A city tour of London

Within the bigger region of Greater London in England, the city of London is a comparatively smaller area. Despite of the time gap it is the history of the place that has greatly helped in holding up the city status. There happened no changes to the city boundary since the medieval period and it’s a small part of the huge metropolitan city as a whole. Even then the city boundary is a notable region in the central part of London. This part is often referred to as city on the maps of London and it is also called as Square Mile since the area covered comes just above one square mile.

There is also a large variety of sightseeing options that can be covered up in a city tour. The only thing that is to be taken attention on is the selection of the route for the city tour. The selection of the route must be done in such a way that a maximum of places shall be covered in a single journey. Some of the major tourist attractions of the London city tour are described below.

London Eye: This is the biggest of the available ferry wheels in London and it’s called the London Eye since the whole of the London city shall be seen by taking a ride on this. The London Eye attracts a million number of tourists from different parts of the world. There are a total number of 32 capsules that are securely closed and also air conditioned. The capsule modeling is done as the London’s Boroughs.

Madame Tussauds: This is a world famous wax museum that contains the wax models of almost all the famous celebrities from different parts of the world. They includes the replicas of actors, politicians, musicians, sports figures etc. Feel cozy with your favorite stars and the visitors can take lively photographs together with the favorite celebrities.

Tower Bridge: No visitor to the place can miss this wonderful view of the Tower Bridge from the two walkways. We can also enjoy the dazzling beauty of the wonderful morning when the sun shines at its full splendor over the London City. There is a beautiful foot path for pedestrians constructed above the River Thames. This is yet another beautiful place from where to enjoy the breath taking panorama of the London city and the Thames River.

Buckingham Palace: This is the authorized residence of the British Empire. National ceremonies and royal hospitality occurs here in the Buckingham Palace. The initial purpose of building the palace was as a town house for the stay of the Duke of Buckingham region.

London Zoo: This is the oldest zoo of its type in the whole of the world. The intention of opening this zoo in the year 1828 was to use it as a scientific study center. The official opening of the zoo for the public was in the year 1847. Over 755 species of birds and 15,104 species of animals can be seen in this zoo.

Things to do in London

London attracts a total number of more than 20 million tourists each and every year around. Among the international visits London has been the world’s most visited places. The Tourist Board of London is called as the Visit London. Some of the things that the people visiting London are most likely to do are being discussed here in the article.

Churchill War Rooms: This is said to be the most interactive and innovative Churchill Museum in the world. This is the world’s first museum that has been dedicated to the life of the greatest Briton. This is also the secret underground headquarters which belonged as the nerve center of the war efforts conducted by the Britain.

Kew Bridge Steam Museum: This museum was built in the 19th century for the purpose of water supply for the city of London. This museum is considered as the most important site which supplies water for the water supply industry in London. This museum is said to have the largest collection of working steam engines in the world. This museum is ought to be included in almost all the London tours.

Camden Passage: The Camden Passage market is the place where we can find and shop a very large and diverse range of silverwares, antiques and jewellery. The main focus of the market is on the Islington’s thriving antiques community. The Mall Antiques Arcade which is a tram station of the old age is also located in this market place.

Borough Market: This is an award winning market. This is also renowned as one of the largest food markets in the city of London and an important part of London sightseeing. This is a wonderful place that offers the top quality products from all over the country and even the continent.

Chapel Market: This is one of the most popular streets in London that sells a wide range of products like clothes, household items, fruits and vegetables etc. Items are available at cheaper cost and this makes the place more famous among the tourists coming to London.

Belgo Centraal: This is a very famous location for dining that is located in the area of Convent Garden. The funky chrome interior and the long tables that are set inside are all really attractive. There is a Mimi Belgo menu that allows children at the age of 12 or below to eat for free of cost. Things to do in London become more attractive with such places.

Imli: This is a famous Indian Style dining place in the city of London. Imli will be a great dining experience for families. The cost is affordable and there is specially made light spicy food for children. The vacation season offers kids dining for only half the cost.

Museum in Docklands: This is one of the newest museums in London city. This museum unlocks the vast expanding history of the London’s river, port and the related people during the 19th century. This port houses the imports of spices, rum and also cotton.

Major attractions of Rome

The famous sights and glories that belong to the ancient Roman Empire shall be visited by each and every tourist coming for vacation. Some of them shall be seen only using special passes and cards while others are free to visit. Some of the ancient sites that are included in the historic center of Rome are included in the article.

The Colloseum of Rome: This is the huge amphitheater that solely belongs to the ancient Roman Kingdom. This is very large with a capacity to hold more than 55,000 people at a time. This was built by the Roman Emperor Vespasian in the year AD 80. This is the place where many deadly animal fights were conducted which was a main entertainment source for the kings of olden times. The famous Arch of Constantine is also nearby which was built in the year AD 315.

