Montserrat and Freixenet trip from Barcelona

Montserrat mountain is one of the most beautiful and eye catching mountain area in the whole region of Barcelona. Montserrat and Freixenet tour which this particular article talks about is a wonderful trip which is a combination visit to Montserrat and Freixenet Company. Montserrat mountain is to the west of the region of Barcelona and Freixenet Company is one of the world’s biggest producer of Champagne. Champagne is called as Cava in Spanish language. Montserrat is also a place which is having a great scope for photography. It is generally known that majority of the people visiting the place are art lovers.

Thousands of pilgrims visit the place each and every year around. The beautifully aligned rocks and the natural park formed by mountains and caves are really attractive. There are many architects and painters who were inspired by this natural architectural work in the Montserrat mountain ranges. These beautiful designs and art works were recreated by the inspired designers in many of their works. Most of these design structures are found in the buildings in the region of Barcelona. The beauty of these buildings could be experienced by a Barcelona tour.

If the tour is planned on a clear sunny day then the travellers get a wonderful chance to see the city of Barcelona from the top of the Montserrat Mountain. We can also get the extended view of the Mallorca area if it is a shiny day. Above all the main motive behind each and every tourist of the Barcelona trip is the chance to see incredible number of monasteries and also the Black Madonna which is the aim of all the pilgrims to the place. Black Madonna is also known as “la moreneta” by the local people. The specialty of the monasteries is that those were built before centuries and are historically important.

The Freixenet is very famous in the world. They are the 9th largest companies taking part in the wine business. Many international stars take part in the commercials of Freixenet cava. Each basement or underground room in the manufacturing units contains more than 100 million bottles which itself is a specialty. Through the Frixenet trip the tourists get a wonderful chance to taste the cava or special drink in Spanish, see the manufacturing units and the production process as well as take an exciting ride through the underground stores where the wines are kept and that too in a mini train. Those who are wishing to experience something special which is close to Barcelona should surely make a trip to these places.

Tour of Figueres and Girona from Barcelona

Barcelona is known to be the most metropolitan of all other cities in Spain. It is also one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean region. There are many restaurants, bars and clubs that are always filled up with visitors and fully packed similar to the seaside in summer time. Barcelona is a hardworking and dynamic place that struggles itself to find position in the frontline of Europe in the 21st century by the developments in hi tech and bio medical businesses. Travelling sometime from the area of Barcelona we get to two major and famous towns in the northern region of Catalonia. They are the towns of Figueres and Girona.

There are many eye catching scenes to be seen during the tour. They are the master pieces like the Teatre Museu Dali and also one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in the Girona area. The tour can be started from Barcelona. The estimated time duration is nearly eleven and half hours. Talking about Figueres tour there are many tourist destinations that attracts a lot of people each and every year around.

Figueres is the birth place of Salvador Dali who was a famous artist and also Narcis who invented the successful machine powered submarine for the first time. Teatre Museu Dali has several Dali works like the Carro Naval which is an installation made of Cadillac. There is a new permanent exhibition arranged in the museum which is called as the Dali Joies. Here we can see 37 different types of Jewels that belong to the collection of the old Owen Cheatham. There are also drawings and paintings that are prepared by Dali for the purpose of designing the jewels.

The historic city of Girona is where the Jewish community was fully flourished during the 12th century. Girona trip is actually an exciting one. Girona is also known as the City of Four Rivers. So this is a fully preserved Jewish area by the tourism department of the place. There are many additional facilities done and provide for the promotion of tourism on the area. If you take a guided walking tour through the city all the Girona sights can be enjoyed to a full extend. If the accompanying guide is an experienced personal then surely excitement and eager to know this will be more than expected. All these places were greatly influenced by the Jewish culture and life style. They also showed off their skills even beyond the city limits.

Trip to Sigtuna and Uppsala from Stockholm

Sigtuna and Uppsala are two famous tourist destinations in Stockholm which is in the country of Sweden. Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. In 1998 Stockholm was given the title of European City of Culture. Speaking about our places of interest Sigtuna is situated in the North West region of the city of Stockholm. This is considered as the first city in Sweden. The city of Stockholm rose to its prominent period during the late 900’s and in the mid 1200’s. Sigtuna had also developed a lot during this period of time and hence said to be in golden age during this period of time.

The city has an overall outlook same as the olden times with the main street of Stora gatan still the same. The buildings that are found on either sides of the street are also from the 1700’s and 1800’s. From Stockholm reaching main streets of Sigtuna takes around 2 hours of time. It is an exciting journey traversing through the Stockholm attractions like farmlands and forest areas and also the surrounding Lake Malaren. There are also narrow waterways and draw bridges in the way. If the assistance of an experienced guide can be obtained then never miss the chance. The history of the passing by country sides shall be explained by him as it is important to know.

