Excellent places to visit in Perth

The region of Western Australia is relatively isolated from the rest of the world. There are many beautiful places that greatly attract tourists all over the world. The beautiful hills, mountains, deserts and the coastlines greatly reflect the isolation of the Western region. The Perth hills, Fremantle, Rockingham, Subiaco and Swan valleys are all not so far from the region of Perth. These are all the real attractions and charms of the region. Some of the most famous attractions are described in the article.

1. Cottesloe Beach: This beach is a great place for picnics, swimming and lazing in the sun. This famous beach is included in the list of tourist important destinations for Australia tour. There are a great number of restaurants and cafeterias that are lined up in the main road which gives great views of the Indian Ocean. Snorkeling is also available in the southern part of the Cottesloe beach where there is a protected reef model with all lively effects of the marine life.

2. Rottnest Island: Heading towards the western direction from Perth by taking a beautiful ferry journey we can reach the famous Rottnest Island. Great species of wildlife with beautiful beaches, rocky caves, bays are all present in the location. Bicycles are made available for all the tourists of Australia tour packages. The island is 11km long and 5km wide and bicycle is the best option for getting around. The Scuba divers greatly favors Rottnest Island because of the fantastic reefs and multi colored marine life. Most beautiful for swimming purpose with the many number of bays and beaches.

3. Fremantle: This is a place that is only 19 kilometers away from the south west region of Perth. This is where the Swan River meets the ocean. There is a fishing town in the main port of Fremantle that is full of history, culture and great chances for shopping. A number of great restaurants that serve intercontinental and exotic foods are available throughout the place. Never miss the Roundhouse that was built in 1831 which is the oldest public building in the area.

4. Swan Valley: This is one of the oldest wine growing locations in the whole region of Western Australia. This is a centre in Australia that enjoys great and rich life in a renaissance way. The most modern generation of artisans, winemakers and food producers have made the region their homely place in order to improve their skill set and business. All the wine lovers of the world are advised to see and enjoy the warmth that the Margaret River offers.

5. Alban: This is facing the southern ocean which is located on the southern coast of Australia. This is the first place that the European travelers tried to settle in Perth. This was a really rich part of Perth till the 1900, when the so called Gold Boom made a different environment. This region contains the largest wind farm in Australia which is large enough to cover up most of the energy needs of the place.

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