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Best places to visit in Dusseldorf

As far as the tourism industry in Germany is considered Dusseldorf plays an active role. There are many important tourist destinations in Dusseldorf that bring great economic benefits to the country’s economy. Some of the most famous places of tourist interest are being discussed here in the article.

1.Dusseldorf Film museum: This is one of the most interesting and attractive museums prevailing in Dusseldorf. This film museum is well known for the permanent and most attractive unique exhibitions of costumes, properties and decorative materials that were used greatly during the ancient times. This continues from the time since the museum was founded. Information is delivered in a fashionable and interactive way. This museum becomes great in the manner used to deliver useful information to the visitors.

2.The Nord Park: This is the most amazing park in Dusseldorf that provides great source of entertainment. This is an amazing public park in the whole of Germany. This comes in the district of Stockum in Dusseldorf. The beautiful trees, fountains, sculptures, playgrounds and decorative flower beds are all really attractive and breathtaking. This park can be considered as the most decorative and attractive one in the city as far as its recreation facilities and difficult to believe landmarks are considered. This is one of the largest parks prevailing in the city.

3.Rheinturm view: This is the view of the city from the above tower. Toy cars and roads seem as small as pencil thick and houses seem to be as small as matchbox. Imagine the view of the Media harbor and the sight of the city from the tower top-234m high. This is really breath taking and a must see to the city visitors of Germany tour.

4.Dusseldorf Airport: If you have a keen interest in watching planes the Dusseldorf airport is the best place for that. Visit the two viewer’s galleries at the airport and we get a good idea of what is going on. Dusseldorf airport is the biggest airport in Germany.

5.Dusseldorf Media Harbor: The plan of enjoying the evening is sitting by water sipping a cup of coffee or cocktail juices then the best idea is to go to the Media Harbor.

6.Rhine promenade: This is the place to enjoy a holiday atmosphere when the weather is warm and sunny. From the open air steps at the Burgplatz and the Rhine promenade we can get outstanding views of the Rhine ships, gliding past, the cable stayed bridge, the Oberkassel Rhine banks and the Rheinauen.

7.Museum of Art: The most northerly museum is the Dusseldorf’s Ehrenhof Museum of Art. It displays different art forms of Europe from the medieval period to the present stage. To be included in Germany tour packages.

8.Hofgarten: This is a huge park that originated in the year 1770. The whole of Dusseldorf city is bounded by this park on the northern side.

9.Castle Tower: In Burgplatz and the northern part of the Dusseldorf Town Hall, there is the Schlossturm which is the old remains of the Schloss. This is the local name of the Castle Tower. Now the shipping museum is situated in this building.

10.St Andrew’s Church: This is adjoining the Kunsthalle in Dusseldorf and the mausoleum of the princely house of Pfalz- Neuburg.

Famous places to visit in Rome

Rome is a very busy city which has a number of monuments, squares and churches which are very much attractive among the tourists. These forms the important landmarks of different places in Rome. Some of the famous tourist destinations are discussed here.

1.Arch of Constantine: This is known as one of the famous monuments of Rome which is very old. This is also the proud building of Rome. This arc was built during the year 315 AD. This is also the symbol of the victory of Constantine 1 over Maxentius king at the bridge of Milvian in 312 AD. Out of the three structures of its kind this is the larger one.

2.The Pantheon: This is one of the most preserved monuments in Rome. This was reconstructed by Emperor Hadrian in 120 AD. This was constructed in the place of a temple when it was destructed by fire. Its dome is made in the shape of a perfect hemisphere and its interior is also very beautifully decorated. There is also an oculus which is the symbol of all Seeing Eye of heaven.

3.Spanish Steps: This name came from the Spanish Embassy that is in a city called Piazza. The steps are also located in Piazza. If you plan for a Rome tour in summer then visit the place to see the steps that are divided into rows by flowers. At the top of the stairs we can see the beautiful church of Trinita de Monti. The bottom part of the steps is also decorated with a fountain of old boat named the Fontana della Barcaccia.

4.Fonatana di Trevi: This fountain is in a small piazza off Via del Tritone. Designed by Nicola Silva. There is a belief that by throwing a coin to the fountain the return of that person to Rome is ensured.

