Excellent places to visit in Toronto

Toronto tour can be made an unforgettable experience by visiting the most attractive places in Toronto. There are many places that you can make a visit to during your Toronto visit. Some of the places are described here:

1.CN Tower: This is the tallest tower in the world and the third tallest building in the world. This is a must see tower for all the tourists to Toronto. If on a clear day then the view of this tallest tower from the top can extend up to the Niagara waterfalls. In certain part of the building the floorings are done using Plexiglas. This is done for the purpose of getting an unobstructed view to understand at what height you are standing.

2.St.Lawrence Market: This is a Victorian building that is generally surrounded by many other historical buildings. These buildings are generally called as the real architectural gems of the world. This is a flea or street market type area. There are many landmarks that have been the points of attraction for the tourists visiting St.Lawrence market area.

3.Algonquin Park: Lakes, rivers and forests that are available in the Algonquin Park can be viewed by travelling on a canoe or by walking. The beauty of the park made it the most famous park in Toronto. The maple trees, red oaks, aspens and tamaracks are more beautiful in the middle or end of October.

4.Little Italy: One of the most interesting neighborhoods of Toronto is Little Italy. Many Italian nationals say that they are Canadian Italian. We can find their culture reflected in the suburb. Here we can find a number of Italian restaurants, pubs and bars which reflects the hospitality of the place. Make sure to visit Little Italy during Toronto package tour.

5.Little Portugal: From the name you can understand that Portugese people are living here. Here the atmosphere is same as that in Portugal. A number of restaurants that serve Portugal style food which can greatly tickle your taste buds are also available. The people of the area are really helpful. Lot of entertainment can also be found in the region.

6.Harbor: Some of the beautiful sites of Toronto can be viewed by visiting the harbor of Toronto. This is an excellent place to go and do some shopping. We can find a line of shops that sell things which match and exhibits the real tradition and way of living of the people of Toronto.

7.Beaches: Beaches are a really good place to spend a beautiful vacation day. Enjoying the sunset in a beach by having a good meal in a restaurant nearby or drinking a glass of wine can really make your day great.

8.The Entertainment District: This is the place that can be considered as the heart of entertainment in Toronto. Restaurants, night clubs and movies are also available in the region.

9.Welling Street: A number of restaurants are available in the location that provides you with wide range of dishes and tastes that we can never forget in our lifetime.

10.Front Street East: Food lovers should make sure to visit the place because these carry restaurants specialized in Canadian moose meat. This is very easy to find and access.

Excellent places to visit in Vancouver

Vancouver is a major city of British Columbia which belongs to the region of Canada. This has grown into a big Pacific Rim city that has a varied cultural heritage and an international profile. This city was formed in the year 1884 and inhabited by only 400 people. The city has now developed a lot and homes nearly two million region in the lower mainland. This is equal to nearly half the population of the Province of British Columbia. After Toronto and Montreal, Vancouver is the third largest metropolitan city of Canada. Some of the most famous tourist destinations of Vancouver is being discussed here.

1.Stanley Park: This place is called the vacationers paradise that happened to be in the centre of the city. It is the largest urban park in the whole region of North America. Thousands of acres of woodlands, gardens, trails, flowers, beaches, flowers and wildlife prevails in the city. This bigger park also homes Vancouver Aquarium.

2.Robson Street: New York’s fifth avenue and London’s Oxford Street solely belongs to this street. This street is filled up with shops and boutiques which gives us anything that we want ranging from coffee shops to fashion boutiques of some of the mega store. This is described as the best place to enjoy shop, relax and watch people.

3.Gastown: This city is named after the person who first settled in the place who was a colorful saloon owner Gassy Jack. This is the birthplace of Vancouver. A mixture of Victorian architecture, old and new cobbled streets and a number of new and unique passages and courtyards along with some of the most important boutiques, restaurants and entertainment houses can be seen here. People on Vancouver tour cannot miss this beautiful location.

