Trip to Avila and Segovia from Madrid

Making plan for a full day tour the whole beauty of places like Avila and Segovia shall be enjoyed. A guided walking tour will be the best option. The wonderful panoramic views shall be enjoyed by standing on the top of the famous hill of Los Cuatro Postes. After that the tour can be guided towards the Avila’s San Vicente Basilica. Avila’s famous cathedral shall also be visited and enjoyed. This hill top which has an important position in the history of the place was declared as a heritage site by the UNESCO. This city is known as Heritage of Mankind. There are world famous towers dating back to 11th century and also intact city walls that add beauty to the inner region of the city.

The famous writer Santa Teresa of Jesus was born in this city. This is also a world famous pilgrimage center in the world. Spanish Mysticism was also born here. There are immense wealth of art treasures in the place. The city walls make it the best example of the medieval walled city. The world famous Gothic cathedral is the oldest one of its kind that shall be seen in Spain. Covering the Avila city by a walking tour means passing the regions like Cathedral, the Convent of Santa Teresa, 4 Postes Hill and some shopping centers in the city. These are the famous places to see during the Avila tour.

After Avila the tour is guided towards the region of Segovia. Here we can see one of the most famous and the best Roman monuments that were built during the Roman era. These monuments exist on the Iberian Peninsula and are considered as an incredible assets and canals of the region of Segovia. These canals were built during the time of reign of the world famous Caesar Augustus. They are said to have 118 arches and are also nearly 10 miles long. But only a very less area of the canals shall be seen today and are open to public. Segovia is an ancient city which solely belonged to the Roman Empire. There is also a famous Gothic Cathedral here.

Beyond all these places the 11th century Alcazar shall also be included in the areas that are covered in the walking tour. Alcazar is actually a wonderful medieval fort that was built by achieving inspiration from the Disney Castle. By standing here we can also imagine the heroic knights and also the medieval tournaments which took place in the fort during the medieval period. Alcazar also has its Artillery Museum and Church of Vera Cruz for tourist visit. This is also considered as a must see place during the Madrid tour. This tour which starts from Central Madrid covering areas of Avila and Segovia holds a total duration of 9 hours.

Day Tour of Toledo from Madrid

Toledo tour is an important option that most of the tourists to Madrid show interest to. Among the tours around the Madrid region Toledo tour has gained greater popularity. Central region is the starting point of this tour. Total time duration required to cover all the important locations in Toledo is 8 hours. This guided coach tour starts the journey from the starting point early in the morning. Toledo was the former capital region of Spain. This is a fortress city which is covered with striking gates all around the city. Along with the Segovia tour and El Escorial or Avila tour, Toledo tour is also one of the essential day tours from Madrid.

Spain’s medieval capital, Toledo is a treasure full asset completely filled up with El Greco art forms and art works. This is a glorious city that is having up a number of amazing medieval architecture. There are a number of cobblestone alleyways and taking a walk through the roads will lead us to the memories and important happenings of thee olden times. The Burial of the Count of Orgaz That is present in the St. Tome church is an important masterpiece of the El Greco art work. This is a must visit place during the Toledo trip. The pleasing atmosphere and hospitality provided by the city is also great which attract a number of people to the place. The city of Toledo is only an hour drive away from the region of Madrid.

The city of Toledo is like an immense museum that contains a number of historical Spanish monuments. The buildings of the Gothic and Renaissance style, the narrow streets and the alleys are the living evidences of the magnificent old days of Toledo region. This city is considered as a National level monument. The city is also called as The City of Three Cultures. This is in remembrance of the period of harmony period when the Christians, Muslims and the Jews lived together peaceful within the city walls. It is a better option to start from the new reception area and then proceed to the old quarters in order to proceed towards the cathedral of Saint Mary. This is also called as the Primate Cathedral. The Synagogue of St. Maria, The Church of San Juan de los Reyes and also the house of the famous sculptor Macho that stands over the Tagus River are some of the famous attractions in Toledo. Possibly there will not be any additional expenses that are to be incurred by the travellers like additional taxes or entrance fees. Madrid tour shall be made entertaining and interesting by visiting Toledo city.

