the energy needs of the place.

Lovely Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

Sydney Harbour is known to be one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. This is very enticing and enchanting place to visit. The harbor dazzles beautifully during the night and the sight is really mind blowing. The view of the harbor during the night is one of the best sights in Sydney. During the night time the whole harbor is filled up with sparkling lights that are really eye catching. We feel like a million stars are twinkling on the city skyline. When it starts to be dark we can see that the Luna Park is transformed to a cluster full of golden lights. The lighting that is available also enhances the beauty of the Sydney Opera House which is really magnificent. Similarly Fort Denison also acquires larger beauty in this sparkling night lights which a fascinating view. The beauty of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is mind blowing.

Sydney Harbour cruise provides the travellers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the wonderful Sydney sights along with dining and cruising. Cruising around the spectacular harbour during the night time by enjoying the scenic beauty to the maximum is an unforgettable experience for all travellers onboard. There are many choices of cruise experience to choose from. Some of them include the showboat cruise which includes a lively and well known floorshow on the cruise, a highly luxurious catamaran cruise and a tall ship cruise. The seaside charm of the largest city in Australia is famous throughout the world. There is a Sydney Harbour Aquarium which is set as one of the important destinations during the tour gives a chance to see and understand the variety of creatures living in the depth of the sea.

The legendary waves and stately trees that make Manly famous shall also be seen during the Sydney trip. The beautiful panoramas of the arching bridges and peaceful marinas are a real fascination to all photographers worldwide. Milsons Point will give beautiful view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge which is known to be the largest steel arch bridge in the world and also a beautiful skyline. Seaforth Lookout gives good panoramas of the Pearl Bay Marinas and the Middle Head. Manly is filled up with Norfolk Pines throughout. Giant Stingrays, Pointer Sharks and the fishes of any description shall be found in the Sydney Harbour Aquarium. These are the general areas that are covered up during the cruise dinner journey. The dinner feast is also arranged at the end with full of mouthwatering items.

Excellent places to visit in Australia

Going for a trip to Australia which itself is a continent offers something more than water activities, sightseeing, cities etc. Here we get chance to see some exotic animals, snowcapped mountains, rainforest and even a desert. Australia has proved to be one of the best destinations for those who are wishing for a different sort of journey with different experiences all around. Australia that is located in the Southern hemisphere has entertaining items that are suitable for people from different walks of life like a sports person, outdoor person, nature lover etc. Some of the places that are of great attraction to the tourists are described in the article.

Great Barrier Reef: This is one of the must visit place in Australia. There is a great variety of bio diversity available in this reef. Some of them include the Dwarf Minke Whale, Indo Pacific Humpback Dolphin, Salt Water Crocodile, and Olive Ridely Turtle etc. This is one of the largest heritage sites available in this country. There are also a number of species of birds available in this reef.

Sydney Harbor: This is a natural harbor available in Australia and it is a framework for the Sydney Opera House and also the Sydney Harbor Bridge which is an important image that represents the country to the rest of the world. The architecture of the Opera house, where a number of musical concerts take place, is done in a modern way.

Tasmania: The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, the Road Rally in Tasmania and the popular musical events that take place- all make the place famous. Falls Festival and the Carols in Candlelight are some of the well-known events that attract a lot of people to the place.

Kimberley: This is a rugged terrain in the western region of Australia. The cruise journey surrounding the area is really attractive since great panorama of waterfalls, rivers, rainforest etc. shall be obtained. Two important waterfalls in the region are the King George Falls and the Mitchell Falls. Almost all Australia packages include this place.

Mount Kosciuszko: This is a snowy mountain range which is easily accessible by foot or by ski if the visit is made during the winter season. Different guided tours are available depending on the age group of the visitors. We can also find Alpine flowers here.

Melbourne: This is the best place available for shopping in Australia. Some extreme varieties of chic clothes as well as leather goods can be found here and that too in reasonable cost. Most of the tourist on Australia tour gets to Melbourne during the final days of their journey for doing some exciting shopping.

Valley of Barossa: This is a very beautiful grape growing valley in Australia. It is famous for the fine quality of alcohol available and is really proud of its great industry. During the middle period of the 18th century travellers from England and Europe came to the place and made it famous for the renowned brand of wine available along with the superb quality food and architecture.

Whitsunday’s Island: This Island is located in the Queensland region of Australia. Most of the visitors start their journey from the famous Airlie Beach which has a number of well-known pubs and discos along with the available cheap alcohol.