4.Yale town: The warehouses made of bricks in the region of Yale town were all transformed to beautiful galleries, restaurants and boutiques. The fashion lovers and high technical gurus who converge on the real city neighborhood are abundantly found by the urban cool location. The night life in Yale town is really great with a large number of night clubs, pubs and hot restaurants in the location.

5.Commercial drive: This place is a mixture of eclectic, ethnic shopping places which includes shops from Africa, Italy, Portuguese, Latin etc, places suitable for night life, healthy food served at healthy places, consignment shops etc.

6.Chinatown: There are many interesting shops that are filled up with products such as seafood, meat, household items, gifts, Chinese medical products etc. Chinatown Market places are also enormous. Many picking up Canada tour packages also have the plan to make use of these herbal medicinal values.

7.Metrotown: This is the best place to go for shopping during a rainy day. This is only a half hour drive distance from the center of the city. There are over 500 shops for shopping and entertainment and over 22 cinemas.

8.South Granville Street: Here we can find a number of antique stores, clothes and furniture shop and many art galleries.

9.Main Street: Here there a lot of retro shops second hand shops, cafes and restaurants.

10.Robson Street: This is an eclectic mix of different types of appealing shops and restaurants, premiere fashion stores and different service centers which are all new and exclusive.

Victoria and Butchart Gardens trip from Vancouver

The location of the Butchart Gardens which is situated on the Vancouver Island is nearly 23 km to the north of Victoria and nearly 20 km to the south of the Vancouver Victoria ferry terminal which is in the Swartz Bay. The journey to this garden is easily possible from the regions of Victoria, Vancouver Island, Vancouver and the area of British Columbia mainland and also the Washington State. The original name given to the Butchart Garden estate is Benvenuto which means welcome in Italian. This is a privately owned garden by the descendants of a family in Canada. This is declared as National Historic Site by the government of Canada.

A vast area of nearly 55 acres are covered up with mind blowing display of beautiful flowers and the hospitality and he commitment that the honorable family provides is beyond words to describe and it continues without fail till date. This garden is located in the Greater Victoria region on the Vancouver Island. This is a must see place during any of the Vancouver sightseeing journeys. This garden is open all the five seasons in a year on a daily basis. Each season is celebrated in different names and with different floral arrangements.

The spectacular spring continues from March 21 till June 14. During this season the garden is completely alive with wonderful colours and fragrances of the spring season. During the summer season which starts on June 15 and continues till September 30 the beauty of the garden is really breath taking. Eye-catching beauty of flowers greets the visitors at each and every part of the garden. The beauty of the garden at the desk is really lovely. During the summer season of October 1st till November 30 the crowning beauty of the Japanese garden is the highlight. A stunning beauty of the maples covers up the whole of the garden area.

During the Christmas season from December 1 till January 6 there is a very popular twelve days display of the gardens which are accompanied by great light enhancements. There are also some recreational activities like ice skating available on the outdoor rink. During the period from January 7th till March 31 there West coast winter reached the gardens. There may be a surprise of what will grow during the temperate winter climate. There is a beautiful background of trees and shrubs that stands prominently in the gardens and entertains the visitors of Butchart Gardens tour. The Benvenuto which is the family residence of the Butchart is also open to the public during the warm wintry weather and shall be definitely included in the Vancouver trip.

Toronto Inner Harbour and Island Cruise

An extremely different angle of view of the Toronto city and surrounding area can be seen while on a cruise that takes you along the Inner harbor and island of Toronto. This is a one hour sightseeing journey in a cruise which will take you along the area of Toronto’s Inner Harbour. Toronto which is one of the most dynamic cities in Canada has many breath taking views which can easily be enjoyed while in a harbor cruise. Live commentaries will be accompanying the journey which will help all the travellers included in the cruise to understand the past and present matters related to the place.