Versailles day tour from Paris

Versailles was the former capital of France which was unofficial. This is the place that homes the world famous Chateau de Versailles. This is located only 10 miles away from the center region of Paris. The world famous grid like street pattern of the Versailles region was accepted as a model plan by the officials of the Washington, D.C. This is also an important shopping center for the people of the western suburbs of the city. By taking a single day ticket we can see the museum, chapel, galleries and also the state apartments. There are a number of train lines that connect the downtown of Paris along with the region of Versailles. The Palace of Versailles is the first and primary option chosen by each and every tourist to the place.

The people to the place are also attracted by the fascinating history of the French revolution. This is a very popular tourist destination in the world and because of its popularity the number of tourists visiting the place keeps on increasing year after year. Even the brutally cold climate is not at all a matter for the visitors. The real bloom of the Versailles Palace and the adjacent gardens can be enjoyed by planning a Versailles tour from Paris. The gardens and the pools give a beautiful panoramic view which shall be explained as mind blowing. Once a visit is made to the gardens after seeing the Versailles Palace your trip shall be considered as a completed one. During the season from April to October on all Saturdays and Sundays we shall also get a wonderful chance to see the fountain show that is arranged in the Gardens for entertaining the visitors. The fountain show is also accompanied by wonderful music beats which were composed at the court of the King Louis XIV.

Get proper guidance and advice from the hostess to choose the correct journey path. There will be an official audio guidance that shall be found in almost all guided tours. The time should be properly managed in order to make use of the opportunity of the maximum by enjoying all the scenes and places. The official suite rooms of the King Louis XIV are opened for the public in the palace. The apartments of the Dauphine and the Dauphin and also the grand Hall of Mirrors are all really attractive. The Queen’s Bedroom and also the Gallery of Battles are liked by everyone on Versailles trip. After that Palace gardens, Queen’s Hamlet and also the Grand Trianon shall be seen which is very near.

Loire Valley Castles and Wine Day trip from Paris

A trip to France will be incomplete without making an attempt to reach Paris. A trip through the Paris countryside will be really enjoyable and full of enthusiasm. If the tourists wish they can surely take a deviation from the hustle and bustle of the city tour by discovering the magnificent and wonderful castles that are available on the Loire Valley. The Loire castles and the Renaissance castles are really attractive for all the visitors to the place. The Loire Valley is located in the Central France and above the wonderful Loire River. This valley spans over more than 280 kms. This area is also known as the Garden of France because of the numerous numbers of vineyards, fruit orchards, asparagus and the beautiful cherry fields.

On a trip to the Loire Valley Castles from Paris the tourists are initially guided through the wonderful and most beautiful castles of the France region. A journey through the marvelous Loire Valley wines is yet another unforgettable experience. All the tourists coming for Loire Valley Castles tour make sure not to miss the chance to see the vineyards too. Tasting this wonderful wine and enjoying a wonderful lunch at the Nitray Vineyards is also included in the trip. After departing from Paris the journey first stops at the Chateau de Chambord. This is a beautiful castle that is built by the King Francis I in the year 1519. Admirable French architecture, furniture, decorative and ornamental ceiling works, stunting staircases etc. are all attractive. An eye catching view of the deer and wild bear running here and there can also be obtained while walking along the blushing grounds of the castle.

The next attraction will be the Chateau de Nitray. There the visitors are also served with a delicious lunch at the Nitray Vineyards which is an unforgettable experience. Thus we get a good chance to taste the exotic and homemade food which is really special due to some added raw materials and local ingredients. We can also taste the best wine in the region. The guide assisting you can help you out with any confusion in selecting the good items from a number of available flavors of wine. Tour of the wine yard will be the final target in this area. Then finally we will proceed towards the Chateau De Chenonceau. This is a wonderful castle that was built during the 16th century time. Its smooth white stone architecture and also the intrically painted wooden doors are sure to be a mind blowing view during the Paris to Loire Valley Castles trip. Immense range of stone carvings and intimate chapel are all attractive and beautiful.

Day tour of Blue Mountains from Sydney

Blue Mountains are a group of hill ranges that are actually sandstone structures. The height of these mountains are said to be approximately 1200 meters. These mountain ranges are located nearly 48 kms to the western region of Sydney. The name Blue Mountains was given by Arthur Phillip in the year 1788. This named gained a lot of popularity within a short span of time. Although the Indigenous people of Australia were aware about these mountains thousands of years back itself, it was the early white settlers of Sydney who found the scopes behind this great mountain range. Then many people started exploring the area and finally they were successful in crossing these mountains. This p-lace was declared as a World Heritage Site.