The Pantheon: This is considered as the temple of all gods which was built between the years 118 AD to 125 AD. This was built by the emperor Hadrian. In the 7th century the Christians changed it into a church but now it has many tombs lined up. There is a spectacular dome inside which greatly attracts visitors of Rome city tours.

Roman Forum: The Roman Forum of Ancient times is a huge architectural complex that consists of many ruined temples, basilicas and arches. For ancient Roman Empire this forum was a great center for business, and other legal, social and ceremonial activities. For a wonderful panorama get to the top of the Capitoline Hill that is found behind the museums.

The Capitoline Hill: The Capitoline Hill is located all above the Roman Forum. This was Rome’s symbolic center and held as the famous temple of Jupiter. There are two famous museums which are the oldest public museums in the world. One is the Palazzo Nuovo and the other is the Palazzo dei Conservatori. The Palazzo Nuovo consists of Roman and Greek sculptures whereas the Palazzo dei Conservatori consists of art gallaries, sculptures and frescoes.

The Piazza Navona: This Piazza is very important among the Rome attractions. This was originally built as a stadium in the first century. Then it was intended for chariot races and athletic contests. In the present day situations have changed a lot. Now Piazza Navona has many luxurious cafes and also holds up three Baroque fountains. The most famous ice cream dessert called tartufo is believed to be originated here. All these available cafes provide deliciously prepared tartufo for all the visitors.

The Palatine Hill: The Palatine Hill is where the aristocrats and the emperors of the ancient Roman Empire lived. This began early in the beginning of the first century BC. The famous buildings here which were built during the first century AD were the official residences of the emperors then. These buildings are none other than the Domus Flavia and the Domus Augustana. These served as the residences of emperors for more than 300 long years.

Famous Attractions and Sightseeing Places in Rome

The city of Rome is such a place on the planet that day by day the number of visitors keeps on increasing. The tourist interest on Rome is incomparable with any other cities in the whole world as such. Places or monuments of historical importance are found everywhere in Rome and the factor of commercialism comes from the real gems from Italy like the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps etc. There are also things which are dated back to even the 17th century like the Mouth of Truth. Some of the most famous attractions in Rome are discussed here.

1. Mouth of Truth: This is situated in the foyer region of the St. Mary’s in Comedian church. This wonderful structure is a grim marble piece which is also called as the Bocca della Verita. This is actually a leftover of the ancient period which was found half buried during the Middle Ages. The famous belief among the people of Rome is that if a person puts his hand into to the Mouth of Truth and speaks out something which is not true then he will be unable to withdraw his hand from the mouth.

2. Capitoline Hill: This is one of the most important attractions of the Rome and the main attraction can be considered as the Piazza del Campidoglio. This was designed by the world famous artist Michelangelo early in the year 1538. There was a famous statue of Marcus Aurelius. This is a well-proportioned square that are surrounded on three sides by the famous structures namely Palazzo dei Senatori and two other museums which are the Palazza dei Conservatori and also the Palazzo Nuovo. These museums are fully occupied by statues also.

3. Trevi Fountain: This is a great structure which attracts a large crowd of people to the city of Rome. This is considered as the most stunning and imposing structure in Rome by the whole of the rest of the world. The people coming here also follow a practice of throwing coins into the water of the fountain. As a result a large sum of money is obtained here from the fountain itself and a major portion of it is donated for charitable organizations. The present fountain is actually the renovated one of the earlier structure of the year 1453. The renovations were done by the famous Pope Clemente XII in the year 1730 with the help of the most famous artisans.

4. Spanish Steps: This is a great structure of the noted Baroque period. This was built in the year 1723 and got its name from the famous and nearby Spanish Embassy. This is also the headquarters of the Spain’s Embassy in the region of this Holy See. This famous structure was built by the Pope Innocent XIII. There is a beautiful display of the large pots filled up with spring flowers o\n either sides of the step which is really stunning.

Excellent places to visit in Copenhagen

People of every taste and interest have many things to enjoy in Copenhagen. Most of all these attractions are also in walk able distance away. The three important attractions prevailing in the city are Tivoli Park which is more than 100 years old, the statue of The Little Mermaid, and also the free town of Christiana. Even the history of the place which is nearly 1000 years old is also an important attraction to tourists. The significant buildings, interesting sites and historic landmarks have also made the place terrifically important. While in Copenhagen never miss the Amalienborg Palace which is the residence of the royal family, canal tour on the harbor and the shopping street Stroget. Some of important attractions are discussed here.

1.Amalienborg Palace: Built in Danish Rococco architecture which is a great structure. This is the Queen’s residence. It is in an octagonal courtyard with four identical buildings spread around.