There are wide variety of views to be seen ranging from the most towering skyscrapers to the famous island parks and lagoons of the city of Toronto. The cruises on Inner harbor tour functions in a seasonal condition. When the weather conditions are bad or uncomfortable there will be absolutely no service by the cruise. At times when everything is perfect and climate allows then an alternative stop is provided on the Centre Island which gives a number of options for the visitors for entertainment purpose.

Centre Island has gardens wherein the travellers can relax. A bicycle or boat can be rented out and the visitors can make a trip to the petting zoo, indulge in some recreational activities in the Centreville Amusement Park and also dine in one of the famous restaurants to enjoy the exclusive meals and cuisines. After all these the journey in the lovely cruise shall be continued at your convenience. The cruises for the journey start from the Queens Quay West area of Toronto. And then returns to the same point after the intended journey and fun are complete. June to August and September to October are the actual seasons suited for this travel. During the season of June to August cruises are available every half an hour and during the season from September to October there are cruises available at each and every hour.

Along with the normal pricing charges of each cruise the travellers are also liable to pay additional taxes which may not be so head breaking. In addition there is the facility of pick up and drop from your area of residence which is provide by different Toronto tour operators. There are also cruises which gives you a chance of a complete 360 degree Toronto sightseeing from the upper deck of the cruise. This will be really an unforgettable experience for the travellers on board.


Excellent places to visit in Canada

Canada is the most hospitable place to visit during a vacation. Canada holidays can be made unforgettable with the top attractive places that are open for tourists. Some of the famous places that attract tourists during the autumn season are described here.

1.The Rocky Mountains: This is in Alberta, Canada. The days are warm and dry during the days of September and October. Some of the accessible spots are Johnston’s Canyon and the Tunnel Mountain. Since there are no summer crowds you can really enjoy the solitude of sub alpine larch and aspen trees.

2.Algonquin Park: This is in Ontario, Canada. This park covers an immense area of nearly 7725 square kilometer. Its size, beauty and the closeness to Toronto make it the most famous parks in Ontario. In order to see and enjoy the forests, lakes and rivers we can take a canoe ride or travel by foot. The maples tree seems to be more attractive at end of September or early in October. Similarly the aspens, tamaracks and red oaks are tourist’s favorite in the middle or end of October.

3.Agawa Canyon Trip: the Central Railroad of Algoma or the Agawa Canyon trip of railways which runs in the northern region through Sault Ste Marie in North Ontorio is the best track to watch the colors at the last part of September or in the beginning of October.

4.Fall Foliage Romance: The dramatic changes that autumn season causes in the forests of the eastern part of Canada is more spectacular or romantic. The special 6 night railway package for the vacation of Fall Foliage is one of Canada’s most important attractions featuring the cities of Toronto, Halifax, Montreal and Quebec City.

5.Niagara Parkway: This is the route that Winston Churchill called as “the prettiest Sunday afternoon drive in the world”. This historic Niagara Parkway is also the River Road. This is the route that follows the winding path of the Niagara River that causes the partition of Canada and the US. The Bruce Peninsula: This is one of the best part of Bruce Trail which hikes a long distance of about 800 km. Here there are wonderful water vistas, fauna and Ontario flora. The trees in the region are more than 1000 years old and in the autumn period the colors are somewhat to be observed.

6.The Laurentian Mountains: The sugar maple trees in the autumn colors make Quebec an attractive location for tourists. The prominent colors are the provincial yellow birch and the American beech. Laurentian Mountains become one of the most appreciable scenes in the northern part of America.

7.Prince Edward Island: This Island has wide range of colors in the autumn season. The water flowing through the Gulf of St Lawrence and the Northumberland Strait gives the island a pleasant climate.

8.The Cabot Trail: This is one of the most attractive drives in the world around Cape Breton. Colors like red, orange, crimson and gold cover the highlands and reach their peak in the second week of October.

9.Fundy Coastal Drive: This is an outstanding maritime journey. Some of the highest nature of tides can be viewed along with some beautiful pumpkin colors during the first two weeks of October. Make your Canada tour unforgettable with such autumn scenes.