The way the name means the Blue Mountains are just not simple mountain ranges but a plateau as well that have large rugged eroded gorges which extends to more than a depth of 700 meters. A larger area of the mountains ranges come under the Greater Blue Mountains Area World Heritage Site. There are almost seven national parks and also a conservation center. The phenomenon called Mie Scattering causes the scattering of the incoming ultra violet rays to the mountains by particles in the atmosphere. This produces an overall blue tinge to the mountain peaks and hence the name Blue Mountains. This was a place of interest for all the British Settlers in the Sydney area and the area were dominated by foreigners. This has become a favorite destination for all the tourists coming for Sydney tour.

The Grand Circle route through the Richmond and the Bilpin that comes along the Bells Road is the best route to reach the destination. After crossing the Harbor Bridge we shall reach the Featherdale Wildlife Park. Try reaching there before the crowd and enjoy the beautiful scenes of the park and teeming with the Australian Native Animals. The Kangaroos and the wallabies shall be seen and patted. A photograph shall be taken with a tamed Koala. While travelling through the Richmond road try tasting the freshly baked apple pies, a stone fruit and an apple growing area during your coffee break time. The entire path is rugged bush lands that are covered with Eucalyptus trees all around. Mt.Tomah Botanical Garden, Mt.Victoria ad also Blackheath which is the Rhodendrum Capital of Australia are covered up during this journey of Blue Mountains trip. Next destination is the Scenic World Complex, Katoomba for the cable car and railway rides. On the return trip the beautiful Wentworth Falls shall also be seen that are really wonderful after a local rain in the area.

Excellent places to visit in Perth

The region of Western Australia is relatively isolated from the rest of the world. There are many beautiful places that greatly attract tourists all over the world. The beautiful hills, mountains, deserts and the coastlines greatly reflect the isolation of the Western region. The Perth hills, Fremantle, Rockingham, Subiaco and Swan valleys are all not so far from the region of Perth. These are all the real attractions and charms of the region. Some of the most famous attractions are described in the article.

1. Cottesloe Beach: This beach is a great place for picnics, swimming and lazing in the sun. This famous beach is included in the list of tourist important destinations for Australia tour. There are a great number of restaurants and cafeterias that are lined up in the main road which gives great views of the Indian Ocean. Snorkeling is also available in the southern part of the Cottesloe beach where there is a protected reef model with all lively effects of the marine life.

2. Rottnest Island: Heading towards the western direction from Perth by taking a beautiful ferry journey we can reach the famous Rottnest Island. Great species of wildlife with beautiful beaches, rocky caves, bays are all present in the location. Bicycles are made available for all the tourists of Australia tour packages. The island is 11km long and 5km wide and bicycle is the best option for getting around. The Scuba divers greatly favors Rottnest Island because of the fantastic reefs and multi colored marine life. Most beautiful for swimming purpose with the many number of bays and beaches.

3. Fremantle: This is a place that is only 19 kilometers away from the south west region of Perth. This is where the Swan River meets the ocean. There is a fishing town in the main port of Fremantle that is full of history, culture and great chances for shopping. A number of great restaurants that serve intercontinental and exotic foods are available throughout the place. Never miss the Roundhouse that was built in 1831 which is the oldest public building in the area.

4. Swan Valley: This is one of the oldest wine growing locations in the whole region of Western Australia. This is a centre in Australia that enjoys great and rich life in a renaissance way. The most modern generation of artisans, winemakers and food producers have made the region their homely place in order to improve their skill set and business. All the wine lovers of the world are advised to see and enjoy the warmth that the Margaret River offers.

5. Alban: This is facing the southern ocean which is located on the southern coast of Australia. This is the first place that the European travelers tried to settle in Perth. This was a really rich part of Perth till the 1900, when the so called Gold Boom made a different environment. This region contains the largest wind farm in Australia which is large enough to cover up most of the energy needs of the place.