2.Christiania: This is a free town within the city limits. There is no doubt that this is one of the greatest attractions in Denmark. This is a controversial area that is greatly loved by many people around the world. There is a strong chance for debate because of the anarchistic statements made.

3.Christiansburg Palace: The Danish Parliament, Supreme Court and the Ministry of the State are all included in this palace. Royal functions and events are also included here. The Prime Minister and the Queen welcome the foreign state officials from this building.

4.Canal tours: This is cruising the canals through boats. This is the best way to obtain an onboard view of the city using one of the canal boats.

5.Karen Blixen Museum: This was once the residence of the internationally renowned writer Karen Blixen aka Isaak Dinesen. It is located directly from the region around Rungstedlund which has an enchanting park and bird sanctuary to the north of Copenhagen.

6.Kronborg Castle: This castle is located in the Helsingor region of Kronberg. Shakespeare’s famous drama, Hamlet is the reason behind the popularity of the castle. This renaissance castle is surrounded by many major buildings with bastions and ravelins. This is a monumental military fortress. Never miss to see the castle dungeon and the grand ballroom during Denmark tours.

7.Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: Many exhibitions keep on changing in the museum. There are many world class art displays which are the examples of the Danish art scene.

8.Ny Carlsberg Glypotek: This is the art museum that was found by Carl Jacobsen. This museum contains two different departments one of ancient and other of modern art. Try including this in the Denmark tour package.

9.Rosenborg Palace: This was built by King Christian IV. This was built as a royal pleasure retreat. Today this is considered as a museum which depicts the 400 years old history of the country.

10.Stroget: This is the largest shopping area of Copenhagen which is centered around the Stroget area in the heart of the city. The longest shopping street of the city has a wealth of many user friendly shops containing world famous brands.

Top places to visit in Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest countries in South America. This is a land of contrasts replete which gives wide variety views of scenic beauty. A number of tourist places are available for visit in Brazil that includes Amazon forests, large beaches and a number of historic sites. The place is made more attractive because of the great pleasing nature and hospitality provided by the Brazilian citizens. We get fascinating views of the unending mysteries with great historic happenings. Some of the beautiful and fascinating tourist’s places are discussed in this article.

1.Fernando de Noronha Island: This is a great group of islands laid in the form of a cluster. This area has the presence of a large number of volcanoes, valleys and mountains. There we can find a number of different species of flora and fauna along with pleasant and cool tropical climate. Walking along the water banks of this island offers us a wide range of water species that are varied in nature and form.

2.Rio de Janerio: This place is renowned as the “A Cidade Maravilhosa which means The Marvelous City. This was once the capital city of Brazil. Tourists on Brazil tour will never leave the place without making a visit to the Rio de Janerio. We get a wide variety of natural sceneries, beaches and market places which are the stages for a variety of activities. The old buildings and the prevailing narrow streets have a lot to say about the history of the location.

3.Salvador: This place is considered as the natural hub of Brazil. This place is situated towards the north east part of Brazil. This is the capital of Bahia which is a Brazilian state. Europeans led to the discovery of the place in 1502 where as the Portuguese settled themselves in the place by 1549. Along the major roads of the place white cathedrals can be seen which provides us with an unforgettable view during those Brazil travel packages. This city was the house of the first made Catholic bishop and was also the center of the Brazilian Catholicism.

4.Sao Paulo: This is the world’s third largest city and also the largest one in South America. The census of the region is mainly dominated in the region. Sao Paulo and its rival Rio de Janerio is generally compared to the City of New York and Los Angeles. The attraction of Sao Paulo depends completely on its people and vibrant colors where as Rio de Janerio is famous for the natural setting.

5.Recife: This is the capital city of Pernambuco which is a state of the Brazil country. This city is located in the location where the Beberibe River meets with the Capibaribe River which flows directly to the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Pernambuco was moved to this place by the Dutch troops who occupied the place from 1630. When this happened Recife was nothing more than a fishing village. The place was developed to the present stage by Dutch inhabitants by building enormous number of bridges, palaces and such crucial structures.


Excellent places to visit in Belgium

Belgium is a large country that is situated in the heart region of Europe. Belgium chocolates and Belgium beer are the two specialties of Belgium. These are the two things that come to our mind first by hearing the name Belgium. Belgium also has many beautiful beaches fully covered up with white sand. The oldest carnival of the place, the Carnival of Binche is an important attraction. The pissing toddlers in Brussels and the Het Steen Castle in Antwerp are other famous attractions. This is a great place to visit during any time of the year. It is also one of the most famous vacation spots in Europe. Some of them are described here.