The journey shall be continued through the beautiful streets of Sigtuna where we can find many architecturally important churches, rune stones and ruins that are found scattered throughout the areas of the town. Sigtuna Museum is yet another location to visit. The location of Sigtuna is just a 30 minutes’ drive from the university town of Uppsala. By visiting Uppsala we have to see the wonderful places like Old Uppsala Museum, Linnaeus summer residence Hammarby and Uppsala Castle which has gained position in Stockholm sightseeing. It takes nearly 4 hours to cover up these areas.

The area of old Uppsala contains a large number of ruins from the Iron Age. Even the first church of Uppsala still exist here which is dated back to the 12th century. This is also one of the most notable areas of the ancient Scandinavia. There are displays of royal mounds which tell the stories of the Yngling kings. Linnaeus Hammarby is one of the best preserved estates of Sweden which dates back to the 18th century. This is named after the world famous botanist Carl Linnaeus. Uppsala castle is located on the Beacon Ridge and it is an eye catching scene to anyone who approaches the city.

A visit to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Bath from London

There are many famous and historic attractions in London even the ones which exist from the early ancient periods. There is no chance of getting bored with the sights and views of the amazing city of London. The best places to hang out with your family are found enormously in London. Among them Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor Castle are only some of them. The importance and the main features of these places are discussed here. We get marveled with the pre historic monument, ancient Roman Baths and also the world famous Windsor Castle.

Stonehenge: This is a prehistoric monument which is located in the Wiltshire region, north of Salisbury in London. This is one of the most famous heritage sites in the world. The entire place is captivated with a number of unique and wonderful rock structures that are more than 5000 years old. Stonehenge is composed of enormous earthworks that are surrounded by means of large standing stone that are circular in shape. This represents the Bronze and the Neolithic ages of the historic period. There are also many burial mounds present here in the Stonehenge. UNESCO has added the particular site to the list of World Heritage Sites. This is a Scheduled Ancient Monument that is protected legally. The owner of the Stonehenge is the Crown while it is managed by the English Heritage. But the surrounding area is owned by the National Trust of London City.

Windsor Castle: This is one of the oldest castles in London which exists from the medieval period. This is also a royal residence which is located in Windsor which comes under the boundary of the English county of Berkshire. This is castle is a world famous one because of its long lasting relation with the royal family and also its beautiful architecture. The Norman invader William is the designer and the person behind the construction. This is also renowned as the longest occupied castle in the history of Europe. This has been the residence of a number of monarchs from the time since the reign of Henry I. The design was to establish the dominance of the Norman Empire in and around the region of London and the purpose was also to oversee an important part of River Thames which is strategically needed.

Bath: Bath is a city which is located in the ceremonial region of the Somerset county of England. The place was given the city status by Queen Elizabeth I in the year 1590 as a part of the Royal Charter. The first and the primary most establishment of the city was as a spa ad it was naked in Latinas Aquae Sulis by the Roman people early in AD 43. This was developed as a World Heritage Site in the year 1987. There are a wide variety of theatres, museums and also a number of other entertainment venues in this beautiful city of London.

A visit to Oxford, Cotswolds, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwick Castle

In the article some of the major tourist attractions of the city of London are discussed about. People wishing to visit these places during their tour can get a clear picture and idea from this article. These are some of the most famous places in London that each and every visitor to the place wishes to see and experience.

Oxford city: This can be better described as a county town of the Oxfordshire region in the South East region of England. The two main rivers namely Cherwell and Thames pass through this city and the city center is their meeting point. For an approximate distance of nearly 10 miles in the neighboring area of Oxford, river Thames is called as the Isis. The city of Oxford is also known as the city of dreaming spires. All the buildings found in the region of Oxford clearly demonstrate the English architectural period and this last ever since the arrival of Saxons. The world famous Oxford University is the oldest university in the English speaking world.

Cotswolds: This is a huge range of hills that is found in the west central region of England. The Cotswolds is also called as the Heart of England. This area is famous for its outstanding natural beauty. The Cleeve Hill is the highest one among the Cotswolds group of hills. The ceremonial counties of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire homes this Cotswolds group of hills. A type of limestone called the oolithic limestone is found in the region and numerous attractive small villages and towns are found lined up on these stones. The specialty of this limestone is the richness of fossils that can be found.

Stratford-on-Avon: This is a beautiful district found in the southern part of Warwickshire in England. Stratford-upon-Avon is a small and wonderful market town and municipal township. This is the biggest and most popular town in the District of Startford-on-Avon. Being the birthplace of the poet and the playwright William Shakespeare, the place has gained immense popularity and fame as a tourist destination. The Royal Shakespeare Theatre is one of the most important and popular cultural centers in the whole of Europe.

Warwick Castle: This famous castle is found in the Warwickshire region of England. This is located on the bend part of the river Avon. The Norman conqueror William is the one who built this world famous castle. This was built early in the year 1068. From the year 1088, the castle solely belonged to the Earl of Warwick with an official declaration and it served as the most important symbol of the kingdom power. The prisoners of the Battle of the Poitiers were held in this castle during the 14th century. Richard Neville who is also called as Warwick the Kingmaker used this castle to imprison the English King Edward IV during the 15th century. The castle has undergone a number of constructional changes ever since its construction in the 11th century.