Lovely Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

Sydney Harbour is known to be one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. This is very enticing and enchanting place to visit. The harbor dazzles beautifully during the night and the sight is really mind blowing. The view of the harbor during the night is one of the best sights in Sydney. During the night time the whole harbor is filled up with sparkling lights that are really eye catching. We feel like a million stars are twinkling on the city skyline. When it starts to be dark we can see that the Luna Park is transformed to a cluster full of golden lights. The lighting that is available also enhances the beauty of the Sydney Opera House which is really magnificent. Similarly Fort Denison also acquires larger beauty in this sparkling night lights which a fascinating view. The beauty of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is mind blowing.

Sydney Harbour cruise provides the travellers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the wonderful Sydney sights along with dining and cruising. Cruising around the spectacular harbour during the night time by enjoying the scenic beauty to the maximum is an unforgettable experience for all travellers onboard. There are many choices of cruise experience to choose from. Some of them include the showboat cruise which includes a lively and well known floorshow on the cruise, a highly luxurious catamaran cruise and a tall ship cruise. The seaside charm of the largest city in Australia is famous throughout the world. There is a Sydney Harbour Aquarium which is set as one of the important destinations during the tour gives a chance to see and understand the variety of creatures living in the depth of the sea.

The legendary waves and stately trees that make Manly famous shall also be seen during the Sydney trip. The beautiful panoramas of the arching bridges and peaceful marinas are a real fascination to all photographers worldwide. Milsons Point will give beautiful view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge which is known to be the largest steel arch bridge in the world and also a beautiful skyline. Seaforth Lookout gives good panoramas of the Pearl Bay Marinas and the Middle Head. Manly is filled up with Norfolk Pines throughout. Giant Stingrays, Pointer Sharks and the fishes of any description shall be found in the Sydney Harbour Aquarium. These are the general areas that are covered up during the cruise dinner journey. The dinner feast is also arranged at the end with full of mouthwatering items.

A Memorable Thames River Dinner Cruise in London

The starting point of the Thames River Dinner Cruise is London in the country of United Kingdom. The cruising through the world famous Thames River takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. This wonderful journey provides its travellers with more than just cruising. We can also enjoy a relaxing and peace giving atmosphere. The river banks give breath taking views which can be attractively photographed. The cruise journey also offers a four course meal along with an after dinner dancing party. Dinner cruise through the River Thames is said to be a perfect indulgence right from the point of reception when you step onboard till the point of dance floor wherein the travellers are invited to dance cheek to cheek after the dinner party.

The dinner served also deserves to be appreciated greatly. This four course la carte dinner is prepared in a modern European style. These fresh items are prepared by a team of really talented chefs in charge and serve with pleasure and love by a set of friendly team onboard the cruise. There is wonderful music heard everywhere in the cruise during the whole journey and this great blend of jazz that can be enjoyed during the dinner cruise is performed by the resident band. This band consists of musicians who are really famous and established in London. The most important highlight of the London dinner cruise to be specified is the dancing party performance after the dinner. The music played for the dancing party starts right from the hits of 60s to the latest hits of modern day music world. This is enjoyed by all people in the cruise despite of the age or sex.

Along with the dining and dancing activities we can also enjoy a number of sights that has made London famous among the tourists all over the world. Some of them include the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe, Millennium Bridge, Tower Bridge and the St. Paul’s Cathedral. The experience of enjoying the world famous sights along with dining and dancing onboard and that too along the famous River Thames will be an unforgettable and amazing experience. Thames River cruise should not be missed during the London visit. There are two dinner cruise options for the travellers. The Classic Dinner Cruise and the Premier Dinner Cruise. The Classic Dinner Cruise includes a welcome cocktail, live entertainment, four–course dinner along with a dancing party. The Premier Dinner Cruise includes a welcome cocktail, live entertainment, four-course dinner, house wine, mineral water and dancing party.

Day Trip to Leeds castle, Canterbury, Greenwich

Leaving the busy city life of London try taking a tour to the most highlighted areas of the Kent region. Here we can get a wonderful panoramic view of the Leeds Castle. This is considered as one of the loveliest castle in the world. While moving towards the Leeds Castle, we travel through the Greenwich. This is the home center of the world famous Cutty Sark tea clipper. There is also a Royal Observatory. We shall also pass through the Greenwich Meridian. Lord Conway gave this castle the description as the loveliest castle in the world. This castle is built in a natural setting found in the middle of a lake. The area is beautifully covered with parkland and gardens which greatly extends to an area of more than 500 acres.