5.St.Peter Basilica: the world’s most famous church is the St.Peters Basilica. It’s very huge and really attractive. This was built in 15th century and was built to replace the old St.Peters church. Among the artisans who worked for rebuilding the church Bramante and Michelangelo are the famous.

6.Piazza San Pietro: This is St. Peter’s square. This is a magnificent square that was designed by the famous artist Bernini. This has the capacity to hold up to 400,000 people at a time and was completed in the year 1667. This is in the shape of an ellipse. The quadruple are topped with the statues of the famous saints. There are two beautiful fountains in the area nearby piazza.

7.Colosseum: The construction of this monument was started by the emperor Vespasian in AD 70. But the inauguration was done only in the year AD 80. The gladiator fights conducted in the area is an important form of entertainment enjoyed by most of the Romans.

8.Roman Forum: This forum is the local heart of the Republic of Rome. Previously this area was covered with a number of temples and palaces. Now we can find only ruins in the area and the visitors of Europe tour should hardly imagine how the forum looked like in the ancient times.

9.Piazza Venezia: Here we can find the intersection of many streets. In the middle area of the piazza we can find the monument built by Vittorio Emanuele II.

10.Trajan’s Column: This monument is the proud owning part of the Roman nation. This was built to honor the military campaigns in Dacia. This column is in the center of Rome and is 2000 years old.

Top places to visit in Denver

Denver, which is famous place in Colorado, is associated with snow. This is really a full mile above sea level and it is located in the eastern side of Rocky Mountains. Some of the important tourist destinations of Denver are listed here.

1.Denver Arts Complex: Apart from the Lincoln Center in New York City, Denver Arts Complex is the largest performing arts center in the whole of the country. This complex that covers nearly 12 acres of area has many famous buildings in USA. Some of them are the Colorado Ballet, Opera Colorado and the Colorado Symphony.

2.Red Rocks: This is located 15 miles away from Denver. This is a parallel combination of a park that covers nearly 868 acre and an amphitheatre. This is most often selected as the best venue to watch a stage show or concert. This is a world famous concert venue. This was once listed among the Seven Wonders of the World because of the large red sandstone boulders that can challenge gravitational force.

3.Denver Zoo: This is one of the most popular zoos in the whole region of America. There are nearly 4000 different animals in the zoo that come from 700 species. This zoo is located in an area of nearly 80 acres of land in the city park. This has started functioning in the year 1896 and it is open for visitors on all the days of the week. Free admission is also offered at times depending on the season of Denver tour.

4.US Mint: The Denver Mint is the world’s largest manufacturers of coin. The first coin was released in the year 1906. Regular coin production is being continued in the mint since that period of time. Denver Mint offers free tours to all the visitors. The tourists of USA tour can not only witness how valueless ore becomes coins that are high valued and the progression of how the process of minting has evolved and developed over years.

5.Denver Art Museum: The Denver Art Museum is also called simply as DAM. DAM has been a part of the Civic Center which is in the down streams of Denver town. This is famous worldwide for the huge collection of American Indian Art that it hosts.

6.Rapids Invesco Field: Denver is also included in the 13 cities of US that represents greatly in the sports league of northern part of America. The NFL Broncos play at the Invesco Field that is at the Mild High.

7.City Park: This covers a total area of 330 acre and is multifunctional. This contains the famous lakes like Ferril and Duck Lakes, public golf course Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

8.Paramount Theatre: This is an 1870 seated theatre that is renowned as the best concert venue in the world. Rock shows, comic shows, movies and recitals are all hosted here. Since 1980 this has been registered in the national Register of Historic places.

9.Elitch Gardens Park: Elitch Garden has celebrated its 120th anniversary on May 1, 2010. This is one of the top destinations in Denver that has a wide variety of entertainment with many thrill rides, ballrooms and animation theatres.

10.16th Street Mall: This is located on the 16th Street in the down streams of Denver. This has the best restaurants of Denver and is more than a mile lengthy.

Hawaii a perfect holiday destination

The pristine beaches, moderate climate, high standard shopping centers and the unique type of Polynesian culture and heritage makes Hawaii a perfect and well known tourist destination in the world. Hawaii makes home to many important and beautiful holiday destinations known to man. The visitors are highly enchanted by the great volcanic mountains; tropical rainforests and the heartbreaking scenic beauty have greatly inspired the visitors to make Hawaii their favorite tourist destination.

