Day tour of Blue Mountains from Sydney

Blue Mountains are a group of hill ranges that are actually sandstone structures. The height of these mountains are said to be approximately 1200 meters. These mountain ranges are located nearly 48 kms to the western region of Sydney. The name Blue Mountains was given by Arthur Phillip in the year 1788. This named gained a lot of popularity within a short span of time. Although the Indigenous people of Australia were aware about these mountains thousands of years back itself, it was the early white settlers of Sydney who found the scopes behind this great mountain range. Then many people started exploring the area and finally they were successful in crossing these mountains. This p-lace was declared as a World Heritage Site.

The way the name means the Blue Mountains are just not simple mountain ranges but a plateau as well that have large rugged eroded gorges which extends to more than a depth of 700 meters. A larger area of the mountains ranges come under the Greater Blue Mountains Area World Heritage Site. There are almost seven national parks and also a conservation center. The phenomenon called Mie Scattering causes the scattering of the incoming ultra violet rays to the mountains by particles in the atmosphere. This produces an overall blue tinge to the mountain peaks and hence the name Blue Mountains. This was a place of interest for all the British Settlers in the Sydney area and the area were dominated by foreigners. This has become a favorite destination for all the tourists coming for Sydney tour.

The Grand Circle route through the Richmond and the Bilpin that comes along the Bells Road is the best route to reach the destination. After crossing the Harbor Bridge we shall reach the Featherdale Wildlife Park. Try reaching there before the crowd and enjoy the beautiful scenes of the park and teeming with the Australian Native Animals. The Kangaroos and the wallabies shall be seen and patted. A photograph shall be taken with a tamed Koala. While travelling through the Richmond road try tasting the freshly baked apple pies, a stone fruit and an apple growing area during your coffee break time. The entire path is rugged bush lands that are covered with Eucalyptus trees all around. Mt.Tomah Botanical Garden, Mt.Victoria ad also Blackheath which is the Rhodendrum Capital of Australia are covered up during this journey of Blue Mountains trip. Next destination is the Scenic World Complex, Katoomba for the cable car and railway rides. On the return trip the beautiful Wentworth Falls shall also be seen that are really wonderful after a local rain in the area.

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