The surrounding atmosphere is really great and lovely and the experience is also magical. There is a good photographic view that most of the tourists to Leeds castle intend for. We can also find the Lady Baillie Garden. Here by exploring the castle grounds we can get great views of the lake, a birdcage and the maze. Most of the guided tour guides try taking you to the Leeds castle before it is open for the general public. This also greatly helps you to get more intimate view of the castle and surroundings. We can also explore the beauty of the chapel, courtyards, galleries and the banqueting hall. Then we can lead to enjoy the wonderful landscape and large variety of wildlife and bird species. Even some of the rarely found animal and bird groups are also found here. For enjoying the tasty and exotic lunch available exclusively for the tourists we can take a beautiful scenic drive along the old and historically important coastal road. The lunch is arranged in the historic Lighthouse Inn. From here we get a beautiful panoramic view of the White Cliffs of Dover.

In the season from November to march there will be no stop in the White cliffs of Dover. During this season lunch is arranged in the Canterbury region. The lunch served includes traditional British items like the fish and chips, bread and butter pudding etc. Canterbury is a world famous center for Christian worship that has been existing for more than 1700 years. Canterbury Cathedral was one of the most famous pilgrimage centers in Europe. This is an important site of the medieval time. The entrance to the cathedral is free and a chance is also obtained to explore the old town. Greenwich is also important location of visit during the Leeds tour. There are also many parks, architecture and gardens with which Greenwich have strong connections with the sea, time and science.

Top places to visit in UK

All the visitors to UK will have a clear cut idea regarding the places to visit for making their journey lovely and unforgettable. There are some must see places that all tourists are advised to visit in their tour. Some of these places are discussed in the article.

1.Windsor Castle: Windsor is a place in London that can be easily caught up by train. The Windsor castle that is only a short walk distance from the station dominates from the whole town. The castle building alone covers 13 acres of the area and it is renowned as the largest inhabited castle in the whole of world. This site selection was done by King William and it overlooks the river Thames.

2.Stonehenge: The architecture of Stonehenge is still unknown to the whole world. This was built more than 5000 years ago and it has gained the attention of visitors for more than tens of centuries. Day time in spring season is the best time to watch the structure.

3.Hadrian’s Wall: This is the northern border of the Roman Empire. When the Roman Empire was about to be destroyed this defensive wall was constructed across the northern region of Britain. The remnants of this wall can be seen at nearly 73 miles away from the wall region which forms stone fences, stone barns and cobbles.

4.York Minster: This is the largest Gothic Church in the northern part of Europe that exists since the medieval period. York Minster was voted by the British visitors to be one of the Seven Wonders of Britain. There is nothing in UK which can be compared to this famous cathedral. Make sure to visit this cathedral in your UK tour.

5.Iron Bridge: This is the birthplace of industry. Iron founders and the growing industrialists hurried to see this bridge since it is part of their industry growth. This bridge is built over the River Severn which is near Coalbrookdale in 1779.

6.Edinburgh Castle: This is an ancient fortress located in the heart of the city of UK. This is an avoidable place of tourist attraction that all people wish to see during their Europe tour. This castle can be seen from anywhere in the city of Edinburgh. This castle has dominated the city for more than 1000 years.

7.Caernarvon Castle: This exists as the symbol of kingly power in the country. UK is also called as the country of castles. This was built by King Edward I and he wished the place to be his residence and the official seat of his government.

8.The Royal Pavilion: This was built by George IV and this is the only building of its kind in the place. This is a pseudo Indian palace that is influenced greatly by Chinese interiors, light, mirrors and expensive fabrics.

9.St. Ives Cornwall: This is nothing but a beach full of palm trees that brings complete shade to the beach and it is also an artists’ studio. This is in the area full of fisherman cottages, craft shops and steep cobbled lanes. The climate of Britain is also very modest.

10.Stratford on Avon: This is the best place in UK to find Americans. This is also the hometown of Shakespeare. Many cottages that are built in really an astonishing way can be seen in the place.