1.Brussels: This is the cultural city that has many diverse type architectures prevailing in the world. This is the home for many world class museums, renowned artists and many delicious and tasty foods such Belgium waffles, Belgian chocolates and Belgian beer. This makes Brussels very famous in the world.

2.Brugge: This is located in the northwest region of Brussels. This is only a fifty minutes drive away from the Brussels area. This is such an excellent location to visit for a day trip from Brussels. Clean cobble stone streets, many canals and beautiful medieval buildings can be seen during Belgium tour.

3.Ghent: This city is located in the area between Brussels and Brugge. This is located in a distance of only thirty minutes away from Brussels. There are many medieval architectures and intact and well preserved monuments in the place.

4.Ostend: Try including Ostend in the Belgium package tour. This is a very popular seaside resort that is crowded in the summer season. Because of the great architectural structures and the many leisure time activities that are available it is a year round tourist destination in the world.

5.Leuven: This is only 20 minutes drive from the Brussels. This is also a fantastic place to go for a day trip from Brussels city. This is a university town which has a great nightlife nature which is very vibrant and enjoyable. There are many pubs and bars which makes your nights more enjoyable.

6.Grote Market: Grote Market or a Town Square is a lovable place which is to be strolled and explored with the magnificent Brabo Fountain that has attracted many tourists since its construction.

7.The Cathedral of Our Lady: This cathedral is located on Green Square or on Groenplaats which is one of the most popular attractions in the Antwerp region of Belgium. This also houses the masterpieces of Peter Paul Ruben.

8.Het Steen Castle: This castle which was built in the 13th century is the oldest landmark in the Antwerp region of Belgium. There is also a war memorial presented to the Canadian soldiers inside this castle.

9.The Dagbladmuseum: This is an important place that attracts a number of tourists each and every year to the Antwerp region. This is the place where the world’s first newspaper was invented.

10.Antwerp Aquatopia: This is located in the Queen Astrid Square region of Antwerp. This is a great place to visit and see some of the tropical type fishes in the world.


Excellent places to visit in Canada

Canada is the most hospitable place to visit during a vacation. Canada holidays can be made unforgettable with the top attractive places that are open for tourists. Some of the famous places that attract tourists during the autumn season are described here.

1.The Rocky Mountains: This is in Alberta, Canada. The days are warm and dry during the days of September and October. Some of the accessible spots are Johnston’s Canyon and the Tunnel Mountain. Since there are no summer crowds you can really enjoy the solitude of sub alpine larch and aspen trees.

2.Algonquin Park: This is in Ontario, Canada. This park covers an immense area of nearly 7725 square kilometer. Its size, beauty and the closeness to Toronto make it the most famous parks in Ontario. In order to see and enjoy the forests, lakes and rivers we can take a canoe ride or travel by foot. The maples tree seems to be more attractive at end of September or early in October. Similarly the aspens, tamaracks and red oaks are tourist’s favorite in the middle or end of October.

3.Agawa Canyon Trip: the Central Railroad of Algoma or the Agawa Canyon trip of railways which runs in the northern region through Sault Ste Marie in North Ontorio is the best track to watch the colors at the last part of September or in the beginning of October.

4.Fall Foliage Romance: The dramatic changes that autumn season causes in the forests of the eastern part of Canada is more spectacular or romantic. The special 6 night railway package for the vacation of Fall Foliage is one of Canada’s most important attractions featuring the cities of Toronto, Halifax, Montreal and Quebec City.

5.Niagara Parkway: This is the route that Winston Churchill called as “the prettiest Sunday afternoon drive in the world”. This historic Niagara Parkway is also the River Road. This is the route that follows the winding path of the Niagara River that causes the partition of Canada and the US. The Bruce Peninsula: This is one of the best part of Bruce Trail which hikes a long distance of about 800 km. Here there are wonderful water vistas, fauna and Ontario flora. The trees in the region are more than 1000 years old and in the autumn period the colors are somewhat to be observed.

6.The Laurentian Mountains: The sugar maple trees in the autumn colors make Quebec an attractive location for tourists. The prominent colors are the provincial yellow birch and the American beech. Laurentian Mountains become one of the most appreciable scenes in the northern part of America.

7.Prince Edward Island: This Island has wide range of colors in the autumn season. The water flowing through the Gulf of St Lawrence and the Northumberland Strait gives the island a pleasant climate.

8.The Cabot Trail: This is one of the most attractive drives in the world around Cape Breton. Colors like red, orange, crimson and gold cover the highlands and reach their peak in the second week of October.

9.Fundy Coastal Drive: This is an outstanding maritime journey. Some of the highest nature of tides can be viewed along with some beautiful pumpkin colors during the first two weeks of October. Make your Canada tour unforgettable with such autumn scenes.