Excellent places to visit in Vienna

Planning to visit a royal city then the place to be given importance is Vienna. The restaurants in the place are excellent and the shopping experience is luxurious. Live musical concerts which is the most popular thing that all people come to Vienna enjoy is made available at many venues and concert halls. There are a large number of historical attractions that all visitors should not miss out during their visit. Some of the major attractions are listed out.

1.The Wachau: This is in the North West region of Vienna. This is also great in beauty aspect of view and is one of the most beautiful locations in the Danube valley. This region comes between the Krems and the Melk. This is best for scenic towns, historic buildings and grape vines in the Danube valley.

2.Krems: This is one of the oldest cities of Vienna. People enjoying Austria tour will never miss the chance to visit the place. Thousands of years before itself the place is inhabited by men. There are three main churches in the place that you can never miss out during your journey.

3.Cafe Mozart: This is near the Opera house and this is considered as an institution by the residents and the visitors coming to experience the variety of Vienna city. This particular café is situated in the Albertinaplatz region of Vienna.

4.Café Central: This is located at the corner region of the Herrengasse and Strauchgasse which comes in the region of Old Town. This Old Town was rebuilt recently and it now stands in the previous glorious situation. Central Café is a must visit place during the Europe tour. This is one of the posher cafes in the region.

5.Hundertwasserhaus: This was created by two Austrian architects, Joseph Karwina and Freidenreich Hundertwasser. This happened to be built in the year 1980. This has been one of the most visited and attractive apartments in the place since then.

6.Prater: This is considered as the most religious admiration region by the people of Vienna. This huge park was once the most important hunting grounds that were owned by the Habsburgs. This was made a public park in the 17th century. There are numerous attractions in the place that included a number of cafes and restaurants.

7.Pestsaule: On your way to the Stephansdom in the region around the Graben or doing some shopping the tourists come across a tall column which is in the middle region of the pedestrian way.

8.Neues Rathaus: This is the New Town Hall that dwarfs the surroundings of Ringstrasse. This was built in the 19th century with the central tower capped with a tall statue of an armored knight. This knight is lovingly called as the Rathausmann.

9.The Naschmarkt: This is one of the most popular outdoor markets in the place which is located along the region of the Wien River. This is a large market with a lane of bistros and restaurants on one side and different shops for fruits, vegetables, meat etc on the other.

10.Sisi Museum: Named after the wife of Habsburg Emperor Franz Joseph, Elizabeth whose favored name was Sisi. The first six rooms of the Imperial Apartments were made the Sisi Museum and an interesting series of displays are made to go through the mystique surrounding area of her personal life.

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