There are many lovable tourist places in Hawaii of which the most famous ones are Oahu Island, Hawaii Big Island, Kauai, Maui, Kahoolawe and the most famous capital city Honolulu. Couples, singles, families, honeymooners or large tourist groups can find a number of affordable resorts or means of accommodation without any difficulty. People wishing to stay in luxury environment can get into such hotels easily. The accommodation providers do not deny in any means and provide the best they can. This hospitality is one reason for people coming for Hawaii holidays.

Tourists can find many affordable Hawaii travel packages offered by different tourist agencies especially during the season. There will be any added attractions too for such tour packages. People feel like not returning home after seeing the most accepted scenic beauties which are always breathe taking. The beautiful sunrise of the island of Maui, the popular beaches like the Waikiki Beach of Honolulu, and the nature treat given by Kauai are all the gifts that nature has given to Hawaii City.

The eye catching sites that the place offers the tourists continue to be in their hearts for a long period of time which makes them feel like visiting the place again and again to spent Hawaii holidays. This is also called American archipelago where most of the newly married couples plan to spend their honeymoon days which are the evergreen days in their life. Tourists are given many options to spend their leisure time by playing golf, diving, sightseeing or simply diving. The extra tasty foods that are served in many of the side by restaurants in the marine region also tempt anyone to visit the place once more.

People fond of driving can also take a drive through the Hana Highway which is also filled up with scenic beauty. The high way has many twists and turns, one way bridges and dormant natured volcanoes. This enthusiasm is in addition to the relaxation mood that the Maui resorts offer. People who are interested in the history of Hawaii can make a visit to the old whaling town of Lahaina. Golf lovers are able to play at the world class golf club and animal lovers can watch the show of humpback whales. Haleakala Crater which is a dormant volcano of Maui gives us the chance to view the captivating sunrise. Exciting nightlife, dining facilities, shopping arrangements etc are the highlights of the capital city Honolulu. Beach lovers cannot hesitate to watch the Waikiki beach that is very much famous among the surfers. Having a drink and enjoying the sunset in the evening is a general scene that can be seen by all who are to beaches and seaside.

Top places to visit in Auckland

Auckland is one of the densely populated city of New Zealand and an important centre of the world for its education and commerce. It has two harbors on both its sides, the Waitemata Harbour in the Pacific Ocean and the Manukau Harbour in the Tasman Sea. The landmass is generally formed on volcanic fields which now converted into cones. Most of the cones quarried away making it a picturesque landscape with lagoons, lakes, depressions and islands.

There is no particular season for Auckland tour all that is needed is an intention for New Zealand holidays and time. The warm temperature can be experienced from November to April and is suitable for touring. To experience foods and wine concerts summer is the best time to visit which remains from December to February. And if snow is the main attraction then June to August is the ideal time for touring to ski in the thick layers of snow.

Starting from inside the city to the harbors and the beaches in Auckland tour there are many things to see. The most distinctive landmark of Auckland is the Sky Tower. It’s a tall tower which is about 328 meters tall has four observation points which gives a beautiful view if the city. In addition to it there are restaurants, bars, casinos etc. inside it for entertainment. The Auckland Museum built in 1929 is another place worth visit which introduces us to the history of World War I and also shows us the Greek temples and cultures. The Art Gallery of Auckland comprises of 12,500 exhibits and is the largest art gallery of the country. This art gallery is the perfect destinations for the persons who are crazy and interested in arts and crafts. It also holds some exhibitions at a regular interval of time. The Auckland Viaduct Harbour is the perfect place for entertainment and to engulf some hours. Combining with restaurants, shopping plaza on the harbor side there are also touches of history along the roadside of Maritime Trail with beautiful sculptures highlighting the cities sea adventures. The Maritime Museum is also situated there. In summer many events took place here like dancing, singing, outdoor cinemas etc. and the best place for family visit.

Apart from the city the natural views of Auckland Tour will also put a mark on the mind in New Zealand holidays. Bordered with two harbors and decorated with grass covered cones of the old volcanoes this place is also blessed by the Mother Nature. With the picturesque beaches to the terrains, forests, cliffs and farmlands it’s blessed by the nature all over it. Walking in the terrains, forests and cliffs is a unique experience of this place. Visiting Auckland and its surroundings will be the most memorable holiday in the New Zealand holidays.

Best places to visit in Melbourne

Melbourne, a city in Australia has a large number of options regarding tourist destinations. The most fantastic public transport system prevailing in Melbourne gives a chance to all its visitors both local and foreigners to explore and understand many interesting and breath taking attractions of the city. A number of tourists plan to make their vacation enjoyable by visiting this great city. Some of the most important tourist destinations are described in this article.

1. Melbourne CBD: This is a maze of many veiled laneways and alleys that curls around modern sky scraper buildings. You can spend a whole day fully involved in this maze. There are a number of fashion designer shops, different types of department stores and trendy fashionable little cafes scattered around the Melbourne’s CBD area.

2. Royal Botanic Gardens: There are a number of beautifully landscaped areas like gardens and parklands that make the city of Melbourne one of the greenest cities in the world. Melbourne’s royal botanic garden has greatly helped to make this a dream come true. Royal Botanic Garden is described as one of the finest gardens in the world. This garden contains more than 12,000 species of plants and this provides a natural home to many of the wildlife. Try visiting the garden during the Australia tour.

3. State Library of Victoria and Old Melbourne Gaol: This is Australia’s oldest library that offers many exhibitions of different items including the armor. This is located in the vicinity of the Old Melbourne Gaol which is a historic blue stone building which has become the witness to some of Australia’s most describing events like the Gold Rush and Eureka Stockade Rebellion.

4. Southgate Arts and Leisure Precinct: this was opened in the year 1992. Since then it has been an important meeting place for the people of Melbourne. There are three levels of high quality shopping stores, drinking bars and restaurants.

5. The Southern Star Observation Wheel: This is located in the Dockland’s region of Melbourne. This is Australia’s first observation wheel which provides a beautiful addition to the city skyline and wonderful views of the city, Port Phillip Bay and beyond that. This wheel has 21 glass cabins that are fully air conditioned and an LED lighting system that provides great displays at night are also arranged.

6. St Kilda Beach: This will be a wonderful beach experience for all the day or night time visitors. St Kilda Beach Night Markets are greatly entertaining especially on Thursdays during the summer season of you Australia package tour.

7. Richmond, Fitzroy and South Tarra: These are some of the fashionable and vibrant villages that are fully filled up with personality and life. These are multicultural villages too. Everything that can be bought with money is available in these market shops.

8. Melbourne Observation Deck: This is the Rialto Towers of Melbourne. This is a tower that is 235 meters high and which gives a 360 degree view of the whole city.

9. Federation Square: This is located opposite to the Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station. This is the new meeting place of the people of Melbourne.

10. Great Ocean Road: This is only an hours’ drive away from Melbourne. This road is 273 km long along the south east coast of Australia.

Top Places to visit in Sydney

Sydney, a decorated city in the south-east coast of Australia is one of the most attractive cities. Located in the coast of Tasman Sea it’s the busiest city of Australia and the capital of New South Wales. Established in 1788 as a British Colony, the city is famous as an International centre for education, commerce, arts, entertainment, tourism, music and culture. Formed in the Triassic Periods about 200 millions years ago this landmass mostly consists of sandstone, igneous dykes and volcanic necks supporting inhabitations for about thirty thousand years. The landmass is bordered by the Hawkesbury River in the north to the Royal National Park in the south and Pacific Ocean in the east to the Blue Mountains in the west.

Time and modernization has spread all over the place making it a marvelous spot of tourist destination. There is no perfect season for Sydney tour as different seasons brings different occasions to the city. Starting from the autumn which remains from March till May, the weather remains cooler enough for walking, wind surfing, being in a harbor cruise and bush walking. During summer which remains from December to February the temperature is hot enough and is the time for celebration for the city with Christmas, Boxing Day, Sydney Festival, etc. This time of the year is best for walking tour, sun bath at the beach, wind surfing and cruising. Spring, starting from September till November is the time for regrowth of the nature is the time when the city becomes beautiful with its parks and gardens. The weather is generally cool enough and the best time to spend on the picturesque white beaches which will definitely cut a mark in the mind in the Australia holidays. Walking tour, fishing and wind surfing are common in this season.

Starting from inside the city in the Sydney tour the must visit places are Sydney Opera House, an example of architecture of a Dutch designer. Sydney Bridge Climb, a three and half hour climb below which the whole city can be seen. Harbour recreation where one can enjoy jet boat skiing, sailing, cruise ride etc. Scenic flights offer a fifteen minutes helicopter ride over the city. And outside the city the Blue Mountains offers fresh mountain atmosphere with a marvelous beauty of the nature where bush walking, cable car rides are main attractions. Port Stephens an old port which brings close to nature and history must be visited. Hunter Valley Wine Country gives an ultimate experience of wine tasting to the tourists. Central Coast Region gives an ultimate view of farms and country regions can also be short listed in the Australia holidays. One can also visit different bays like Akuna Bay, Batemans Bay and Nelson Bay. Jenolan Cave is a beautiful cave worth viewing. Last but not the least is the white beaches around the coastline which is the main attraction in the Sydney tour in Australia holidays.

Best Places to Eat While in Singapore

Singapore Holidays can never be complete without the taste of Singaporean delicacies that reflects the true multi-cultural diversity of the land. The food obsession of Singaporeans is evident from the varied range of cuisines like Chinese, Malay, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Thai, Indian, etc available in their restaurants, coffee shops, hawker centers and food courts. While on a Singapore Tour one must try the local delicacies of the island like Satay, Roti Prata, Bak Kut Teh and Rice, Nasi Lemak, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa, Char Kuay Teow, Hokkien Prawn Mee, Fish Head Curry, Char Siew Rice/Noodles, Chilli Crab, Oyster Omelette , etc.

If you are looking for a quick bite while on a Singapore Tour some cafes popular with the working crowd are Starbucks, Coffee Club and Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf ; Fast food centres like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, etc; Hawker Centres like the most well-known Newton Circus Food Center, Adam Road Food Center, Chomp Chomp Food Center, etc. and a range of Food Courts available in shopping centers and housing estates. Amongst them, the hawkers selling on-spot dishes in roadside stalls at reasonable rates portray the true eating culture of Singapore that is multi-cultural.

One can look forward to a memorable dining experience on a Singapore Holiday with restaurants ranging from budget to luxury, suiting every pocket and preference.

Restaurants in Singapore can be divided according to their location, like:

1. The Orchard Road Restaurants like the famous Tambuah Mas, Esmirada, Straits Kitchen, Crystal Jade, etc in the retail hub of the island.

2. The Marina Bay Restaurants on the bustling Marina Bay popular for its scenic beauty, like Jaan on the top floor of the Swissotel; Paulaner Brauhaus, the only German microbrewery in Singapore; Double Bay; Forlino; Cherry Garden; One on the Bund; House of Sundanese Food offering Indonesian cuisine, etc.

3. The Clarke Quay & Riverside Restaurants on the banks of the river teemed with trendy outlets, nightclubs and bars like the Brewerkz Microbrewery, King Satay; Sukhothai; Indochine Waterfront Restaurant, etc.

4. The Chinatown Restaurants offering Chinese delicacies to food lovers like the Yum Cha; Smith Street; Qun Zhong Eating House, etc.

5. The Bukit Timah Restaurants on the longest road of Singapore like Casa Verde; Brazil Churrascaria; La Nonna, Hanabi; the famous the Newton Food Centre; etc.

6. The Geylang-East Coast Restaurants like Guan Hoe Soon; Chilli Padi Nonya; Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice; 328 Katong Laksa, etc are popular for their Malay and Peranakan delicacies.

7. Little India Restaurants serving ethnic Indian food like the Banana Leaf Apolo; Muthu’s Curry; Gayatri; Komala’s Restaurants; etc.

8. Kampong Glam Restaurants with a predominantly Islamic atmosphere offers Middle Eastern eateries like the Tepak Sireh; Ambrosia; Alaturka; etc.

9. The Sentosa Island Restaurants like Tastes of Singapore@Imbiah; The Cliff@The Sentosa; Si Bon, etc in south Singapore offer a premium dining experience.